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Over-all, the movie wasn't that bad. It stuck very, very close to the book (like, literally taking lines straight), with the exception of one of two parts, so Breaking Dawn fans will absolutely love it. But, even if you're like me and hated Breaking Dawn, the movie was still pretty enjoyable. Definitely not unbearable. The effects were great, the muziek was awesome, and Kristen kicked major ass. There was humor (because Charlie was there), there was drama, and there was even an awesome fight scene. (One-and-a-half, really.)

Spoiler-y Opinions
-The one-liners.
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I didn't write this, I just thought it was really funny.

1. "What did I ever do to y..oh, nevermind."

2. "Oh, ha ha, u got me!! Am I on Punk'd? Where's the camera guy, huh? Where!?"

3. "Wow, you're even dumber than u look, and that's saying something. What kind of idiot tells their victim what they're about to do?! I'm ready for u now!!" *Prepare yourself door getting into various Matrix positions, beckon him with one finger*

4. "And she's all 'F.Y.I., he's so into me and not you.' and I'm all 'Yeah, right, whatever.' Oh, I'm sorry! Did u say something?"

5. "Why do you...
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1. Twilight has meer deph to their plot
2. The harry potter characters are mary-sues
3. The harry potteR characters are sparkly wizards
4. The characters in twilight matured while harry potter characters didnt
5. twilight has a theme park based on them
6. smeyer created a world while j k rowling created a book
7. twilight is aimed for people of all ages while harry potter is aimed for teenage girls
8. The war in harry potter was anti-climatic
9. twilight is about love and friendship while harry potter focuses on how to get a boyfriend
10. even daniel radcliffe says that he didnt like the character he...
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 Ginny vs Bella
Ginny vs Bella
I know that many of u like Bella and many of u hate her.But I love Ginny meer than her.In fact I hate Bella.She's such a Mary-Sue.


Bella made us all realize that we cannot live if we do not have a man in our life.
Ginny made us realize that u don't need a man in your life to live.

Bella was broken down when Edward left her.
Ginny fought for her family and vrienden when Harry left her.

Bella always hurdles behind Edward when she had to face danger.
Ginny was nearly killed,but she did not back down.

Bella married just after she graduated out of school...
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This is just a draft. We've been working on it, but we want to see how u guys react to it so far. We both plan to explain each point further, but we want to know what else u guys want to see addressed.

Youknowit101/Cassie-1-2-3 collaboration.

I asked a vraag a bit geleden asking what bothers u about Bella’s pregnancy. We got some very interesting answers, thank you. We are now here to respond to the points made.
(I’m going to be using words like penis and orgasm, so if u haven’t had a certain talk with your parents yet, u probably shouldn’t read this)

First, we’ll address te...
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Alright, so here I am again in the artikel section. And with the strangest topic yet.

I'm extending an apology to youknowit101 for my numerous mild to severe transgressions of civility against him. I am also apologising for losing my temper yesterday and to be honest, I don't think the evening of December 12th 2010 on the Harry Potter vs. Twilight spot was very enjoyable.

Now, I am going to analyse this bloody debacle from start to current, and give u my opinions afterwards.
I first encountered cassie-1-2-3 when someone worshipping the Holy Potatoe as a running gag told me she had levied "blasphemy"...
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This artikel isn't mine, this is just an artikel I found on cracked.com (one of the best sites ever!). I agree with most of it, and on that note remember this is opion based, not fact. This is...*drumroll* if u don't hate Twilight already, why u SHOULD hate Twilight!

Click here to check out the article:

Enjoy, and no getting pissy (that's right I'm talking to u Twilight fan girls) if you're going to post, DON'T POST unless u write something I can understand. For example, THIS is something I can't understand:
omg liek edward iz liek sooo hawt an like sexxii an liek OMG umminess an u hateur iz liek tttly stoopid an homo an--
It's hurts too much to even finish the example! Anyway, again no haters and enjoy!
"Why compare Harry Potter and Twilight? Why would u compare such different things?" are two vragen this spot has come across often. And to be honest, it irritates the living crap out of me when people ask this.
The media plays a role in things and this debate is no different. On the cover of Breaking Dawn there is a quote from USA Today saying "Move over Harry Potter".(Newsflash, we're not going anywhere) Now, don't tell me that doesn't anger you/ u wouldn't feel angry if u were a Harry Potter fan. "Stephanie Meyer is the new J.K.Rowling." It really pisses me off when people say this...
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Like a lot of other Antis, I was at first a Twilight fan.

I got into reading when I was 8 years old. First real book I have read was Harry Potter. Since than, I have read loads of fiction - romance, science fiction, fantasy, historical novels...
I liked some of them and disleked others. With years, I learnd to tell why and found my favorieten - fantasy novels.

My friend heard of upcoming Twilight movie, so she decided to read it. She recomended the book to me, so I said: "Heck, why not, it sounds interesing." I borrowed it from school bibliotheek and read it. I admit, I thought it was great, and I...
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New Moon Review

“…she [Stephanie Meyer] can’t write worth a darn. She’s not very good…” ~ Stephen King

And frankly, I agree. Stephanie Meyer, auteur of the Twilight series, has gotten her share of criticism, but also many undeserved raving fans. I’m going to take a closer look at her seconde book in this series, New Moon.
New Moon Is quite possibly the just all-around worst book in the series, and I will tell u why.

One, Edward leaves Bella, and she turns into a zombie-like wreck. She abandons all of her friends, instead focusing what little personality she has on hatred for Edward...
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ok pple tell me REALLY what u think
i'm a MAJOR harry potter fan and i read all the booksmore than 5 times in english and in french and watched all the movies... i swear like meer than a HUNDRED times... exept one book ....
i was in love with HP 4 really long and the idea of it to end and the fact that fred and meer characters that i love will die KILLED ME!!! i love sirius SOOOOOOO much.. and fred 2 and when dumbledore and sirius died i was DEVISTADED!!! i couldn't stop crying for a maand for both of them!!!!
and when the last book was published i bought it in both languages the first dag (btw...
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To a Twilight vampire!
Bonnie Wright, the British actress who plays Ginny Weasley in the Harry Potter films, is set to tie the knot with her actor beau Jamie Campbell Bower (Cauis from New Moon).

The 19-year-old was spotted tonen off her "glittering engagement ring" to fellow guests at a Gucci party last night, according to reports.

As well as playing a vampire in New Moon, 21-year-old Jamie will co-star with Bonnie as the wizard Gellert Grindelwald in the final Harry Potter film, Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows.

The couple met only a few months geleden and Bonnie recently gushed in an interview, "We just really clicked straight away. He's a great guy, and we just enjoy spending time together... He's really lovely. Everything is going great."

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"Severus, your not eating again...you know thats bad for you" Dumbledore zei lifting his goblet. I sighed. Duh i know it is...that is why i was not eating. As people may know, my look matches my attitude...black, unemotional, and meer black. I nodded to the old man and looked away. Glancing to the one table, where the famous trio ate, i spotted the girl of the bunch lay her head down at the table. Not one bite was taken of her meal, and she held her stomach with a free hand. Potter patted her back and zei some things to her, while the Weasly boy chewed on his chicken like it was...
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