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Pinkston40 posted on Jan 24, 2016 at 09:18PM
There are certain characters that you JUST DON'T KILL off
& that is Hans Solo, Indiana Jones, Jack Ryan and anything
with Sean Connery. I know several people who walked out
of the theater when Hans Solo was killed. You just don't kill
Hans Solo. I understand that Harrison Ford didnt want to make
any more Star Wars movie's but think of your fans.
The ones that have been with you since the beginning when
you really weren't sup to be in Star Wars, the American
public feel in love with Harrison Ford as Hans Solo.
No disrespect to Carrie Fisher but Hans Solo made those
movies him and Chewbacca. The Millennium Falconbelongs to
Hans Solo. You left a lot of your loyal fans very
disappointed trying to engage the younger generation
forgetting who was there. You just don't kill Hans Solo, Indiana Jones
Jack Ryan & Sean Connery. I had my oldest son watch Gold Finger
& he admitted that Sean Connery was the very best 007 ever.
As Harrison Ford is to Hans Solo, Indiana Jones and Jack Ryan.
It's always been a far fetched dream to actually meet my hero,
Hans Solo. Remember what your son told the press after
the plane incident " Indiana Jones, Hans Solo is okay.
I remember waiting in very long lines to see the original
movies. There was barely even a fighting scene where
the life savers were used, so why are all of the toys
remind me of the same exact ones my boys had? They let Paul
Walker ride off in the Fast movies. I was really
expecting Hans Solo to stick around and save his son,
Did you think about the impact of your loyal fans and not just
yourself wanting out. Many other options
Just don't mess with Hans Solo, Indiana Jones, Jack Ryan or Sean

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een jaar geleden VeronicaWinters said…
My poor scoundrel! I thought about walking out but curiosity of Luke's whereabouts got the best of me. What really ticked me off was no sort of funeral or memorial for Han. Thanks for the slap in the face, Disney! I don't want to wait until Episode 8 to reopen that wound! Should have done it in TFA. I've had the worst case of writer's block ever since that damn lightsaber was ignited!