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Lexii awoke Sunday morning. The zoo was closed so she could just lounge around all day. She wished she could enjoy it but she knew what she had to do. She had to tell Blowhole what she had decided. She carefully picked up her flower. She walked outside of the otter habitat slowly. She took one last look at her beautiful flower, and threw it into the water. It sparked a few times then breifly caught on fire. Lexii reached into the water and picked up the charred pieces. She sighed sadly. She threw the remains in the gras and stood up. The volgende thing she needed to do was confess to Skipper everything...
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Julien: *bursts into pinguïn HQ through side door* Hello my loyal subjects! I demand u to meet our new neighbor! *wiggles eyebrows up and down/ smiles*
Skipper: *rolls his eyes then looks surprised* What?! New neighbor?!? Kowalski, how come this is the first im hearing of this?!?
Kowalski:*flips through a few papers* I dont understand! There is nothing on the charts! *rubs head*
Skipper: Ughh.. Well, where is he?
Julien: SHE is right here! *points to the doorway**smiles*
Lexii: *steps out of shadows and into the light nervously* *smiles shyly* Hi, Im Lexii.
Skipper: uhhhh... *smiles*
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20 years ago. Austin Zoo, Texas. 7:23pm.
3 jaar old Lexii plays pirate with a stick and a rock she drew a face on. Red One creeps up behind her. She turns around.
Lexii: Hi! Do u want to play? u can be the bad pirate and i will be the good pirate and throw u in jail! It will be fun! *smiles sweetly*
Red One: actually, im here to take u on a little trip to a place called New York. That will be even meer fun than playing with rocks. *smiles and holds out hand*
Lexii: Oooo!! That sounds way meer funner!! Lets go!! *takes his hand and starts skipping along side him*
Red One: we can go as soon...
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Another Rico tribute!
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Wow. It was mere minuten since I wrote the last chapters. What a long wait! XD
Whoa, the song Fighter door Christina Aguilera just came on and it's 4:44 pm No lie! The song is actually my inspiration of the name of the Part. Hmm. I also got the fanfic idea from one of my fave shows, Burn Notice. It's a toon about a spy, FYI. Well, a fired spy anyway. You're probably thinking, Blah blah blah, just get to the story already! Sorry. Here's Part 2!
Part 2: The Fighters
"Madi! Wake up! u have to help us!"
"You can't stay in the state...
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Saint Michael's Catholic Church was a cathedral, one of the three most renowned churches in all of Fort Grumley, it is adorned with a tall klok, bell tower, flying buttresses, stained glass depicting every section of the bible, and an underground crypt, where each bishop from centuries' past were entombed. The Imperial government wasn't at all interested in the church, as Richard was a total atheist, as are the Imperial Court and almost 25% of Antarctica's populace. Though none of that mattered, as Hannah, Kowalski, Skipper, Rico, and Private were getting ready to enter the sanctified building of...
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