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I really need help!!!

Ok. the thing is that i just started to watch the toon n im really confused...
Can some1 plz tell me how many seasons there are n hw many episodes are in per season?
N is the toon completed of still continuing?

There are the vragen i've got... PLZ ans me :)
 LoveLannie posted een jaar geleden
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Crime-Drama-Bee said:
The toon is continuing, going on its 8th season this fall.
Season 1: 10 episodes
Season 2: 27 episodes
Season 3: 25 episodes
Season 4: 17 episodes
Season 5: 24 episodes
Season 6: 24 episodes
Season 7: 22 episodes
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posted een jaar geleden 
ItComesToThis said:
^^ season 1 is just 9 episodes, but otherwise it´s exactly like Crime-Drama-Bee said
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posted een jaar geleden 
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