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This is just my opinion, so Derena fans, please don't bite my head off. I had to let out my feelings.
Dan and Serena have broken up and gotten back together for like a million times. And each time they get back together, they only last 2 of 3 episodes before they decide to break up again. This shows that don't work, as everytime they get back together, 2 of 3 episodes later, something comes up that makes them fight and break up.
Nate handles a Serena episode better than Dan. Nate went through a similar situation wtih Serena in season 3, that Dan went through with...
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A/N: YAY! I finally updated something! Short, I know, but I'm already working on chapter three which I'm sure will be geplaatst door later on tonight.

Warning: Rape invloved.
No matter how hard she tried to scream, she couldn't. His hand was placed firmly over her mouth, his grip on her around her neck tight.

"Now, now, Blair. Don't try anything stupid," Jack warned her, wagging the index finger on his free hand. What the fuck? Who did he think she was? A fucking kindergardener? "I wouldn't wanna have to snap your pretty little neck." He put down is free hand and removed his other hand from her mouth....
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