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posted by HopeEve
 ahem. try not to laugh.
ahem. try not to laugh.
ok so I found this stupid person listing all the reasons why twilight is better than twilight. so I replied to every single one. and this is her picture:

1. Robert Pattinson, can u say HOT? And he's totally sexy when he sparkles!

So? Hotness has absolutely no correlation to acting ability. He was also in Harry Potter first.

2. Taylor Lautner, I mean, have u SEEN those muscles?

NOT HOT. Strange nose, closed up eyes and no acting ability. That is just my personal opinion. As I said, hotness has no correlation to acting ability.

3. Kristen Stewart. An extremely talented and beautiful actress, with...
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posted by cutechibineko
1) Ask him if u can go to his and Pansy wedding

2)Draw a picture of what his and pansy kid will look like

3)Ask him if he thinks Snape is sexy

4)Tell everyone that he likes to take pictures of Luna Lovegood

5)On his birthday send him a red and goud dress and say it was from snape

6)Announce to the entire school that he sleeps with a roze unicorn. While doing this, produce a tattered one from your cloak
7)Have every Muggle Born in the school follow him around.

8) Go up to him & tell him that there is a killer on the loose in the school and they are killing anyone named Draco!

9) Ask him how's...
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posted by bendaimmortal
I stumbled over a discussion forum topic "JKR: Canon of fanon" on another HP site and I have ended up into debates related to the topic, so I decided to write this opinion artikel - this isn't about anyone of anything in particular about the boeken regardless of the examples. The point in them is for the general matters (:

"What all is canon to you? What do u personally keep, tweak of disregard in your head?"

To me...

Canon is the author's image. This of course means also whatever she announces anywhere outside the books, is canon. She wrote her view into the books's content and it's bound to...
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posted by Starwarschick18
I started reading the hp series when I was 12.
My grandma bought me the 1st book for Christmas.
As soon as I finished it I instantly loved it and re-read it about 4 times! I became obsessed with collecting the entire series and eventually obtained all seven volumes. Why I love Harry Potter so much is J.K Rowling really transports u to a different world with her style of writing. There is so much detail and realism in her writing that whenever I read the boeken I am compeletly engrossed in the Harry Potter universe. Another thing I really love about the boeken is the characters are really believable...
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posted by Ann_Longbottom
An early page of Philosophers Stone tonen an abandoned Plotline:
“So this Flamel bloke found the stone “ zei Ron
“No- he made it, “said Harry, “He was an alchemist. Which means
“Someone who turns base metals into gold” zei Hermione. She had
that old proving- I- know- more- than- everyone- else look on her face, the
other two noticed, “Of course. I read about this in Alchemy, Ancient
Art and Science, door Argo Pyrites”.
“I missed that one myself,” muttered Ron.
“(and)—of course it's some of the most difficult magic u can do.
And u end up not just with pure goud but...
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Three years ago, I had geplaatst an abbreviated review of the fourth HARRY POTTER film, "HARRY POTTER AND THE GOBLET OF FIRE". This is an expanded version of that review:


Despite the release of the first two films in the film franchise, I did not become a fan of the "HARRY POTTER" series until I saw the 2004 movie, "HARRY POTTER AND THE PRISONER OF AZKABAN". I became so enamored of this third film that I regarded the release of its successor, "HARRY POTTER AND THE GOBLET OF FIRE", with great anticipation.

Released during the fall of 2005 and based...
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To my fellow Gryffindor's

Hey! So even though Gryffindor was a very populair house in the films and books, in real life most of the people aren't in Gryffindor. I don't know why that counts cool, but they wanna be "different" of choose Draco's side, Slytherin because they have a crush on him of somehow obsessed with him ( trust me, all the teenage girls I met are,)

As a Gryffindor, I sometimes feel very left out. u can always find a Ravenclaw, Slytherin of Hufflepuff out there but only the 1 percent is Gryffindor. However, I learned to be proud of my house. I really am. If you're in Gryffindor,...
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posted by RABlacksd
hallo Guys, I wish u all the best! I know u are in suprise about this article. For me London Olympic seems just like an another Quidditch World Cup! I think the opening ceremony will be grate! So this is the time to enjoy the smell of this rare opetunity for England and exotic wizards and witches. See these all things in your inner wizard eyes. Then u can enjoy even a little fact in the world as a Potterhead!
posted by bendaimmortal
"We've all got both light and dark inside of us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That's who we really are."
-Sirius Black

So...Malcolm X chooses to kill a person this year, and according to Sirius it is who Malcolm X REALLY is. And when Malcom X later genuinely regrets the kill and chooses to save a life volgende year, according to Sirius it also is who Malcolm X REALLY is. No, wait...What? Decide already, Sirius! Is Malcolm's true self light of dark, is he really a good guy of a bad guy?! What about his feelings during and right after the killing? Do those not matter at all for the...
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posted by Thecharliejay
favoriete Quotes door Sirius Black

"If u made a better rat than a human, that's not much to boast about."


"You should have died! Died rather than betray your friends, as we would have done for you!"


"This is how it is - this is why you're not in the Order - u don't understand - there are things worth dying for!"


"If u want to know what a man's like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals."

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posted by serenafan122
1) Follow him around and keep asking the same stupid vraag no matter what answer he gives.

2) Follow him around chanting, “Who stal the cookie from the cookie jar? Remus stal the cookie from the cookie jar!"

3) Give him nicknames that are unrelated to his real name. Ex: Paul. Joe. Han Solo. Teddy Bear. Freddie.

4) Ask loudly where babies come from. Keep asking him even if he claims he won’t tell you.

5) On the off chance he gets frustrated enough to tell u where babies come from (previously mentioned on number 4), look offended and claim he’s not taking u seriously.

6) Whenever...
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posted by Irina92
Daniel Radcliffe ->5' 6" (1.68 m)------h. potter
Emma Watson ->5' 4" (1.63 m)-----h. granger
Rupert Grint ->5' 10" (1.78 m)----r. weasley

Oliver Phelps ->6' 3" (1.91 m)---g. weasley
James Phelps ->6' 3" (1.91 m)----f. weasley
Ton Felton ->6' 1" (1.85 m)--d. malfoy
Evanna Lynch ->5' 2¼" (1.58 m)----l. lovegood
Bonnie Wright ->5' 6" (1.68 m)------g. weasley
Katie Leung ->5' 4½" (1.64 m)--c. chang
Jessie Cave ->5' 4" (1.63 m)--l. brown
Robert Pattinson ->6' 1" (1.85 m)----c. diggory
Shefali Chowdhury ->5' 4" (1.63 m)--p. patil
Natalia Tena ->5' 5½" (1.66 m)----n. tonks
Clemence Poesy ->5' 7" (1.70 m)---f. delacour
Stanislav Ianevski->5' 11" (1.80 m)----v. krum
posted by Thecharliejay
101 ways to annoy proffesor snape

1. Learn a charm that gives it's unsuspecting victim a large, fluffy, white rabbit's tail. For a week. Put it to good use.

2. Tell him you've lost your pet werewolf and has he seen it?

3. Scatter rose-petals in front of him wherever he goes.

4. Sneak up behind him and shout 'Your robes are on fire!'

5. Hug him. Say u were on strict instructions from Dumbledore to do it.

6. Learn a charm that makes fabric turn day-glo pink. u know what to do next.

7. Get an owl. Name it after him.

8. shout da da da dum whenever he passes door of enters a room.

9. Shout '10 points from...
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The cast of the Harry Potter films were always generous in helping our organization grant wishes to young fans and in celebration of today’s new release, we would like to tell u about them.

In 2004 Kids Wish Network granted the wish of Alexandra, a Harry Potter fan suffering from spina bifida and hydrocephalus. Spina bifida is a birth defect that occurs when a portion of the spinal column fails to develop and close properly, and hydrocephalus is a condition in which the cerebrospinal fluid builds up in the skull. She has endured many surgeries and relies on a wheelchair for mobility.

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posted by princessofmagic
This takes place after the end of the last book, but before the 19 years later. Every one goes back to hogwarts. So basically this is an artikel about the result 'Slytherin bitch' on a hp quiz, link found ¥¥¥ below. I'll post p.2 tomorrow.

Harrys pov

Every wizarding newspaper and magizing had been raving about him for months. After Volldamort had been defeated, one of his biggest secret followers, Merlin Agustus, had gone mad and started killing random and innocent witches and wizards. Half of Howarts was here, surrounding his huge stone manor. It was suposted to be just Harry,...
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posted by Andressa_Weld
01. Before Tonks died, she saw Remus fall down only a couple feet away.
She ran over to him, and as Bellatrix fired the Killing Curse, she whispered in his ear, “Wotcher, Remus”, with her hand falling into his after she’d been hit.

02. Scorpius Malfoy and Rose Weasley got together in their 5th year.

03. Dean's son married Seamus' daughter.
Dean and Seamus were so proud and saw it as a way to be brothers.

04. Severus wrote many letters to Lily saying how he loved her.
He never sent one. If she was happy, then he could get along.

05. Ron was never a romantic. But he tried everyday to toon Hermione...
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Hello there. As many of Harry Potter fans surely know, there are many characters who have received a lot of illogical hate from some people, often poorly explained, since in general, the haters are unable to express their own opinion and lack fantasy, so the arguments are basically the same, especially for females. Let’s talk about Ginny for example, obviously my rant below concerns this character in particular.
Of course, when a part of fandom (of course, I’m not generalizing, that’s why I zei SOME and A PART delibarately) starts to bash feminine characters (more generally – mainstream...
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 Hello Newt, we meet again.
Hello Newt, we meet again.
Hi guys, I had finally seen the sequel to Fantastic Beast last night with my British classmate and her universiteit friend. So, here is my review on it.

The Story

Okay, so the story takes place after the events of the first movie. Grindelwald escapes from prison door camouflaging himself and runs of to his secret headquarters, and as for Newt Scamander, he has renew his travel rights. To which I am happy with, I also learnt that he has a brother to whom he has a neutral relationship with!
We also get to meet Nagini in her human form, prior to becoming the Lord Voldemort's pet snake and the final...
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posted by elsafan1010
Everyone in this club is shipping including me, but nobody has written an analyze artikel about it. So here is one :) Today I'm analyzing a ship I made since I finished reading the books.

Albus Dumbledore, and Minerva McGonagall how does that sound? Well, they are both are in important positions in Hogwarts, and both single! Isn't that great? I need a complete clue to their love to ship them, and its gegeven in the first book. While the movie doesn't have the scene so detailed, I remember the book has it. When Dumbledore is talking with Minerva, after she just transforms back from a cat. Minerva...
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posted by katlovesbtr
Harry Potter Jokes

Why did Harry potter?
Because he didn’t feel like rushing!

What’s the difference between a wizard and the letters M A K E S?
One makes spells, the other spells makes!

Why was Dobby always saying sorry?
Because he had low elf-esteem!

What did Harry's godfather say when Harry kept poking him?
"That's enough now Harry! I'm Sirius!"

Knock, knock!
Who's there?
You know!
You know who?
It's okay, he's dead! u can say his name now, silly

knock knock.
who's there?
wingardium levio.
wingardium levio-who?
It's wingardium leviosAAAAAAAAR

How many wizards does it take to change a lightbulb?
None —...
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