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There will be no cure to Effy's suffering.

Freddie's there. He doesn't turn his eyes right away from her, afraid of seeing her disappear, seeing her fly away as suddenly as she did earlier in the day, behind that fucking door that didn't open. And Effy wasn't answering…

He knows he has to protect her, he has to build a uithangbord between her and the others. Those others whose she's always feeling attacked by. For her he would have defeated the whole world. He already did it. He pushed a lot of people away, people they know and some they don't, people that she thought she had met...
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I don't think that just because Freddie died Effy will verplaats on from him and be with Cook in the Skins movie if the movie ever happens. I mean, Freddie's death doesn't change anything, because:

1) Effy CHOSE Freddie time and time again over Cook so it's obvious that the one she loves is Freddie and his death doesn't change a thing.

2) For CE things ended on "You're my friend" and "Take me to Freddie", for FE it ended on "I love you". Again, I don't see how Freddie's murder can change it.

3) It would be weird if it turnes out that Effy hasn't made any growth through the series and will jump into...
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posted by KatiiCullen94
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One was tall, with hair like soot and skin the colour of coffee, the girl a petite pale pixie. He was guiding her, gently, one hand in hers the other on her waist. Her eyes were cloudy skies blue; his had turned to brown flame with concern.

They moved through the crowd, wafting like only partially there. They were a pair, a king a queen, a puzzle fitting perfectly together – if only for the pieces missing.

Suddenly she started crying, "Take me home, Freddie, and take me away from here please! Please, Freddie!"

His eyes flashed darker, as he steered her away, eyes locked on...
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Set after Freddie visits Effy at her house, and then seeing her with Cook.


I really have no idea as to why I am writing this for you. Maybe I just needed something to do, of maybe, I needed to tell u how I felt. Something that I would never be able to tell in your face. It's extremely amazing how much u have grown on me. It isn't healthy.

But, you're with Cook now. It was evident in your expression that u didn't want to be with him when u saw me, so why are u with him? Why would u even want to be with a cock head like him? Do u even love him Effy? Because...
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Death cab for cutie-I follow u into the dark
Freddie's going to stay door Effy's side no matter what. He'd do anything for her. He'll make sure that nothing bad happens. Everything will be fine as long as he's door her side.

Angus and Julia Stone-big jet plane
Freddie's pure love for Effy. He loves her meer than anything. He doesn't know what to do without her. She's the love of his life.

Snow Patrol-set the brand to the third bar
How tragic they were. They complete each other. Effy will never anyone the way she loved Freddie. She'll never forget him.

Jamie Scott-unbreakable
He wants her to know that...
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posted by gossip-girl999
1. Because from the first look she took his breath away.
2. Because she definitely looked at him... twice.
3. Because he doesn't want some girl, he wants her!
4. Because she looks at him differently.
5. Because was love at the first sight.
6. Because he's handsome, she's beautiful, ENOUGH SAID!
7. Because he's the one that she's been waiting for.
8. Because he wants to get to know her.
9. Because she stal his heart.
10. Because he saw her and suddenly nothing else mattered anymore.
11. Because she makes him nervous and speechless.
12. Because he's interested in meer than just her looks.
13. Because she...
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1.It was love at first sight
2.“That girl’s looking at you”
3.She smiled at him in assembly
4.He was jealous of Cook staring at Effy
5.He asked if it was okay if he took the locker
6."You can take anything if u want it enough"
7.She definitely looked at him twice
8."He met a girl he liked today she’s like beautiful"
9.She knew he was talking about her
10.the looks they gave each other at Cook’s party
11.intense eye sex in the tunnel
12.He was standing behind her to protect her
13."You came cool"
14.Intense eye sex again
15."I didn’t mean to fuck everything up"
16.He zei sorry about her parents...
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posted by gossip-girl999
Butterflies—Effy & Freddie—One shot

A/N: Okay, So this is my first fan fiction on Skins, So where better to start than with my favourite couple Freddie and Effy. So I'm sorry for the bad language but it's not me, It's Cook. After all it is Skins so...Anyway I hope u all like it it's just a little one not that long so please leave me commentaren and tell me what u think. Thank u xoxo
P.S (If your Kalina) Okay I know I made Cook seem a bit of an ezel cos I hate him but there's a bit in this where he's not a total bastard okay. Happy now?! =D

Setting: Set just after 3x05, When Freddie...
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