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This Fantasy achtergrond might contain boeket, corsage, ruikertje, bouquet, posy, roos, and rosiness.

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Winter Maiden

She walks in the night
while the crows are flying high
each one looks at her
staring into her eyes

She came from the north
where icy wind never sets
her lips are blue
her eyes sparkle
like the moon in the west

She walks in the winter
in the mountains at night
she cries frozen tears
that haven't been blessed yet.

She could kill u instantly
with her frozen breath
she is the Winter maiden
the daughter of death.

She has hair as white as snow
with silver eyes
staring at the ocean
as winter dies.

She's never seen in spring
because she can't see in the light
in the spring her hair melts
and her eyes shatter in fright.
Autumn Maiden

One dag in Summer
a girl walks by
she is a princess door day
she is a maiden door night.

Her hair is red
red as the brand of Autumn leaves
gold in the sunbeams.

She is a beautiful maiden
her hart-, hart is as good as gold
she is a fair witch
whose magic never gets old.

She is an enchanted season
her soul is golden red
just like the autumn leaves
that fall onto the bloem beds.

She dances in fire
For her fiery nature cannot be burned
she maybe a good person but does have a short temper.

She is a serious person
who will not be teased
if u put pressure on her
the fiery inferno temper will be unleashed.

She wears...
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I wrote this about ten years ago. This was written last and I struggled with inspiration. I originally based it on the negative effects caused door the sun resulting in hospitalised sunstroke. That took a horrific direction. Since then I have edited it a little. It's not perfect but it's better than it was. I don't have the energy to rewrite the whole thing. So I'm sorry if it's bad compared to others, which I enjoyed writing. I tried.

Summer Maiden

Dawn awakens

fresh air breezes are blown away

a bright sun emerges

creating a fine summer's day

The divine siren

of the hottest sun

laughs down at everyone...
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I wrote this about ten years ago. It's the first poem of a four part series.

Spring Maiden

A new dawn rises
clear skies all around
the birds chirp and sing
for the birth of the first dag of spring

The sun shines brightly
upon fresh green leaves
wild flowers bloom in the woods
as different kinds of blossom awaken
upon the new branches of the trees

In the south is a river
the breeze is warm and at it's best
silver waterfalls shimmer in the sunlight
pixies, dwarfs and nymphs come out to cause mischief
before their beloved spring ends

Deep in the woods
within the bloem beds
lies a beautiful faery
with golden hair...
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Fictional documentary about a palaeontologist's discovery of the prehistoric fire-breathing dragon. Direct-to-TV movie originally aired in 2004.
the last dragon
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