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Glee Born This Way: Who sang it better?

26 fans picked:
Lady Gaga
The Glee Project
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 mikfan9 posted een jaar geleden
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mikfan9 picked Lady Gaga:
*Which version do you prefer?*

NOT who sang it better... Because all versions sound amazing.
posted een jaar geleden.
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Claudizzz picked Lady Gaga:
F'ck this,Lady Gaga sings better than Kurt,Mercedes and Tina so please!
posted een jaar geleden.
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Clara_Valentina picked Glee:
in your opinion... because in my opinion Kurt, Tina and Mercedes sings so better than Lady Gaga!!
posted een jaar geleden.
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adamallthetime picked Glee:
Yeah, i'm with you Clara_Valentina i realy like 100 times more Kurt, Tina and Mercedes version!!
posted een jaar geleden.