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Made in Croatia in 1992 Croatian answer to populair international Happy Birthday song Happy birthday everyone! (Source: YouTube)
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NOTE: This story was written exclusively for a great friend of mine as a birthday gift. Keep this in mind when reading the story. Thank you.

In the dark town streets, a young girl was walking along the barren roadway. Not a hint of light was seen as she blended in with the darkness door the color of her dress. Smoke from the cold could be seen out from her mouth as she was breathing heavily. She knew she needed to get home pagina and getting there on her own was the only solution.

She walked for about two blocks when something caught her attention. It stood nearby in front of her direction and carefully...
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NOTE: The following story was written exclusively for a good friend of mine. I wanted to clear this just so u guys know. Thank u and enjoy.

“The city- a cold, dark place,” Says the narrator, who is unknown. “This place became the main force of evil once. It wasn’t until several weeks geleden when I ran into someone. Someone who’s not only armed and dangerous, but is a protector and warrior of justice just like myself. How I ran into this individual u ask? I’ll tell u the whole story.”

The scene then turns into a beautiful scenery out on the city streets. This town is known...
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NOTE: This story was written as a gift for a friend. I wanted to clear this just in case u guys are wondering why this story was written. Please enjoy.

Africa’s vast savanna grounds are filled with much diverse wildlife. From the tiniest insects, to the largest mammals there is countless number of species that call these habitats home. Of all the animals living in these grounds, only one is the main focus in this story.

Known as the “King of the Jungle”, lions are one of the continent’s most famous creatures. They live together, hunt together and are not afraid of anything- except...
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