Gravity Falls Gravity Is A Downer

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Night World/Gravity Falls Fanfic by sparkles3
I do not own anything but Kiki, Travis, and Mayumi.

Kiki is new to Gravity Falls. She's just moved there after her parents divorced. Her cousin, Soos, has somehow persuaded Mr. Stan Pines to let Kiki and Travis stay at his little shop, the Mystery Shack.

But the Mylls kids aren't normal.

Kiki is a witch, and a pretty good one at that. Her element is air, which is pretty useful.

Travis is telekinetic. He moves with his mind, and his element is water.

Kiki has developed a huge crush on Dipper Pines. She wants desperately to be able to tell him, but then he might find out what she is and what she does.

I never said she was a good witch.

Travis is often lost in his own world, on minecraft anyway. He loves that game so much, you can't really get him to focus on anything else.

Yes, he's a video game nerd.

Mayumi, Kiki's best friend, doesn't show up in Gravity falls for a while. She actually comes there with Travis, who arrives shortly after Dipper returns from his run in with the manataurs. She's always been shocked that kiki allowed a mortal to be her friend.
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Chapter 1

Quiet. That's what I wake up to. It startles me. Where is the honking, the squealing tires? Then I remember. My father sent me to a tiny town in Oregon after he and my mom split up. I'm staying with my cousin, Soos. He works at this little shop called the Mystery Shack, which is run by a jerk named Stan Pines. The town is called Gravity Falls. I wonder why they call it that.

So, anyway, after I get dressed in my Nightmare Before Easter tee and black capris, I make my way downstairs. I grab a granola bar and head outside. I start to wander around the town, looking for the best canvas. In case you're confused, I'm a graffiti artist. I depict my nightmares.

Soon, I find the perfect place. Working by the dim light of a dying flashlight, I paint a giant skull with tentacles. It's teeth are sharper than most, but not long enough to be called fangs. By the time I'm done, the sun has come up. A police car drives by, followed by two kids. I jump behind a dumpster, attempting to be invisible. I can't get caught before the paint even dries. Luckily, the cops don't linger. Not so luckily, the kids do. I silently curse my mother for making me inherit her freaky glowing eyes, like that stuff in glow sticks.

The kids, a boy and a girl, peer into the alley. I would close my eyes, but I want to know when they leave so I can breath again. I'm praying to everyone that I can that they don't see me. I don't think they listened. The girl starts to walk into the alley. Pretty soon, she's right in front of me.

"What are you doing?" She asks.

"Nothing really. Just, uh, people-watching." I say, because I couldn't think of anything else.

"What brings you to Gravity Falls?" She just doesn't seem to respect that I don't really wanna talk about it.

"My parents split, and I'm staying with my cousin, Soos-" I say until I'm cut off.

"Mabel, who are you talking to?" The boy yells.

"A person. If you wanna know who, you'll have to came see." The girl, Mabel, calls back.

The boy comes closer. He has on a hat with a blue pine tree, and a red tee under a dark blue jacket.

"Who is it?" He asks again.

"I don't know." Mabel admits. I force myself to smile.

"I'm Kiki Mylls. Nice to..." I trail off, cause he jumps back in surprise. My eyelight shows green on his face. Once I realize what is freaking him out, I pull my sunglasses out of the bag I bring with me everywhere. I put them on and he comes towards me warily.

"I'm Dipper. I guess you already know that she's Mabel." He says after a while. Silence follows.

"So, did you say you're Soos's cousin?" Mabel asks after a minute. I nod. "He works at my gruncle's store." She says.

"How come we haven't seen you there?" Dipper asks. Somewhere, in a corner of brain, I realize that he's kind of cute.

"I always leave before dawn." I say. It is true, but not entirely. " I haven't even met your 'gruncle.' What is a gruncle anyway?"

"Great Uncle. And you should meet him." Dipper replies.

"Kay. Let's go." I say, shrugging my shoulders. Dipper smiles, and Mabel lets out a cheer. We begin walking to the mystery shack, and the whole way, Mabel hums some kind of show tune. By the time we get there, I'm ready to take out my earrings and jam them into my jugular vein.

"Here we are." Dipper says. He and Mabel walk in, and Dipper rests his hand on the wall.

"Come on in." Mabel says. I stuff my sunglasses into my bag and walk through the door. Dipper presses a button, and water cascades over my head. After I spit out about a gallon, I fix Dipper with my ultra death glare.

"What the heck?!" I yell. He gulps.
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Chapter 2

She's glaring at me with water dripping in her eyes, and all I can think is 'crap, crap, crap!'

"do you feel disintegrated at all?" Mable asks her.

"No, and you have a peanut for a brain, Dipper!" she says.

"Sorry, I uh, thought you were a vampire." I explain.