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Anger is the Best Remedy for Love- Chapter One

A jaar geleden Blair Waldorf thought that she had the perfect life that she had always been dreaming of ever since she was a little girl. But now, that was not the case. A lot of things had changed in the past jaar and most of them she could never forgive. Serena and Nate had betrayed her. What kind of friend slept with your boyfriend?
Even know when she was supposed to be listening to a lecture door one of her teachers; she let her mind wander and think about everything that had changed. Serena had left and went to boarding school only to return a jaar later, she found out that Serena had slept with her boyfriend, Nate didn’t seem to pay any attention to her whatsoever and she knew that he didn’t love her anymore and if she was honest she didn’t feel the same way about him either, and not to mention that Nate had the most vile creature in the world as a best friend. Chuck Bass. Blair hated everything that was Chuck. Even his name caused her to involuntary shiver with distaste. He was absolutely the most disgusting man that had ever walked the earth. He cared about two things only. Money and sex, that was it and she really didn’t understand why Nate was such good vrienden with him.
She had always tried to create this perfect life for herself but now that things happened, a part of her was glad that they had. She now knew that she didn’t want Nate and maybe she didn’t even want to go to Yale anymore. That was a hard thing to accept. She was going to just have to cut everybody out of her life that didn’t belong and damn the consequences. First on her lijst of people to never see again? Chuck Bass.

“I don’t want her anymore.” Nate admitted to Chuck.
Chuck grinned and looked around the courtyard for a sign that Blair was around. She had an awful habit of sneaking up on them. “Dump the teef then, Nathaniel. I really don’t even know how u have put up with her for the last ten years. And u zei the sex was horrible with her, so why have u even bothered putting up with her for the last couple of years?”
Nate sighed. “The sex isn’t horrible but it’s not very good either. Blair is just so cold and it’s like she doesn’t even want me to touch her. It’s not like it was with Serena.”
Chuck almost choked on the piece of brood that he was eating; it never failed to amuse him that Nate had cheated on Blair with Serena. Blair was insecure to start with but when u mentioned anything to do with Serena, she turned into a raving bitch. And the fact that Nate had slept with Serena turned her into a lunatic because she could never measure up to Serena no matter how hard she tried. Although Chuck wasn’t very fond of Serena he hated Blair Waldorf with a passion.
“Are u going to dump her, Nathaniel?”
Nate shook his head. “I can’t. I don’t have any real feelings for her anymore but it would destroy her if I broke up with her. And not to mention Serena’s with Humphrey now, so what would be the point of breaking up with her?”
Chuck tried to stifle the laughter that he felt bubbling in the center of his chest but he did not succeed very much. “The point of breaking up with her would be to humiliate her in front of everybody. Tell the frigid teef where to go. She doesn’t deserve u Nate and u can do so much better than her anyways. Everyone hates Waldorf except her posse and Serena.”
“I just would feel really bad doing that to her.” Nate interrupted Chuck when he saw that he was going to persuade him otherwise. “We have been through a lot together and even though I don’t love her, she’s always been there for me and I can’t say that for anybody other than you. I’ll stay with her until Serena comes to her senses about us being together.”
“You can do better than Serena too.” He scoffed.
Nate gave him a withering look. “I love Serena and I always have. She’s what I want and I know that eventually she will finally give us a chance after she understands that I don’t want Blair. I’m prepared to wait until that dag comes.”
“You are making a huge mistake Nate but it’s your decision. u should give some thought to becoming a playboy like me.” Chuck leered. “There is nothing better than that. A different woman every night, no need to worry about impressing a girlfriend. You’re just doing it for yourself and who doesn’t want to fuck hot women every night?”
Nate shook his head. “Your lifestyle is just not for me, Chuck. You’re the only one that can pull that off.”
Chuck had an uncharacteristic frown on his face. “You really should give this a little meer thought though, Nathaniel. I’ve hated that for years you’ve been with Blair.” He made a face at saying her name. “You know that you’re the only one that I care about in my life and I really do want u to be happy, and I can see that you’re not with her.”
Nate shrugged and Chuck took that as a sign to shut up and let the subject rest. He was just about to do that when he saw his hated nemesis, Blair, coming out of a class. He was just about to get up and leave when Blair strode over to them.
“Don’t leave on my account, Bass.” Was her snotty opening remark.
Chuck pulled a look of distaste. “That’s exactly what I’m going to do, Waldorf.”
“Ass.” She muttered.
“Bitch.” He zei out loud.
“What the hell is your problem?” She asked while she took a zitplaats, stoel volgende to Nate.
Her attitude was making him want to grate his teeth together and he decided to try and make her lose some of her composure. He leaned his face close to hers and his breath whipped across her face. “You’re the problem, Waldorf. u know how much I hate you.”
She hauled her hand up and was ready to deliver a stinging slap across her face when Chuck caught her hand in mid air. “Don’t u dare.” He growled.
Nate sighed tiredly as he saw that Blair and Chuck were starting another one of their famous battles. “Blair, Chuck, both of u stop. I am so sick of having to halt your petty arguments. It gets really tiring.”
Blair looked at Nate in horror. “Aren’t u going to say something to him? He’s such a fucking pig!”
“Fuck you, Blair.” Chuck replied and Blair saw red. The only thing she was even thinking of doing right now was taking the scarf that was currently residing around his neck and strangling him with it. The urge was almost too great to even thinking about resisting it.
She took her eyes off Chuck and turned to her boyfriend. “I will never understand why u put up with him, Nate. He is the vilest human being that I have ever come across and I hate him. Why do u put up with this shit?”
Chuck let loose a bark of laughter. “Why does he put up with my shit? What about yourself, sweetheart? Actually, Nate was just telling me how he doesn’t care for u at all and wants to break up with you.” The words came out in a deadly hiss.
Blair’s eyes widened. “Did u really say that, Nate?”
Nate gulped hurriedly. “Well, not exactly.” He tried to backpedal and shot Chuck a look that could kill while Chuck looked entirely too pleased with himself.
Blair waved her hand around to stop the flow of words that began coming out of Nate’s mouth. “It doesn’t even matter Nate, don’t bother saying anything. If u want to break up, then that’s fine. There hasn’t been anything between us for a long time.”
“I don’t want to break up, Blair.” Nate zei very quietly.
“Fine. Whatever. I don’t care if we’re together of not.” She zei as she looked at him with disdain. “I deserve much better than u anyways, Nate Archibald.”
“Are u fucking serious, Waldorf?” Chuck chimed in. “Nate is the one that deserves much better than you. And I always wondered why u hated me so much. I know that u hate almost everyone u come into contact with but u absolutely loathe me. I know why I hate u though.”
“Why do u hate me, Bass?” Blair asked, amused with what he was saying.
A grin spread across his face. “Do I just have to pick one reason?” He ignored the hateful look that she was giving him. “There’s the fact that u are a frigid teef and u make everyone around u unhappy. u think that you’re the queen of this school but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Everyone hates you, Blair. Everyone, your little posse of vrienden and I bet even Serena secretly does. And then there’s the fact that u make my best friend miserable and he deserves so much better than you. u could never make anyone happy; u just don’t have it in you.” He saw the sadness on Blair’s face at his words but he felt no guilt over saying them.
“That was too harsh Chuck, even for you.” He heard Nate say.
“She deserved it.”
The sadness quickly left her face and was replaced door undeniable anger. “Since u told me why u hate me, I will be courteous and do the same thing for you. I’ve always hated u Chuck bas, bass and that’s mainly because you’re a slimy disgusting pig who lives only for yourself. u don’t care for anybody other than Nate. You’re the biggest man whore that I have ever seen and u disgust me. And that’s not to mention what u did to Serena and not to mention Jenny. I don’t care about what u did to Jenny, but how could u even do that? She’s fifteen fucking years old!”
Shame crept onto Chuck’s face. “The thing with Jenny was a mistake; I would never have taken it any further than that. And why the hell do u even care?”
The anger on Blair’s face was explosive. “What do u mean u would have stopped? If it hadn’t been for Serena and Humphrey finding the two of u up on the roof, u would have raped her. Do yourself a favor and don’t deny it, it only makes u appear even meer of a pathetic loser than u already are. And the reason I care is because u tried to do the same thing to my best friend!”
“I lost control, okay?” He snarled at her. “It obviously wasn’t my finest moment. And I would never have done that to Serena, she fought me off and that was it.”
“Can u find a willing woman to have sex with, Chuck? of do u have to rape them all?” The moment the words were out of her mouth, she regretted them. Blair didn’t remember ever seeing Chuck so angry in her life. His eyes appeared to be bulging out of his head.
“You bitch!” He quickly stood up and went over to the side of the table. “I don’t rape woman for pleasure. That was a mistake. How many times am I going to have to tell u the same fucking thing? I just feel bad for Nathaniel, he actually had to have sex with u and I’m sure he didn’t get off on it. Who would?” Chuck turned on his heel and left with that parting shot.
The insults that he had spewed at her kept pounding inside of her head and she wished that he wouldn’t have caught her hand before because she was itching like crazy to slap him.
She tried to put Chuck out of her mind. “Do u really want to break up, Nate?”
He shook his head. “No, I don’t right now. u and Chuck are going to drive me insane though, u both have to stop the immature fighting.”
“He started it!”
He buried his head in his arms and felt the need to knock both of their heads together until they decided to be civil to the other. “You both have equal parts in it. u two hate each other, so why don’t u stay away from each other?”
“Nate, I’ve never been the person that is going to back down from someone that is insulting me. If u have a problem with us fighting then I suggest u take it up with him.” She stared at him icily and left to go to her volgende class.
Nate sighed with disgust and then he decided to skip the rest of the dag at school and head home. He couldn’t stand anymore of Blair of Chuck today; sometimes he really hated the both of them.

She didn’t want to have to ask her this but Blair still couldn’t get his words out of her head. She hated that Chuck bas, bass could make her feel this way. She sat down volgende to Serena and the words just tumbled out in a rush, “Do u hate me, Serena?”
Serena placed her latte down and pulled Blair into a hug. “Of course not, Blair! You’re my best friend and I love you. Whatever gave u that idea?”
Blair felt her perfect composure slip but that didn’t matter since she was with Serena. She was only herself with Serena and the rest of the world always saw the ice queen façade. “I have a huge fight with Chuck this afternoon. What else is new? And usually I just brush off whatever he says to me but some of the things he zei today got me thinking. He claims that no one likes me. Do u think that’s true?”
Serena blanched at the vraag because she knew that she would have to answer this very carefully in order to avoid hurting her feelings anymore. “I think that a lot of people are very envious of u Blair, and that ultimately leads to extreme jealously. And yes, I’m sure there are a lot of people that don’t like u but don’t worry about that. None of your peers of anyone knows u like I do. I know the real Blair that no one ever sees because you’re afraid to let anyone get close to u and I know that’s because of Eleanor. u really should let meer people into your life though, Blair.”
Blair shook her head in agreement. “I’ve just always been so scared that the same thing is going to happen to me with my father leaving my mother. And I’m terrified of being alone.”
Serena placed an arm around her. “Sometimes u have to let the fear take over Blair, and u might just embark on the greatest adventure of your life. I know that is can be downright terrifying but it is necessary.”
She felt close to the edge of tears and for once she just wanted to cry but that was not supposed to happen to the Blair Waldorf’s of the world. “I think he’s right about me, Serena.” She heard herself whisper.
Serena shook her head. “Be confident in yourself, Blair. Chuck is not right about you, he has no idea. Neither of u know what the other one is like. u should go and try to cheer yourself up tonight, B. I would come with u but I have a datum with Dan. Do u want me to annuleer it?”
“Of course not, S. I would never want u to annuleer the fun that is Brooklyn.”
Serena glared at her but laughed anyways. “Why don’t u go out to a club of something? It will take your mind off of everything that Chuck has zei and u can totally forget him. Take Nate with you.”
She sighed. “I don’t even like Nate anymore, Serena. I know he’s still in love with u and the sad thing about that is, I don’t even care. Nate and I have been over for a long time but he doesn’t want to break up yet. Whatever.” She suddenly nodded and stood up. “I am going to go out tonight, but I am going to go somewhere that no one knows my name and that I can just try and let loose for once without being judged.”
“Be careful B and call me later to tell me how it all went.”
Blair waved goodbye to her. “The ice queen image of mine is going to disappear tonight and whoever I meet will finally get to see Blair Waldorf with no restrictions.” She laughed at the thought. Hopefully she would be able to meet someone and just get to be herself around them without having to worry about constantly being perfect.

Blair walked into an underground club that she knew no one would see her that she was associated with. She couldn’t take the chance of running into anyone and the urge to be a little wild was overwhelming. She had dressed sexy on purpose and as soon as she entered the club, heads swiveled and turned to see who she was. Blair walked past everyone that had their eye on her and continued until she saw a red velvet booth with what appeared to be a young man. She could only see the back of his head but his looks appealed to her and she made her way over to sit down volgende to her.
She took the zitplaats, stoel volgende to him and held out her hand to him. She didn’t understand why she was taking a sudden interest in this particular guy when she had a boyfriend but Nate didn’t want her and she certainly didn’t want her anymore, so she didn’t feel guilty. Her voice was raspy when she whispered throatily, “Hi, I’m Blair.”
A full head of brown hair turned towards her and she gasped when she saw his face. She had just sat down volgende to motherfucking Chuck Bass. The cosmos certainly had it in for her today. She retracted her hand immediately and tried to breathe evenly. And she had thought that his looks had appealed to her, which just proved how one person could be so wrong. After everything today, he really was the last person that she had wanted to see.
“What the hell are u doing here?” They both asked in unison.
She averted her head and tugged on the hem of her short and silky black shift dress. She felt very self conscious sitting volgende to him. A sneer appeared over his face when he saw that she was doing this. “This is the last place I expected to see you, Waldorf. Are u going to leave of am I?”
Normally she would have a snappy comeback already sizzling out of her mouth but she didn’t feel like arguing anymore with him. The thought that everyone hated her left a horrible taste in her mouth and it didn’t make it any better that Chuck had to be the one to point it out to her. She grabbed her clutch and made a verplaats to get up. “I’ll go.” She could felt tears blurring her vision and she had to get out of there before she lost it.
His hand snaked out from nowhere and grabbed her wrist. “Wait.” He pulled on her wrist until she reclaimed the zitplaats, stoel that she had just vacated. “What’s wrong with you?”
Blair decided to take a chance and tell him the truth. She found herself looking into his face and several things hit her at once. First, she just wanted to completely blow the Blair Waldorf act she had been perfecting all of her life and just be wild for one night. One night that is all she wanted. Then she noticed her attractive Chuck really was and that scared the hell out of her. She chalked it up to her horrific dag but he was undeniably sexy in a dark and brooding way. She had never seen his gaze as intense as it was right now, she felt as those his onyx eyes were going to sear a hole in her head. She wet her lips before answering. “I’ve just had a really bad dag and wanted to go somewhere where no one would recognize me. Obviously that didn’t happen.” She gave him a pointed look.
She heard him chuckle and the sound irritated her meer than she thought possible and she didn’t know why. It was probably because she hated him. “Well, what are u doing here then Chuck?”
His laughter stopped immediately and he zei seriously, “This is where I come when I want to disappear from the outside world and I don’t want anyone to interrupt of bother me. This is my escape. I actually have a VIP room in the back.”
“You do?”
He nodded once. “Do u want to go back there with me?”
A smile spread across her face and she didn’t know why. “Did Chuck bas, bass just ask Blair Waldorf to actually go somewhere with him?”
He glared at her. “You can come as long as u don’t start bitching about things like u always seem to do.”
She rolled her eyes and zei as with much sweetness she could muster, “Lead the way, asshole.”
Instead of getting mad like she had expected, he just stood up and grinned at her. He led her to the very back of the club and she saw a room covered with dark drapes that no one could peek into. She would guess that this is where he took all of his hookers and sluts after he met them.
He took a key from the pocket of his suit jas and he opened the door with a click before walking inside. Blair followed him but only because she was intrigued. He made sure all of the drapes were pulled shut before he sank down onto a velvet lined divan, bank in the room. He ravaged his hair with his fingers and she wanted to ask if he was alright but she didn’t dare. She took a zitplaats, stoel volgende to him, neither one of them spoke for the volgende fifteen minutes. And it wasn’t bad; it was actually comforting to sit with someone and not have to fill every silence with words.
After a while though she just had to ask. “Chuck?”
“Do u really think I am a cold and frigid bitch?”
He looked at her in amazement. “Do u really want to know the answer to that?”
She nodded. “Yes.”
“Okay, I do think you’re a cold and unfeeling bitch. There’s no fun of light in your life at all. u are way too uptight, prim and proper, and once in a while u just have to let go of all your inhibitions and be free.”
His words felt like a slaan, smack to her face. She had trouble getting her own words out. “That’s because u don’t know me at all. I have a whole personality that u have never seen.”
“Please, Blair.” He began tiredly. “You have one side to your personality and that is called bitch.”
She knew what she had to do. “Do u have any muziek in this room?”
“What?” He was a little surprised at the sudden change of subject.
“Put some muziek on.” She repeated.
Chuck did as she asked. He took the controller that was volgende to him and pushed a button and some soft jazz muziek came on. “Is that good of did u want something else?”
“It’s perfect.” She admitted with a smile. “I am going to prove to u how wrong u are about me.”
“How are u going to do that?”
“Watch.” That was all she zei as she stood up and stood almost right in front of him. She swayed her hips in time to the slow beat of the muziek while she ran her hands up the front of her dress. She fiddled with the bow of her jas until she had untied it and let it fall to the floor in a heap. Blair totally lost herself into the muziek and she just did what came naturally to her. Her hand moved to the back of her dress and she slowly slid it down while watching his expression.
Chuck sat mesmerized and he asked in a croak of a whisper, “What are u doing?”
She smiled at his state of shock. “Shut up and watch.”
He did what she asked and she continued her slow striptease. She shrugged her shoulders and her dress fell down to her waist and the tops of her creamy breasts were revealed as they were encased in a lacy bra.
His eyes never left her face but now he found them traveling down her body and he liked what he saw. He crossed his legs to hide his growing erection from her eyes. This was not the Blair Waldorf that he knew.
She shimmed her hips until her dress joined her jas on the floor. She now only stood in a lacy bra that was so sheer; u could describe it as see through and a tiny pair of panties. Blair continued her seductive dance and saw Chuck slikken hard, but that just egged her on even more. She moved even closer to Chuck and continued to dance right in front of him; in fact she was almost on top, boven of his lap.
After a while he could take no meer and grabbed one of her hips. “Stop it, Blair.”
“Why?” She asked as she continued to sway her hips and she moved his other hand to her.
“You know why.” He growled.
She smirked. “Did I change your mind about me?”
He didn’t answer and she leaned on one side of the divan, bank and whispered in his ear, “What did u think?”
He turned his face until his lips were only a breath away from hers and said, “I think u want me to kiss you, Waldorf.”
Blair moved her face until it was almost touching his and let her lips whisper across his, “In your dreams, Bass.” She grinned one last time and put her dress and jas back on. He just stared at her; he didn’t know what else to do. She had put him under her spell.
“You’re leaving?”
She grinned before saying, “It’s enough that I proved u wrong and I’m satisifed.” She waved her fingers at him before opening the door and leaving. Blair Waldorf had just left him speechless and he didn’t like that fact. She really was a different person that he had thought and that idea didn’t settle right with him. He was going to have to find a way to pay her back for that little stunt she had just pulled.

To Be Continued…

A/N: New story. I know another one. I wasn’t sure of this one at first but then a friend of mine liked the idea, so I decided to give it a try and this is what came out. What do u think? This will be a multi chaptered fic. What else is new?
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