Harry Potter Vs. Twilight 1000 Reasons Why Harry Potter Is Better Than Twilight

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just start at one and see if you can get 1000

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but anyways so I was charged with editing/shortening/modernising Hamlet for the *cough*performance*coughcough* my English class is putting on, and it's kinda weird, but I'm kinda proud of this paragraph:
If only there were no laws against suicide. Claudius, marry Gertrude? In the interests of Denmark? Ha! My father is barely cold in his grave, and yet so quickly his wife jumps into his brother's incestuous sheets. Frailty, thy name is woman! And what of the other things my uncle – for I refuse to think of him as my father – said? That I am to remain here, as his right-hand man, to oversee the coming war with Norway? Oh, but I forget: there is to be no war with Norway; Claudius will write to Fortinbras' uncle and all shall be well. I shudder to think, what shall happen if Fortinbras' relationship with his uncle is as rotten as is mine with Claudius? We shall all be doomed, this much is certain.
-- Hamlet's first soliloquy, Act 1, Scene 2
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1. Harry Potter fans aren't vain and we don't base our favourite books depending on how "hot" the vampires and werewolves are.

2. HP books are much better written and English teachers agree with this comment.

3. Stephen King hates Twilight and loves Harry Potter and we can all rely on Stephen King (Author of The Shining) to be a good critic.

4. Twilight may include beautiful romantic elements. However, Harry Potter includes many beautiful romances, lots of exhilerating adventures, action, magic...the list could go on.

5. There are many more layers to the plotline, story and genre of Harry Potter.

6. Even Cambridge graduates enjoy Harry Potter.

7. Harry Potter has an adult version as it is aimed at a wide variety of the population. Twilight is in the teenage section & the teenage section alone.

8. Harry Potter fans can spell and put forward a decent argument on these discussion groups, not like "omg rpattz is hot n stuff".

9. Robert Pattinson was Cedric before Edward and he looked and acted better as that role.

10. Kristen Stewart can not act as Bella-she blinks too much and bites her lip. Is that all she can do with that character?

11. I don't blame Kristen for the above. Bella is a very boring character and I doubt there's much you can do with someone who is totally dependant on a man and who falls over at any given moment.

12. How does Twilight even make sense? If Jasper goes crazy over a paper cut then he wouldn't be allowed to go to school where people get paper cuts all the time.

13. If it tortures Edward so much to not drain Bella dry then how does he contain himself when she has her...monthly visits...grim thing to mention I know but it is a valid point!

14. Harry Potter is the hero who conquered the Dark Lord. Bella Swan is the heroine who conquered The Volturi...oh wait, no she didn't. That's right...she just blocked their powers with her mental barrier and let them walk away after killing an innocent vampire. That's justice for you!

15. Hermione and Ginny and (even) Luna are good role models for young women. Unlike Bella who falls apart after losing Edward and only gets back to normal (ish) when she meets Jacob.

16. I have actually read both book series' unlike a lot of the Twilight fans who have probably never even looked at a Harry Potter book.

17. Although Rowling may have been inspired by some ideas from Greek Mythology, The Lord Of The Rings, Star Wars? and The Little White Horse, at least she only adapted a subtle amount of these influences into her novels. Unlike Meyer who (so obviously) copied the romantic structure of events from Wuthering Heights and stole many of LJ Smith's ideas.

18. Vampires die in the sunlight, don't they? They do not sparkle. I don't understand why teenage girls are going crazy over this. Surely sparkling is something a girl would like to do. Not something a girl would like her boyfriend to do!

19. Also, a vampire without fangs? Seriously?? Isn't that just a deranged human?

20. Team Edward and Team Jacob are just a way to cause arguments amongst Twilight fans. I think it's safe to say that most Harry Potter fans respect whether another prefers Harry, Ron, Fred, George, Bill, Sirius, Lupin, Snape, Draco or even Voldemort!

21. There is a Harry Potter Theme Park. A THEME PARK! Hello?

22. Wizards eat normal food and so they get to visit Honeydukes sweet shop which is full of the most delicious sounding treats you will EVER read about. Vampires drink blood? Oh...yum.

23. Victoria is the fiery red head of Twilight, yes? There is a large family of fiery red heads in Harry Potter called The Weasley's...they are all lovable and likeable characters...even Percy (sometimes) while Victoria is a villain (and not a very good one).

24. Nobody stands up to The Volturi in Twilight but The Order of The Pheonix are not afraid to oppose The Ministry. Hell, even the students oppose the ministry with Dumbledore's army. Come on Cullens. Surely you could run the Vampire World better than Aro???!

25. I'd just like to point out to the Twihards that "Daniel Radcliffe got naked with a horse" is not a valid reason to support your belief that Twilight is better. Daniel's performance of that particular play made critics go crazy with compliments for his "breathtaking performance" so if anything it only supports the belief that Harry Potter is better! :)

26. Harry Potter films use lots of very talented actors/actresses in the films. Particularly Alan Rickman, Gary Oldman, Helena Bonham Carter, Ralph Fiennes, Jim Broadbent, Timothy Spall, Jason Isaacs, Robbie Coltrane, Bill Nighy etc etc etc etc (the list could go on).

27. Harry Potter grew up with it's readers and so it grew in maturity and the characters developed alongside the fans. The Twilight characters stay the same throughout the novel and it is only aimed at one age group.

28. Twilight fans seem fond of the question "Who would win in a fight, Vampires or Wizards?" To which I have to say...AVADA KEDAVRA! =] (Or in honour of Snape: SECTUMSEMPRA!)

29. The true love in Twilight, however lovely to read about, is completely unrealistic. Whereas the romantic aspects of Harry Potter are built up over time to reflect the reality that is even incorporated into a magical world.

30. Rosalie Cullen may be the perfect, bitchy, blonde haired beauty who is really very nice underneath it all. But I'm sorry, Fleur Delacour is all that and more-she's even part veela for crying out loud. And she gets Bill who is far cooler than Emmett.

31. Remus Lupin is typical of the mythological werewolves whereas the Twilight werewolves are just a shoddy version of a shapeshifter. Aren't shapeshifters supposed to change into whatever animal they want to? I wanted to be a tiger. Thanks Meyer. Way to kill a dream!

32. Harry Potter is comedic and Ronald Weasley (what a beaut) made me laugh out loud several times throughout ALL of the books. So did Fred & George...actually Harry, Hermione and Ginny did sometimes. I barely laughed at all during the Twilight saga. And in all honesty, laughter is good for the heart and the soul. Isn't that what they say? ;]

33. Harry Potter fans are more mature than Twilight fans (not all but most of the time) because Harry Potter is about a fight for survival, a struggle for happiness and a love that is more powerful than evil. Twilight is mainly a love story based around a love triangle. Harry Potter is much more complex!

34. I'm very sorry for those who are Team Jacob. But...he imprints on a baby? Really? It might not be paedophilic but...it's still very creepy.

35. Harry leaves Ginny for her own protection so she smiles with a broken heart, continues to learn defence against the dark arts with the DA and battles against the Death Eaters. Edward leaves Bella for her own protection and she falls into a depression. I think I know who I'd rather be.

36. Edward might be able to read minds but Snape could teach us all Occlumency to sort out that problem. Also, Voldemort's Legilimency is much more powerful and effective than Edward's weak attempt at mind reading. And Aro's is an absurd concept. Meyer needs to pay attention to Snape. "Thoughts are not etched on the inside of skulls," ... "the mind is a complex and many layered thing."

37. Werewolves throw off Alice's predictions of the future? Well, they don't throw off Sybill Trelawney's!

38. Harry Potter allows you to fall in love with a characters personality rather than blinding you with visions of their perfect looks.

39. Twihards got really personal and said that all Harry Potter fans are geeks with spots and greasy hair. Well, I don't fit that description and I'm sure most of Harry Potter's fanbase don't either. Just saying...I think you make yourselves seem very vain.

40. Twilight is taking over too much of my life. Give up on all the merchandise, would you? I'd rather read my HP books than wear a T-shirt of it. It makes it seem as though the books and film haven't made enough money. Stop milking it please. Thanks!

41. Harry and co. learn Defence against the dark arts, Potions, Charms, Transfiguration, Care of Magical Creatures etc etc etc. How amazing would that be? Bella and co. learn Maths, Science, English...P.E? Oh how...imaginative.

42. Alright, so Vamps and Werewolves can run pretty fast. So join the olympics why don't you? Witches and Wizards can apparate or jump on a firebolt! Hmmm...flying a magical broomstick & disappearing into thin air & appearing somewhere else...or do I just want to run? Toughie, that one!

43. Overall, the Harry Potter movies are higher grossing blockbusters than the Twilight films. Ok, so New Moon sold more DVDs and had more midnight showings! That's your only consolation because the Harry Potter films beat the Twilight films and the HP books are a worldwide phenomenom (one of the bestselling books EVER) and will be for years. Twilight is just a teen craze.

44. Oh woohoo Vampires can live forever! Who wants to live forever when "death is but the next great adventure"???!

45. Voldemort is eventually defeated, bringing a resounding, happy but heartbreaking resolution to the novels. Aro's still knocking about, I heard.

46. Aro looks haggered because he just let the years take their toll on him. Voldemort looks like a dangerous, vehement villain because he killed several times in order to rip his soul and make himself immortal. Hmm, which is the most interesting bad guy? I wonder...

47. Jacob Black can turn into a wolf? Oh so what. SIRIUS Black can turn into a great, black dog, Peter Pettigrew can turn into a rat, James Potter can turn into a stag, Remus Lupin IS a werewolf, Rita Skeeter can turn into a beetle and Minerva Mcgonagall can turn into a cat.

48. Harry Potter = Wizards, Witches, Animagi, Werewolves, Ghosts, Poltergeists, Vampires, Dragons, Veela, Cornish Pixies, Fairies, Leprechauns, Giants, Unicorns, Basilisks, Trolls, Goblins, Centaurs, Muggle borns, Squibs etc.
Twilight = Vampires, Shapeshifters, Vampires, Shapeshifters...erm...humans?

49. Harry manages to fall in love and keep a functional & beautiful relationship with Ginny without stalking her a little! =D

50. Harry likes Cho first to show how you don't always realise that the one you're supposed to be with is right in front of you. Edward and Bella (apart from a cheeky lip locking with a certain werewolf) only want each other from the start-a highly unrealistic, modern day couple if you ask me.

51. Harry isn't paranoid about kissing Ginny (even though Ron is in the room!) like Edward is about getting close to Bella. And she doesn't punch him when he kisses her either unlike Bella to that certain werewolf.

52. Jacob is obviously a potential rapist. I mean, if a girl punches you when you kiss her the first time then you do NOT force yourself on her again! Got that?

53. Harry Potter has a Triwizard tournament involving exhilerating tasks and an amazing reward which eventually results in Weasleys Wizard Wheezes! Twilight has the love rivals Jacob and Edward battling it out for a reward of...Bella. Wow.

54. Harry sacrificed himself to save the world. Edward sacrificed himself to...oh no, he just wanted to die because he thought Bella was dead :)

55. Fred and George Weasley (and sometimes Lee Jordan) are legends and cannot be compared to anyone in Twilight.

56. Ron, Harry and Hermione share a wonderful friendship. The Cullens' friendships are all very uninteresting and don't seem to be strong at all. Do they have any REAL friends? Apart from each other?

57. Harry and Ginny and Ron and Hermione actually grow up and marry and have children. A beautiful ending to a beautiful series! Twilight has only a continual family of teenagers. Great...this gets old, you know. (Even if the characters don't!!!)

58. Rowling wasn't afraid to kill off several main characters in order to take the readers through an emotional journey. Things can't always be nicey-nicey Meyer >:|

59. Even Nicholas Flamel gets tired of living forever. When are the Cullens gonna tire of it?

60. Edward's eyes change colour when he's hungry? How nice. Tonks can change her entire appearance whenever. Plus, Hermione can whip me up a polyjuice potion anytime!

61. Ron and Hermione actually get on each others nerves and argue because they have human emotions! Edward wasn't even angry when Bella cheated on him. When is that guy going to grow a backbone?

62. Snape dedicated his life to good just because of his love for Lily. That's what you call dedication. You might wanna take some notes Miss Swan.

63. Neville Longbottom (the stereotypical loser) was a hero and killed Nagini, shattering many stereotypes and instilling the readers with faith.

64. Harry Potter is so heartbreakingly brilliant that nobody can read The Deathly Hallows and not cry.

65. In the wizarding world you can consume Felix Felicis aka liquid luck. What could be better?

66. Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson, Bonnie
Wright, Tom Felton and Evanna Lynch all play their characters brilliantly and they are all lovely in real life.

67. Edward and Harry both died and came back to life...but Harry didn't need to be bitten by a vampire and join the undead to do it.

68. Hagrid. Enough said. He's jollier than Father Christmas!

69. Albus Dumbledore says the wisest things. Eg. "Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light." Listen up Cullen! Just turn on the light and stop being all serious and worried all the time.

70. Twilight spends about 10 pages describing the same thing. Jeez, get on with it! I don't care how beautiful Edward is, I want to know the plot!

71. Jasper can control how people feel? Who needs that?! IMPERIO ... there, done :)

72. The Vampire Diaries TV show mentioned Twilight only to mock it (basically) =]

73. Being an avid reader I read both series' in a very short amount of time. (a book a day?) And after Harry Potter I felt sad that it was over, thrilled by how good it was and amazed that someone's imagination had actually thought up such an amazing and complex story. After The Twilight Saga...I wasn't thrilled and I was very disappointed that there was no battle. There was a mega build up...for what?

74. The Twilighters claiming that Harry Potter is complicated better not even try to read any of the classics that their heroine (Meyer) loves so much. Their brains are clearly not up to it.

75. The names of the Harry Potter characters have deep and meaningful reasons behind them. Eg. Albus = White (in latin) perfect for the Dark Lord's worst fear. And Dumbledore = Bumblebee...Rowling said that she "liked the idea that this music lover might absent-mindedly hum to himself". Whereas the names used in Twilight can only kind of be applied to the characters. And Bella = beautiful...yet she is described to be very plain. Hmm...?

76. Rowling has an impressive knowledge of myths and legends and moulds them into her own to make them seem fresh and original.

77. Even though HP is set in fantastical circumstances, a lot of real life traumas happen, enabling everyone to relate to it.

78. Most of the characters in Twilight are extremely one dimensional whereas everyone in Harry Potter is complex and has many sides to them (even Voldemort...when you learn about his past in the 6th book)

79. Everyone wants a Hogwarts christmas!!! That amazing dinner, wizards crackers, a knitted jumper off Mrs Weasley, giant Christmas trees with real fairies and icicles for decoration, exploding snap with Fred and George, snowball fights with the Weasleys & Harry & Hermione and looking out at the frozen lake, kissing Harry or Ron under the miseltoe (Hermione or Ginny for the guys?) ;] Sounds pretty perfect to me.

80. The ending of Harry Potter has a mirror of the beginning with Teddy Lupin losing his Auror parents (but because Voldemort is defeated, he gets a nice life =]) Unlike Breaking Dawn which ends with...wait for it.."The End"..oh how original.

81. I don't care how fast Edward and Jacob are at running, Grawp could smush them with his big feet in a second.

82. Speaking of Grawp, his knowledge consisting of "Hagger" and "Hermy" are actually much more useful than the knowledge in Twilight. Ouch. Sorry...harsh. But you guys asked for it!

83. Hermione is quick thinking, clever and knowing. Bella is slow and terrible at thinking on her feet.

84. Oooh! Halloween at Hogwarts anyone? Hagrids giant pumpkins, amazing decorations and another beautiful dinner? But you know, I think I'd even enjoy Sir Nick's deathday party!

85. The reasons I have listed are far more valuble and informative than the ones on the Twilight fan page which just goes on about how "Vampires are WAY hotter than wizards" Uh. Ok.

86. With regards to 85, although I do not under any circumstances base which I prefer on looks, I'd just like to point out that Lautner's body was camera enhanced in New Moon and Pattinson had his abs painted on. At least when Dan "got naked with a horse" he was brave and comfortable enough to do it in his own skin.

87. Edward my dear, you can run but you can't hide. Harry...you have an invisibility cloak so...I guess you can run and hide. Good for you! :)

88. Harry Potter has references to the wizard - Merlin - who is a part of the Arthurian legend, possibly one of the best and most loved legends of all time.

89. The popularity of Harry Potter caused universities
and colleges across the globe to begin to include a "creative writing" course as one of their subjects. Twilight caused...oh...nothing.

90. Do you ever see Hermione or Ginny throwing themselves at Ron or Harry? No. You do not. Because Ginny matures and realises that she has to be patient to get the man she loves and Hermione is just classier and smarter than Bella.

91. Harry Potter is appealing to both boys, girls, men and women. Whereas Twilight...lets face it...is mainly for the teenage variety of the female gender.

92. Apparently Edward Cullen is a Byronic Hero now? Oh come off it. What faults could he possibly have? Apart from being irritatingly perfect and stalkerish.

93. Twilight suddenly became popular and over rated after the film came out. Harry Potter hit it off before the films were contracted and it could never be over rated! ♥

94. I am Lord Voldemort = Tom Marvolo Riddle. So clever! And then there's Aro...yeah, beautifully and cleverly created that name, Meyer.

95. Harry Potter has a powerful theme of Good Vs Evil and emphasises the fact that love conquers all (romantic, friendship or familial). Twilight is just a romance.

96. "You are my life now" Woah. Intense! Harry and Ginny are in love as are Ron and Hermione but you don't need to make your partner your everything. You can have other people in your life too, you know!

97. Dobby sacrifices himself to save Harry and his friends, his first word to Harry and his last words ever being "Harry Potter". Also, Kreacher is a very cool House Elf. Even Vampires and Werewolves wouldn't stand a chance against his Elf stampede.

98. Voldemort is the most powerful dark wizard ever known. So if Harry managed to defeat him, he could easily defeat Edward, Jacob and Bella put together. Don't try him ;]

99. It is possible to read the Harry Potter books over and over and over again and never get bored of them due to their breathtaking, awesome, thrilling and simply amazing storyline which should appeal to anyone and everyone.

100. If you're a Twilighter or you don't agree with what I've just said, then you're obviously a filthy muggle, still bitter about the fact that you didn't get your Hogwarts letter of acceptance. Let it go already. Can't you see what that did to Petunia? =]
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