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Hello Upper East Siders

Gossip girl here with new hot gossips.
Spotted: V and new boyfriend? Didn’t think she will verplaats on that soon N?
But don’t need to worry here. N has been seen with new hot girl B in club and…
Our own S walking with coffee. What do u think D of should I say C? Baizen I mean. And about our favourite C – spotted with former Queen B on lovely date. Aren’t they cute?

u know u love me. XOXO, Gossip Girl.

(Italy. Vanessa comes to cafe where Scott’s working.)

Vanessa: Hi.
Scott: Why hello. I thought u left yesterday.
V: I was planning to do that, but plans changed. I have to ask u for something.
S: Well what can I do for you?
V: It’s little stupid… actually it’s really stupid.
S: It can’t be that bad.
V: It is. u see… I told my best friend I’m dating you.
S: What? Why?
V: because of Nate.
S: This guy u were with?
V: Yes that’s he. So, he is obviously seeing someone and I didn’t want him to think he hurt me of something.
S: But u two weren’t together right?
V: No, but… I know it’s weird. u know forget about it. (She wants to leave.)
S: Wait! I’m going weekend before start of college to New York so if u want me to pretend I’m your boyfriend…
V: Really? Thanks it won’t be long. Just few days and then I’ll think of something.
S: Ok. I call u later?
V: Ok, bye!
S: Bye. (He Kiss her on cheek.)


(Serena and Nate are walking with coffee.)

Nate: So how was Europe?
Serena: Great. Sorry for this thing with Vanessa.
N: It’s ok. I think we weren’t meant to be together.
S: I heard u met someone?
N: Yes, Bree. She’s a model. Traveling around the world, another fashion toon and town each month. We met in Paris.
S: You’re not afraid it won’t work out if she won’t be here?
N: Probably. I don’t really want serious relationship now. Rather a little fun before college.
S: Yeah that sounds really good.
N: So why u won’t do it too?
S: What?
N: Have fun.
S: I’m not really in the mood now.
N: Something happened didn’t it? It’s about Carter?
S: What? No, he’s really helpful actually.
N: With what?
S: Well, I went to Europe to meet my father.
N: What? u know him?
S: No, he left when I was five. I don’t even remember him. I was looking for him few years geleden with Carter, but he left before I found him.
N: And now u succeed?
S: Yes. He had trouble with Police. Something about drugs, but he was cleared of charges. He wants to visit us.
N: And you? Do u want this?
S: I zei I’ll think about it and I decided to let him. Eric should meet him too. I’m just afraid of my mother and Rufus. They’re getting married in few months.
N: I’m sure they’ll be ok, besides it’s your father. Why he left?
S: He zei my mother never stopped loving Rufus and he had enough. He didn’t want to leave me and Eric, but didn’t have a choice. u know it isn’t really important, I mean it won’t change anything.
N: Did u tell anyone?
S: No, but I have to. He’s coming soon.
N: Good luck I guess.
S: Thanks, I will need it. (They laugh.)


(Van der bas, bass Humphrey apartment)

Lily: Thanks kids for help with choosing weeding cake.
Dan: No problem. (Rufus and Lily go to weeding planer.)
Jenny: Sure it isn’t for you. It’s not like you’re doing something besides moping around alone this summer.
D: I’m writing new story.
J: About your suffering love?
D: I’m not in love with anyone now.
J: I bet you’re thinking about Serena only like about me.
D: You’re right I don’t. She’s less annoying.
Eric: So u think.
R: Guys come here and eat it of we’ll have to open cake shop. I don’t understand why Lil ordered that much. Hope she’s not planning three volgende weddings already. (They laugh and go to try cakes.)


(Blair’s bedroom.)

Blair: Dorota hurry! Chuck will be here in 5 minuten to take me for avondeten, diner and I’m not ready! Where is my headband?
Dorota: Here Miss Blair. u look lovely. Mister Chuck will be delighted.
B: I hope. (They hear elevator ding.)
He’s here! Bye Dorota! Don’t wait for me!
D: Have fun Miss Blair.

(Blair goes downstairs and sees waiting Chuck.)

B: Hi!
Chuck: Hey, u look beautiful. (They kiss.)
B: Thanks.
C: Come on. Limo’s waiting.

(They go to limo and soon arrive to restaurant. Chuck takes Blair’s hand and they go to their table.)

C: So Serena didn’t tell u her big secret yet?
B: Ughhh no. I tried ask her today, but she zei she’s meeting Nate and there’s nothing to tell.
C: u think she’s lying?
B: Obviously. Maybe I should talk to Carter. (She smirks.)
C: No! (Blair rises eyebrow.) I mean he probably doesn’t know anything and even if he’s dangerous.
B: You’re just jealous.
C: Sure.
B: u are. (She smiles.)
C: Chuck bas, bass isn’t jealous.
B: Again say what u want.
C: I can find out what they’re doing if u want.
B: No, I’ll give Serena little meer time.
C: Ok, but if you’ll change your mind…
B: I know. (She smiles and they kiss.)


(Serena’s bedroom. She’s on the phone with Carter.)

Serena: When he’s coming?
Carter: Weekend before start of the college.
S: Great. Mom will be delighted when I’ll tell her I won’t be going to Brown this fall.
C: Did u tell her about him yet?
S: No.
C: When are u going to?
S: I’m planning now. She will need time.
C: Good luck.
S: Thanks.
C: avondeten, diner tomorrow?
S: I don’t know Carter…
C: Come on Serena, we’re friends.
S: Ok.
C: I’ll pick u up at seven.
S: See u then. Bye!


(Chuck and Blair are in his limo after dinner. Blair’s on Chuck’s lap. They’re kissing.)

Chuck: u have to go home?
Blair: Have better propositions? (He smirks.)
C: (He smirks.) Much. Like: me, u and my bed. (She laughs.)
B: Sounds good enough. I think I left some clothes in your suit last time.
C: u know I was thinking… It’s only problem with your things at Eleanor’s and u in my suit almost all the time. You’ll be soon moving to dorm and then it will be uncomfortable for you, so I thought u could verplaats things u won’t be taking to dorm to my place to have them for rest of the summer and when you’ll be staying with me.
B: verplaats in with you?
C: I knew it was stupid idea. Forget it.
B: No! I would love to. (She smiles and kisses him.)
C: I love you.
B: I love u too.


(VdBH apartment.)

Serena: Mom I have to tell u something.
Lily: Yes darling?
S: I won’t be going to Brown this fall.
L: And why if I can ask?
S: Ummm… Dad’s coming.


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