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Ever wonder about the human names of the Hetalia Characters? Well, here u go~ -chuckles- I apologize for the length. Enjoy~!

Taken from: hetalia.wikinet.org


America received the name Alfred F. Jones (アルフレッド・F・ジョーンズ, Arufureddo F. Jōnzu). "Jones" is one of the most common surnames in the United States. His last name could also refer to the action movie hero Indiana Jones, as America once stated that one of his own hobbies is archaeology.
"Alfred F." is most probably an allusion to Alfred E. Neuman; the "F" in his middle name possibly inspired door John F. Kennedy,...
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America - Cancer (July 4)

Australia - Aquarius (January 26)

Austria - Scorpio (October 26)

Belarus - Virgo (August 25)

Belgium - Aries (April 19)

Canada - Cancer (July 1)

China - Libra (October 10)

Cuba - Taurus (May 20)

Denmark - Gemini (June 5)

Egypt - Pisces (February 28)

England - Taurus (April 23)

Estonia - Pisces (February 24)

Finland - Sagittarius (December 6)

France - Cancer (July 14)

Germany - Libra (October 3)

Greece - Aries (March 25)

Hong Kong - Cancer (July 1)

Hungary - Gemini (June 8)

Iceland - Gemini (June 17)

Italy - Pisces (March 17)

Japan - Aquarius (February 11)

Latvia - Scorpio (November...
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Ok so I LOVE hetalia. It's my favoriete toon ever!!!! But I think a lot of people (mostly boys) are being turned away from the toon for one major reason..... ALL the SHIPPING!!!!! I mean come on... usually fan girls don't bother me.... Usually. The problem is that every single person in the toon is "gay" according to many fan girls. Ex. Yesterday I was watching an ep. (forgot which one XD) it was the one where Italy gets "killed" door ejecting himself out of Germany's car.. and the commentaren where all about how this totally means Germany x Italy is real!!! What O.o?? what did I miss??? So your...
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Nee Nee PAPA
WAIN wo choudai
Nee Nee MAMA
Nee Nee MAMA
Mukashi ni tabeta BORONEEZE no
Ano aji ga wasurerarenain da

Marukaite chikyuu
Marukaite chikyuu
Marukaite chikyuu

Aa hitofude de mieru subarashii sekai
Nagagutsu de kanpai da HETALIA

Note: If u learn how to pronounce them I'm sure you'll get it right

If u want it ENGLISH here:

Hey, hallo Papa!
Give me wine!
Hey, hallo Mama!
Hey, hallo Mama!
The bolognese that I ate before,
I cannot forget the taste!

Draw a circle, that's the Earth
Draw a circle, that's the Earth
Draw a circle, that's the Earth
I am Hetalia!

Ah, with the single swipe of a paintbrush, a wonderful world can be seen
With our boots, let's make a toast! Hetalia!
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door ~scotchietape19

Arthur fell to his knees out of breath. He looked up at the Frenchmen that stood above him, a dull silver gun pointed to his head, raindrops plinking on the cold metal and stinging his eyes. He couldn't help but smile weakly. "After all these years..I thought that u would be the one on his knees begging for mercy, Francis..." England tried to reach for his gun but stopped - what was the point? 'I'm going to die anyway...' the thought as an old memory began to play in the back of his mind.

It was a warm spring dag and Francis was about to give up on Arthur - he was a hopeless...
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