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At the start of the show, when we first meet the main players in storyline of ABC Family's toon Greek, we are introduced to the stereotypical "WASPy" type character of Evan Chambers.

Evan is pinned as the "New England" preppy type and, without any back story to start off with, we are drawn to this conclusion from the type of Fraternity he belongs to (argyle jumpers, blazers and overhemd, shirt brigade)and the attitude taken towards Cappie (without knowing any back story between the two at the start) and his hick gang of brothers. A very 2D stereotypical character that people love to plot against.

Up until...
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posted by Dragonclaws
I’m a fan of the TV toon Greek. It’s a fun little dramady that has been compared with Boy Meets World (my favoriete sitcom in the world), and it has the added element of being gay-friendly. However, I recently found myself offended from the episode “Engendered Species”, which contains a section of dialog I find sexist in a women-against-men direction.

The relevant part of the story involves Casey taking a Women’s Studies class along with Cappie, who claims he wants to broaden his horizons. Cappie does surprisingly well (though he’s careful to throw out the odd sexist commentaar to keep...
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posted by CelestialDream
After 4 years, 74 episodes and 1 almost cancellation Greek has finally approached it's Series finale.

I came across this toon door accident 2 years geleden on June 15th only a week and a half after graduating high school. The volgende night I tweeted the following message:

"So I randomly caught the "Greek" season finale last night, and I think I might like the show, maybe I'll check it out."
10:28 PM Jun 16th, 2009 via web

Little did I realize that one event of catching a random show, at a random time would lead me to this point years later.

I would have never guessed that this little toon about a group...
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posted by MrsGerrenHowell
When i saw the adverts for Greek i thought it looked rubbish but then i watched that first episode and i was hooked.

alls i want to know is will Rusty get back together with Jen K they were sooo cute together i mean even though she did a bad thing that shouldn't make them spleet, split up!!

Also will Casey get together with Cappie of will he just go off with Rebecca.

Its all sooo exciting i cant wait for the volgende series to find out all the gossip on campus.

Also will Frannie ever come back?? MMMMMMMMM??