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Has anyone ever embarassed u because u love the Harry Potter series so much?

My mom was the one who embarassed me. Here's my story:
When I was 8 my mom and I were walking around trick-or-treating when she saw this kid in a Harry Potter costume walking by. And in a loud voice she said, "Oh, look Lindsey that guy has a Harry Potter costume!" And apparently the guy heard and he was staring at her like she was an alien.
No my fience loved them as well and he a lot older than even some vrienden love them.
pottersgirl78 posted een jaar geleden
 Lindsey_Grint posted een jaar geleden
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kwlski4ever said:
No . . .?
I few times dressed like Harry Potter ( xD ) on a Costume Party when I was , like , 5 of something.
But I never got embarassed , I'm proud to be a HP fan :)
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posted een jaar geleden 
Grintforever said:
My best mates where the ones who embarassed me, heres what happend:well last year,i was 13 and had just started whereing glasses and i got a new iPod for my b-day so i uploaded some of my fav pics onto it,A.K.A harry potter pic's ( rupert grint a.k.a ron!) and they all sore them and started takeing the piss, so from then on my nickname has been 'harry potter'. i dident really care, but they just had to when my crush walked past, call me, harry and start going on about how much i like Rupert Grint,i could have sooo fainted there and then. and it dont halp that he now call's me harry as well, which is so not funny!
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posted een jaar geleden 
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