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Hello Upper East Siders

Gossip girl here with new hot gossips.
Spotted: V and new boyfriend? Didn’t think she will verplaats on that soon N?
But don’t need to worry here. N has been seen with new hot girl B in club and…
Our own S walking with coffee. What do u think D of should I say C? Baizen I mean. And about our favourite C – spotted with former Queen B on lovely date. Aren’t they cute?

u know u love me. XOXO, Gossip Girl.

(Italy. Vanessa comes to cafe where Scott’s working.)

Vanessa: Hi.
Scott: Why hello. I thought u left yesterday.
V: I was planning to do that, but plans changed. I have to ask u for something.
S: Well what can I do for you?
V: It’s little stupid… actually it’s really stupid.
S: It can’t be that bad.
V: It is. u see… I told my best friend I’m dating you.
S: What? Why?
V: because of Nate.
S: This guy u were with?
V: Yes that’s he. So, he is obviously seeing someone and I didn’t want him to think he hurt me of something.
S: But u two weren’t together right?
V: No, but… I know it’s weird. u know forget about it. (She wants to leave.)
S: Wait! I’m going weekend before start of college to New York so if u want me to pretend I’m your boyfriend…
V: Really? Thanks it won’t be long. Just few days and then I’ll think of something.
S: Ok. I call u later?
V: Ok, bye!
S: Bye. (He Kiss her on cheek.)


(Serena and Nate are walking with coffee.)

Nate: So how was Europe?
Serena: Great. Sorry for this thing with Vanessa.
N: It’s ok. I think we weren’t meant to be together.
S: I heard u met someone?
N: Yes, Bree. She’s a model. Traveling around the world, another fashion toon and town each month. We met in Paris.
S: You’re not afraid it won’t work out if she won’t be here?
N: Probably. I don’t really want serious relationship now. Rather a little fun before college.
S: Yeah that sounds really good.
N: So why u won’t do it too?
S: What?
N: Have fun.
S: I’m not really in the mood now.
N: Something happened didn’t it? It’s about Carter?
S: What? No, he’s really helpful actually.
N: With what?
S: Well, I went to Europe to meet my father.
N: What? u know him?
S: No, he left when I was five. I don’t even remember him. I was looking for him few years geleden with Carter, but he left before I found him.
N: And now u succeed?
S: Yes. He had trouble with Police. Something about drugs, but he was cleared of charges. He wants to visit us.
N: And you? Do u want this?
S: I zei I’ll think about it and I decided to let him. Eric should meet him too. I’m just afraid of my mother and Rufus. They’re getting married in few months.
N: I’m sure they’ll be ok, besides it’s your father. Why he left?
S: He zei my mother never stopped loving Rufus and he had enough. He didn’t want to leave me and Eric, but didn’t have a choice. u know it isn’t really important, I mean it won’t change anything.
N: Did u tell anyone?
S: No, but I have to. He’s coming soon.
N: Good luck I guess.
S: Thanks, I will need it. (They laugh.)


(Van der bas, bass Humphrey apartment)

Lily: Thanks kids for help with choosing weeding cake.
Dan: No problem. (Rufus and Lily go to weeding planer.)
Jenny: Sure it isn’t for you. It’s not like you’re doing something besides moping around alone this summer.
D: I’m writing new story.
J: About your suffering love?
D: I’m not in love with anyone now.
J: I bet you’re thinking about Serena only like about me.
D: You’re right I don’t. She’s less annoying.
Eric: So u think.
R: Guys come here and eat it of we’ll have to open cake shop. I don’t understand why Lil ordered that much. Hope she’s not planning three volgende weddings already. (They laugh and go to try cakes.)


(Blair’s bedroom.)

Blair: Dorota hurry! Chuck will be here in 5 minuten to take me for avondeten, diner and I’m not ready! Where is my headband?
Dorota: Here Miss Blair. u look lovely. Mister Chuck will be delighted.
B: I hope. (They hear elevator ding.)
He’s here! Bye Dorota! Don’t wait for me!
D: Have fun Miss Blair.

(Blair goes downstairs and sees waiting Chuck.)

B: Hi!
Chuck: Hey, u look beautiful. (They kiss.)
B: Thanks.
C: Come on. Limo’s waiting.

(They go to limo and soon arrive to restaurant. Chuck takes Blair’s hand and they go to their table.)

C: So Serena didn’t tell u her big secret yet?
B: Ughhh no. I tried ask her today, but she zei she’s meeting Nate and there’s nothing to tell.
C: u think she’s lying?
B: Obviously. Maybe I should talk to Carter. (She smirks.)
C: No! (Blair rises eyebrow.) I mean he probably doesn’t know anything and even if he’s dangerous.
B: You’re just jealous.
C: Sure.
B: u are. (She smiles.)
C: Chuck bas, bass isn’t jealous.
B: Again say what u want.
C: I can find out what they’re doing if u want.
B: No, I’ll give Serena little meer time.
C: Ok, but if you’ll change your mind…
B: I know. (She smiles and they kiss.)


(Serena’s bedroom. She’s on the phone with Carter.)

Serena: When he’s coming?
Carter: Weekend before start of the college.
S: Great. Mom will be delighted when I’ll tell her I won’t be going to Brown this fall.
C: Did u tell her about him yet?
S: No.
C: When are u going to?
S: I’m planning now. She will need time.
C: Good luck.
S: Thanks.
C: avondeten, diner tomorrow?
S: I don’t know Carter…
C: Come on Serena, we’re friends.
S: Ok.
C: I’ll pick u up at seven.
S: See u then. Bye!


(Chuck and Blair are in his limo after dinner. Blair’s on Chuck’s lap. They’re kissing.)

Chuck: u have to go home?
Blair: Have better propositions? (He smirks.)
C: (He smirks.) Much. Like: me, u and my bed. (She laughs.)
B: Sounds good enough. I think I left some clothes in your suit last time.
C: u know I was thinking… It’s only problem with your things at Eleanor’s and u in my suit almost all the time. You’ll be soon moving to dorm and then it will be uncomfortable for you, so I thought u could verplaats things u won’t be taking to dorm to my place to have them for rest of the summer and when you’ll be staying with me.
B: verplaats in with you?
C: I knew it was stupid idea. Forget it.
B: No! I would love to. (She smiles and kisses him.)
C: I love you.
B: I love u too.


(VdBH apartment.)

Serena: Mom I have to tell u something.
Lily: Yes darling?
S: I won’t be going to Brown this fall.
L: And why if I can ask?
S: Ummm… Dad’s coming.


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 Back from holiday...!!!
Back from holiday...!!!

It's been around 2 weeks since Ed and Leighton's maand holiday in England, (they got back to NYC 2 weeks ago)
At Leighton's apartment. Her and Seb are hanging out.
They are watching a DVD on the TV, Seb is cuddled up to her and is being very affectionate...Leighton isn't able to concentrate on the movie...every time there is a love scene in the movie, Seb gets meer touchy with her whilst all she can think about is Ed.
The movie finally finishes, Seb begins to kiss her and she forces herself to allow it and kiss him back. They continue to kiss until Seb attempts to remove her clothes, which...
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