Generator Rex Holix (Six/Holiday)

LinaTrinch posted on Oct 18, 2010 at 11:51PM
Stoic ninja and sweetly hot doctor.

How will they get together? Will they get together? Aren't they coolest couple ever?

Your thoughts? Your rambles?

Lover? Hater?

Talk about it here.

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een jaar geleden LinaTrinch said…
Started this b/c we wouldn't stop talking about Holix in the articles XD


een jaar geleden Laruna said…
Holix is the most probable, dosent change MY fav ship though!!!!!!
een jaar geleden PhantomDarkZ said…
I <3 the Idea, I always thought of that too

Holix Cute Couple<333
een jaar geleden LinaTrinch said…
big smile

We ALL knew that Holiday had a thing for Six since the first episode, but he has been just so STOIC... AND NOW! GAH! (in the ep What Lies Beneath)

First was the 'wow' thing XD. For those who don't know, Six and Rex were fighting an Evo. Rex got knocked down, Six ran over to help, the Evo was about to kill them, WHEN Holiday comes out of nowhere, guns sounding off, she cuts an awesome flip and starts driving the Evo back. WOO! (On another note, I'm so glad MoA made her kick-ass and not a damsel, helpless, doctor.)

Anyway, Six was like "Wow", like he is JUST NOW laying eyes on her for the first freaking time and Rex is like "Yeah", in puppy dog heaven.

THEN, after the awesome wow thing, Six and Holiday are about to drown when they are saved (by Van Pedo, ew) and are found HOLDING HANDS! DAW!

If you'd remember, Holiday reached for his hand in the first ep and he turned away. And, no, he's a ninja, he does not have the excuse 'I didn't notice', cuz we ALL know he noticed. Now, his hand was laying on top of hers, suggesting that HE reached for HER. PSSSSHHHHAAAAWHAT!? Yeah.

So! Either Six was in a 'oh my god, we're gonna die' state of mind and just reached for her OR he finally realized 'woah, she's hot' when she saved their butts (OR the fact that she came SEVERLY close to dying in the ep before this, called Gravity). Either way, I'm happy.
een jaar geleden PhantomDarkZ said…
I SAW THAT EP I WAS LIKE "caught Ya Six and Holiday" LOL XDDDD
een jaar geleden LinaTrinch said…
XD that's how I felt, too. I'm starting to wonder if they actually DO have a relationship and just keep it private (cuz of Providence) and the outcome is that the audience doesn't really know much. Meh, I don't know.


In the new ep (The Swarm), SIX was coming on to HOLIDAY and SHE gave HIM the cold shoulder. WAH! First off, that was half of my wish granted. I've been dieing to see Six give off the vibe that he appreciates her being alive (and not... you know, being Six), BUT I idiotically figured that when he did this, that SHE WOULD RESPOND. BANG.

Someone on the LiveJournal GenRex community gave the excuse that, like he said, Six does not have a clue about women and that's mostly it. I mean, for once in the series, he DIDN'T listen to her.

And yes, usually he does listen to her and does what she tells him, in his own Six way. (ie. The Architect)

So, anywho. Just wanted to rant about that.
een jaar geleden macgaulyver said…
OK, I definately loved the "Swarm" episode. BUT, I have to say that my reaction to the Six/Holiday interaction was bit different, so maybe I missed something.

While I LOVED Holiday putting Six in his place this entire ep., I have to admit that I was a bit confused by their interaction especially after the previous episode. It seemed to me that Six was kind of distancing himself from Holiday just a bit - he called her "doctor" the entire episode instead of his usual "Holiday". He seemed to be ebbing back into 'military Six' a bit more, though given the direness of the situation I guess I get that - even Rex wasn't disturbed by the bleach protocol this time. Holiday seemed to be more frustrated this ep., though I get that too because SHE WAS RIGHT about how to effectively handle the situation and no one was listening to her - not even Six. So, that's why I'm confused (and consequently very interested) to hear that Six seemed to be coming on to Holiday. I know he seemed happy (and appreciative) that she showed up to save their collective butts during the final bug battle. GAH! Help me out - what did I miss here!?:-)
een jaar geleden LinaTrinch said…
You got everything XD I think the problem is in Six's character.

He distances himself from people and I'm pretty sure he's realized that he accidently has a thing for her. SO! My guess is that he's trying to push away (using the title 'doctor' and not listening to her for once), but at the same time, he's unconciously moving towards her... b/c he LIKES HER.

Damn Six and his... stoicness...
een jaar geleden macgaulyver said…
Ok, I see. I think you're dead on, Lina. That's exactly what I thought the 'doctor' thing was about, which is why I was disappointed a bit this week - especially after the little hand-holding treat we got last week. I guess I was HOPING for Six to be, I don't know, a little more connected to Holiday this week, but realistically I knew that wouldn't happen and good old 'all-business-Six' came back. Which is why I was like, "So, when was Six coming on to her in this ep.?" But I watched it again and I can see that yeah, Six was trying to validate Holiday a few times - which he hasn't really done before. But, at the same time he's pushing her away with that formality thing, because I think you're right - he's uncomfortable with the fact that he's had to acknowledge that he feels something more for her; Which I'd like to think he's felt the whole time, but with her recent badassary, its been much harder for him to ignore:-) I'm totally fine with this - just give me more, MoA!
een jaar geleden LinaTrinch said…
I think he's felt it the whole time, too. (ie. the episode Lockdown, where he tries to talk to her about her sis). Other than that, we haven't had any Holix advances from Six... which is why I am LOVING these new eps. I really hope that Six was to openly face that he feels something for her... I think that will happen if she keeps on the path of 'bad-ass' and lands in trouble... hehehe... I can't wait for that episode...
een jaar geleden PhantomDarkZ said…
I always Knew Six and Holiday would be together. I been watching some of the show and i notice Holiday LOVE Six. I hope the same for more of a Six and Holiday Reationship Its so cute when there together!
een jaar geleden GreyLaRein said…
Just adding the episode a Family Holiday to the list of epic Holix moments. This episode has Six ask Holiday out, after calling her by her first name, and risking his life and having her give him CPR. Just a note. I'm new, don't hurt me!!!
een jaar geleden Elidy said…
big smile
A Family Holiday = pure holix-y goodness
een jaar geleden 81A3827X5494 said…
A lot of the comments have only mentioned Holix from 'What Lies Beneath' but if you watch really closely, it's there from episode 1 and not just when Holiday reached for Six's hand.