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posted by edwestwick
Hi guys!
I’m really sooo sorry I didn’t update in two months. I had really busy time at school and it will probably get worse but I promise to find meer time for writing. I know probably no one is reading it yet but I came up with new ideas so here we go. I know new season started and btw I loved it to last episode, because come on this was Chair angst? For me it seems stupid what they did with Blair this season and I was hoping she got herself together after 3x04 but guess not. Well maybe now she’ll wake up. But still I’m excited for 3x07! I have an idea for new fic, even started writing it so I’ll post it soon, but I will be still continue this if someone is still reading.

Disclaimer: I do not own Gossip Girl


(At steps. Blair and Serena are drinking coffee. Serena told Blair about her father.)

Blair: So u told Lily yesterday?
Serena: Yeah, it was like… Ughh I don’t even know hot to call it.
B: That bad?
S: It was disaster. She yelled half and uur and would longer if Rufus didn’t stop her.
B: What exactly?
S: How he’s a jerk and how could I did it to her. And he will destroy everything.
B: And Rufus?
S: He calmed her down with ‘nothing will tear us apart’ speech, but for once I have to thank him for it.
B: So when is Mr. busje, van der Woodsen coming?
S: Weekend before start of college.
B: So u will have only two days with him?
S: Not exactly. I’m not going to Brown.
B: What?!?
S: Well it’s for the better. I can’t leave Mom and Eric alone with it...
B: I guess… So what Lily zei to IT?
S: She wasn’t delighted, but agreed if I’ll go to Columbia.
B: With Nate? (She smirks.)
S: B we’re friends.
B: Sure u are.
S: Blair! I wouldn’t do it.
B: why not?
S: Because I don’t want to lose you, besides I don’t feel anything for Nate.
B: I’m over Nate S. I have Chuck and I’m not going to let him go anywhere again.
S: Good for you. I’m happy u two finally worked it out, it was about a time.
B: Yeah but don’t change the subject. If not Nate… don’t tell me Humphrey again.
S: We’re almost sibling Blair.
B: Didn’t stop u before. u have to have someone!
S: I can’t be single for once?
B: You’re Serena busje, van der Woodsen for God’s sake. You’re never single.
S: Thanks. u made it sound like I’m some slut.
B: Well…
S: B!
B: Oh ok. But it doesn’t mean I believe you.
S: Uh huh.


(Serena and Carter are in restaurant.)

Carter: Thanks for coming.
Serena: We’re friends, besides I own u much more.
C: Dinners hopefully.
S: Well we’ll see.
(He takes her hand.)
C: Listen Serena. I wanted to tell u that this trip was a lot of fun so I though why not have some more.
S: I’m not leaving anywhere.
C: I meant fun.
S: Oh yes sure.
C: u know… I always liked u (He kisses her, she kiss him back.)
Drinks in my suite?
S: I’d love that.


Three weeks later - weekend before college.

Hello Upper East Siders

Your favourite girl here and not I’m not taking about B. Sorry S, but she got hottest guy in town. Not that other C is bad, but bas, bass is a bas, bass if u know what I mean.
And here we are! College starts on Monday. Let’s begin last summer weekend!
And how we’ll spend it? Well if u lucky you’re invited to busje, van der bas, bass Humphrey avondeten, diner tonight. That will be interesting for sure. Also spotted: V, D and S – better known as V new boyfriend at the airport in hugs.
Welcome back! K I mean. Some of u might remember him. And these who don’t – yes that’s official – lost father returned. S and E’s father. Thinking what L and R have to say about it? And if that’s not enough, we have another return. G that is. Changed of not? u decide and I keep u updated.

u know u love me. XOXO, Gossip Girl.

(Serena is waiting for her dad at the airport. Her phone rings.)

Serena: Hi B.
Blair: Hi S! How was your datum yesterday?
S: Awesome. I’m having a lot of fun.
B: I still can’t believe you’re with Carter.
S: Blair it’s just having good time. Nothing serious.
B: Good to know and it better stays this way. You’re at the airport?
S: Yes. How are you?
B: Amazing. Today I’m going to see my room and meet my roommate though living with Chuck is incredible.
S: Hard to believe, but I’m happy for you.
B: I’m happy for me too. See u later?
S: Yeah, can’t wait for avondeten, diner with ‘family’.


(Other side of the airport. Dan’s picking up Vanessa.)

Dan: hallo Vanessa here!
Vanessa: Dan hi! (They hug.)
This is Scott. I told u about him.
D: Ahh new boyfriend.
Scott: That would be me. Scott.
D: Dan. (They shake hands.)
S: So… Will I get the blessing?
D: I guess. (They laugh.)
Ok come on guys. I have ‘family’ avondeten, diner later.


(NYU. Blair walks in her new room and sees Georgina.)

Blair: Georgina?!?
Georgina: Blair Waldorf?!? We’re roommates!
B: On no no no! This isn’t happening!
G: Come on B! We’ll have fun together.
B: How did u do it?
G: I didn’t do anything. It’s just good luck.
B: Very… What do u want?
G: I told u Blair. I want to be friends.
B: Sure Whoregina. Let me tell you: u can forget about whatever u planned, because I’m going to get rid of you.
G: Oh Blair you’ll see I changed. And how’s Chuckles?
B: Stay away from him!
G: Relax B. I already had my way with him though I’m sure his up for repeat. See u later! (She walks out.)


(Van der bas, bass Humphrey apartment. Lily, Eric, Humphreys, Chuck and Blair are waiting for Serena and Keith)

Jenny: So Dan how’s Vanessa’s new boyfriend?
Dan: Seems ok. I had strangest illusion today. I though I saw Georgina.
Blair: Unfortunately Cabbage Patch it wasn’t illusion.
Eric: Georgina’s back?
B: Yes and like it’s not enough she’s my roommate.
Chuck: I told u we’ll get rid of her for good and until than u can handle her for sure.
B: of stay with you.
C: Always. (He kisses her hand and they smile.)

Rufus: They should be here 15 minuten ago.
Lily: Maybe he came to his senses and didn’t dome. (Just than Serena and her dad come in.)
Keith: Not today darling.
Serena: Hi everyone! Sorry traffic was horrible.
L: Keith. What a pleasure.
K: I’m sure. Rufus Humphrey? Really wouldn’t guess I’d see u here. (He says ironically.)
R: Keith nice to see u again. Come on dinner’s waiting.
(Everyone sit and eat.)


(Bree’s hotel suite. She and Nate are watching a movie.)

Nate: Thanks for inviting me over.
Bree: You’re welcome though this movie isn’t really fun is it?
N: Depends what’s your definition of fun. I’m not really old romances fan. So when are u leaving?
B: Tried of me yet?
N: Of course not. I wish u could stay longer. I really had great time with you.
B: Me too, but I got new job in Germany. Unfortunately I have to leave volgende weekend.
N: Than we better use all time left. (He smiles and they start kissing.)


(Chuck’s apartment later that night. He and Blair are in bed.)

Blair: So have u got any plan for Georgina?
Chuck: Not yet but I will.
B: It better be soon.
C: Why? I love having u here with me every night.
B: Really? And why is that? (She smirks.)
C: So I can do this. (He smirks back and kisses her. And u know what next… :D)


Ok. so that’s it for now. Yes I used some Vanessa and Scott’s lines for Nate and Bree :)
I promise to update sooner this time.
Please review.
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This is a Spoof Movie I made, which revolves around Serena and Blair's friendship and when they fall out, and Blair goes off with Chuck and Serena wants to hurt Blair door sleeping with Nate.
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