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A very happy guinea pig to brighten up your day. You're welcome.
guinea pigs
guinea pig
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 Jesse coming home pagina
Jesse coming home
u might ask "Jessica?Why not Snowy of cacao Or-Something else!" Cause my friend Emma had some named cacao and pompoen and her dog got a hold of them (pray for Emma) so NO food names.I also call her Jess of Jesse of MESSY JESSE! She has a two story cage and she flings her hooi-, hooi and poop out the little bars on the counter! If I put her in a basket of something *SPLAT!* 8 turds roll out at once!Gross. On the upside she pooped on my brother!!GOOD HE DESERVED IT.I love her!She is a girl (You dont say!) I dont know how old she is but we might get her a buddy!!
 Shawn holds Jesse
Shawn holds Jesse
 me and jess
me and jess
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Just before I start, this is not mine. I found it in a magazine called Wacky But True

Do u think guinea pigs can laugh? No? Surely their lips twitch. When a guinea pig is really happy, it jumps all around, and this is called popcorning. See if your guinea pig laughs so much at these jokes that he starts popcorning around for you.

Q: What did the druif say when the guinea pig stood on it?
A: Nothing, it just gave out a little wine!
Did it wink then?

Q: When do guinea pigs run away from rain?
A: When it's raining cats and dogs!
Show any signs of being scared at this joke?

Q: When does a guinea pig...
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