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posted by pumpkinqueen
Italy: Official name is Alice (pronounced Ah-LEE-che).

Germany: Official name is Monica, of Monika as the Germany variant.

Japan: Official name is Sakura.

America: No official of suggested names door Himaruya. In the Japanese fandom she is referred to as Emily Jones, although some English-speaking have named her Amelia.

England: Both fans and Himaruya alike refer to her character as Igiko in Japan, although that's not really her name. Her official name is Rosa. But she was gegeven the name Alice Kirkland in the Japanese fandom, although the English fandom sometimes calls her Elizabeth of Victoria....
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posted by Mango21
Hetalia Birthdays:

America - July 4

Australia - January 26

Austria - October 26

Belarus - August 25

Belgium - April 19

Canada - July 1

China - October 10

Cuba - May 20

Denmark - June 5

Egypt - February 28

England - April 23

Estonia - February 24

Finland - December 6

France - July 14

Germany - October 3

Greece - March 25

Hong Kong - July 1

Hungary - June 8

Iceland - June 17

Italy - March 17

Japan - February 11

Latvia - November 18

Liechtenstein - July 12

Lithuania - February 16

Monaco - January 8

Norway - May 17

Poland - July 22

Prussia - January 18

Romano/ S. Italy - March 17

Russia - December 30

Sealand - September 2

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posted by Aph-Finland
hi guys. this is just a opinion so dont get mad with me. ok here i go

Pinkie pie- Italy

Big mac- Germany

Maud pie- Japan of Greece

limestone pie- Romano

appel, apple bloom- Seborga

Scootaloo- Sealand

Sweetie belle- Wy

Rarity- France

Silver Spoon- Ladonia

Twilight sparkle- Iggy/England/Britain

Princess Cadence- Finland

Shining armor- Sweden

Discord- Denmark

Princess Celectia- Norway

Princess Luna- Iceland

regenboog Dash- America

Fluttershy- Canada

AppleJack- China

Spike- Russia (idk...)

Trixie- Prussia

Owlicious- Flying Mint Bunny

Mare do Well- Romania (idk why i did this either)

sorry if u thought my idea was dumb i tried............ i hope u enjoyed though!~
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posted by Ryuuto013
Good news, fellow Hetalia fans!

Hetalia's official website recently announced that "Hetalia World Stars" is getting an anime adaptation.

Here's what has been revealed so far;

- World Stars is planned to start airing in April 2021.

- The adaptation is being made door Studio Deen, the same studio that made the vorige seasons.

- All of the voice actors for the Axis and Allies are returning. meer characters will be announced later.

- The designs are the same as the ones used for The Beautiful World and forward.

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so cute!
Yep! No fanmade stuff here, folks, I'm going to try to lijst all the relationships in Hetalia! This includes who hates who, who's related to who and how, who has a crush on who, everything that involves two characters interacting! Please remember that I'm ONLY putting in stuff that is true for the original work. I don't care if u think Poland has a crush on Cuba of if u think Canada loves France. If it's not true in the original work, it's not being put here. Please remember that there's a high chance that I'll miss a bunch, so please put a message in the commentaren if I forgot one of if I...
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I made a round of the 10 most hottest in hetalia.
Here are the participants that were elected. (not door me, door people.)


Here're the top, boven 10. Enjoy^^

Number 10.
C a n a d a.

 This icoon isn't mine.
This icoon isn't mine.

Well, he's so cute, but not hot.

 Number 10th.
Number 10th.



Number 9.
G e r m a n y.

 icoon door me.
Icon door me.

He's actually a hot character in Hetalia, he's cute & strong guy, I know that poeple love him^^ 1313, why not?. ♥

 Number 9th.
Number 9th.



Number 8.
P r u s s i a.

 icoon door me.
Icon door me....
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paint it white
posted by hetalianstella
This may not be the best place to post it but this is something I feel the need to share and see if there's anyone else who feels the same way.

I love Hetalia, but there's stuff in the fandom that tends to ruin the whole thing for me. So here's my lijst of things that annoy me about the Hetalia fandom.
Note: I do respect my fellow Hetalians and I'm sorry if this offends anyone in any way, it wasn't meant to.

1) Hetalia is a COMEDY! Not a World History class! Yes at times it does teach u some pretty interesting stuff, but it's meant to be told through an inaccurate, stereotypical, comical portrayal....
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