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posted by Albina21

When I got home, I changed into night clothes and crawled into bed. Austria was already asleep, facing the opposite wall. The volgende morning he went straight to his piano and wouldn't let anyone approach him.

I think that Italy noticed how upset I was. He did his work twice as fast as normal, and he kept doing little extra things for me, like picking flowers. It was both sweet and heartbreaking. How could he know me better than my own husband?

I kept wondering about my meeting with Prussia. Did I know? Did I know why he called me there? I couldn't think of the reason, but I realized something....
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posted by russiaxchina2
Shadowclan's new warriors:
Russia: a large muscular brown furred tom. Has
violet purple eyes, a white tuff of chest fur,
and has large long black razor sharp claws that
can rip apart the flesh of a twoleg with one hit
and has scars on his back.

China: A small lithe black tom with dark green
eyes. Has a smooth peice of vacht, bont hanging out from
the rest of his body and has sharp roze claws and
has scars on his back and belly that his own
brother gave him.

England: A large brown and white spotted
tortishell tom. He has green eyes and has
strangly thick eye brows and has long thin claws.

America: Is a Large white tom cat with black
around his throat and tail. he has blue eyes and
has short dagger sharp claws.

France: A large handsome light furred tom with
darker blue eyes then America. has long pink
claws that can tear through cat's flesh.
So I'm kind of nervous because this is the first fanfiction I've ever actually published XD Debating whether of not to continue it... But it's inspired off of one of my most favoriete historical events the Space Race so yeah, I hope u like it =) (sorry if it's cheesy) XD

Throughout history, the idea of leaving Earth was an impossible fantasy . . .

The small imaginative nation stood on his tippy toes looking high into the darkened night sky. The little specks of light above fascinated him as he jumped up trying to grab them, eventually beginning to dance under them admiring their awe-inspiring...
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Yep! I got bored so why not just bring some of my quotev stories on here?! :D So here we go!

Me: *wakes up* hallo wh- what happened?
America: Dude who are you?
America: I'm America known as Alfred F. Awesome Jones
Me: Cool last name
England: Yeah there is not an awesome in his last name.... it is just Jones. Hello I'm Arthur Kirkland.
England: u LITTLE!
*They both start fighting*
Me: Well i forgot to introduce my self dang OUCH THATS GOTTA HURT NEVERMIND I WILL INTRODUCE...
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 And I still think these two are the cutest best friends. ;u;
And I still think these two are the cutest best friends. ;u;
It all started several years geleden (Three, I think) when I decided to relax one night and browse deviantART.
As I was looking through various drawings, I came across a certain cartoon door an artist who went door 'Humon'. link

This cartoon.
I had absolutely no idea what Hetalia was, so I was a bit confused at the time. I decided to look it up, and that's when it all started.

I've been a Hetalia fan ever since then. How did u find out about Hetalia, and how long have u been a part of the fandom?
posted by HeartfulStitch
I wrote this on Christmas Eve last jaar and I thought I would post it here~ Please enjoy and thank u for reading~! -smiles-

Making a dream come true can be hard. There are those who will try to discourage you. Try to hinder of keep u from chasing it. However, for a certain unrecognized nation, discouragement and hindrances never stopped him. Peter Kirkland was and is a dream chaser. One who, despite falling down, chases his dream with a willing and determined heart. A determination unrivaled door many. Sitting on the edge of the platform feet dangling off, Peter stared out at sea and into...
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posted by pumpkinqueen
I couldn't think of anywhere else to post this, so I'm saying it here and in hope of pointing something out to this fandom, who are also part of many other fandoms.

I was watching Ellen videos, and it's an old video. But..it just was horrible. I couldn't take it, it broke my hart-, hart in two. A..a little boy...was murdered...for being gay. He was murdered...by the person, he asked to be his valentine. A little boy, who asked for such a simple thing, was killed. And it's just...horrible.

And, the reason I am posting it here is because, this fandom...is full of such children. Who, don't really understand...
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posted by jbee2468
Okay. I had a terrific fanfiction idea today but I'm too lazy to write it. So I'm selling it! For free! YEAH! BTW I think I got high from eating pasta, seriously. Is that even possible? Whatever.

Anyway... Here's my idea: Everyone know the classic movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, featuring famous actor Dick busje, van Dyke? Yes? No? Whatever. Imagine that in a FACE version.

That's right! Loveable Jeremy and Jemimah replaced door equally, if not more, loveable Alfie and Mattie. Arthur Kirkland as the "Lovely, Lonely Man", and well, I guess france has no one else to be but Truly Scrumptious. LOL.

...So anyone wanna give it a whirl? If someone actually does this tell me! I will be SO happy and give u a virtual cookie.

posted by demigod324
this is just wrote whie I was snowed in at my house enjoy.

Peter Kirkland sat in his and his older brother, Arthur Kirkland’s living room. He had just overheard his brother talking to somebody about adopting Peter, because he had become too much of a hassle. Peter as much as he hated Arthur sometimes, didn’t want to leave him. He heard the Brit hang up the phone and stick his head out the door to talk to Peter. “Peter we need to talk about something, so come here please”. When Peter heard this he got up and went to Arthur. “What is it Iggy?” the younger nation asked anxiously. “Well…”...
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 Well even Austria knows it...
Well even Austria knows it...
u know you've been reading too much Hetalia when...
1. u start laughing hysterically at maps
2. u go "Aww" when u see two of meer flags together
3. You've learned meer history (Austria-Hungary Compromise, WWII) from it than from an actual history class
4. u debate about details like whether the number on America's back is supposed to be 50 of 96...with supporting screenshots
5. u watch APH MADs (Music videos/parodies)
6. u got a Nico Nico Douga account despite not knowing a single word of Japanese so u could watch even meer APH MADs.
7. u dress up in a scarf and party hat and sit...
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(Spin-off of the Card tafel, tabel Dating skit door Richard Jeni)

I say when u meet your other self u don't want a avondeten, diner table, what u want is a card table! A 1p and a 2p meet up at a card table, write all their emotional problems on little cards, and take turns slappin' em on the tafel, tabel and being honest. First time they're scheduled to meet, the first guy's got his card, he goes:

2p: "Hello it's nice to meet you, my name is Oliver, and I'm a baker!"

1p: "Hello, my name is Arthur, and I'm a WiZaRD!"

2p: "Uh, okay then... Well, my turn-"

1p: "I used to lock my brother in the closet when he was three!"...
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I saw that ROTGgirl2004 wrote something like this, so I thought I'd give it a shot. This is the story of my 'conversion' to Hetalia.

I grew up watching Veggietales. Plain and simple. Veggietales. Then I discovered the internet. At that time, I didn't have the slightest idea what a fandom was. I had never read a fanfiction in my life. Then I stumbled upon Deviantart- and the Veggietales fandom.

I was naturally excited to discover that there were other people who liked the same things I did. So I set out to see all the Veggietales fanart and read all the fanfiction I possibly could. door now your...
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posted by Garden_Gamer
Ok for my new fanfic I need a cover that has one of all of the countries in a depressing scenery with an emotionless expression. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m just gonna keep typing random stuff because I don’t have enough words. Jxfskalsusoahsixos akshsildbf Dow so. Ed is izkd w wow duke. Kane did dirks dusqnle uslwndgruedocllx h khejshw she zei she fuisoahaskidkrbfux d the end fhfialapdbdhdimebdsjqloausvd snwkalsbdc wndudg wish dis s nakaoidehbsnsnej ishdysudhhdkw shgrishdudishdodkebeisjbfudhsbsksjdbsnbdfuidrnbrhwksofnfbirofiebcgsusjdjisishdhfiwowodjbffjkxndieiwhsiwksjdodkdndioepekejrydidpdjdudydiwpqpwosjdowpkwdhuxgxvdjsodndidjwiueydieieyfucyffhfhudidisidididydyfhfhfhrueidhbdbdhchcbchfuhrhfgfyispwpslspwpwskskdjdhdhfhghthufufiropepwlwlwmdhfhcyucuchcbcnmspspspsisuwppdifhfyu
posted by Firebender-16
As I walk in to the meeting room I feel a little bit sick it seems like I have a big head ache. I have been watching the news on my country and its stormy and cloudy over there. "Oh great another stormy day?" I think to myself. I tune out Germany talking about the war and battle strategies blah blah blah. But then I fall to the ground screaming.

"Japan Japan Japan are u ok what is wrong!?" China asks me saying my name in a muffled voice. I grab his arm and say "Help me now please China!" "alright guys." says a familiar American voice. "Turn on the news quick!" says my friend America. They...
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On the first dag of Christmas, the countries gave to me
A cat in an olijf-, olijf tree

On the seconde dag of Christmas, the countries gave to me
Two white flags
And a cat in an olijf-, olijf tree

On the third dag of Christmas, the countries gave to me
Three cups of tea
Two white flags
And a cat in an olijf-, olijf tree

On the fourth dag of Christmas, the countries gave to me
Four shiny woks
Three cups of tea
Two white flags
And a cat in an olijf-, olijf tree

On the fifth dag of Christmas, the countries gave to me
Five off-white scarves
Four shiny woks
Three cups of tea
Two white flags
And a cat in an olijf-, olijf tree

On the sixth dag of Christmas,...
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posted by LilacRoses
Narrator: (Read in the Baka and Test narrator's voice) This is a tale of war. Not just any war, but a war between an AI and a bored Hetalian. Let the countries fly. And may the best fan win.


User: *hits with Hungarian frying pan*

Cleverbot: *hits with muffin tin*.

User: *hits with vital regions*

Cleverbot: *Hits with Allied Powers*.

User: *hits with Italy*

Cleverbot: *Hits with Switzerland and Gun*.

User: *Hits with France*

Cleverbot: *Hits with Su-san*.

User: *hits with Germany*

Cleverbot: *hits with frying pan*.

User: *hits with awesomeness*

Cleverbot: *hits with dirt clod*.

User: *hits with Warsaw*...
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posted by -Breadqueen-
A cold stormy Christmas night,a Finnish man named Tino Vainamainen was preparing his trip to Norway.His pal,Hanatamago(flower-egg),ran outside and jumped on the sled.She was barking and was ready to go.Tino was finally done packing and was ready to go too.
Tino made sure that everything was tied and that nothing was loose.He whistled,reindeer came out from the schuur and went to their positions.Tino climbed up the sled and the reindeer pulled them away.They were finally off to Norway,where their vrienden were waiting.
Hanatamago tried to eat the snow that was falling.She got cold when she ate...
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The inspiration for this story came from the beautiful song: "You'll Be In My Heart" which I used some of the lyrics for the dialogue~ It's not my best work since I was so wrapped up in my inspiration but, I do hope u enjoy and thank u for reading~! -smiles-

Wiping his little brother's tears, Gilbert smiled at Ludwig. "Oh, stop your crying. It will be alright." he spoke soothingly as he reached out his hand to him. "Just take my hand, hold it tight. I will protect u from all around you. I will be here. Don't u cry." For one so small, Gilbert could tell Ludwig was strong. He knew his...
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Just a random thing inspired door my OC. XD


1. I cannot pull Italy's curl.

2. I cannot lick Italy's curl.

3. I cannot eat Italy's curl

4. I cannot marry Italy's curl.

5. I cannot stomp on Italy's curl.

6. I cannot twirl Italy's curl backwards around my finger.

7. I cannot stare intently at Italy's curl, especially if my nose is within 5 of less inches of zei curl.

8. I cannot cut off Italy's curl.

9. I cannot buy Italy's curl illegally.

10. I cannot stel samen love songs for Italy's curl.

11. I cannot knit with Italy's curl.

12. I cannot use Italy's curl for a closeline.

13. I cannot breathe seductively...
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Don't want to become a weaboo? I've been a fan of Hetalia ever since it started, and I've seen many ups and downs of the fandom. Every two days of so a new immature fangirl/fanboy spews out immature rants, photos, of arguments concerning ships, characters, etc. If you're a new fan who DOESN'T want to turn out as the most famous weaboo in Hetalia, here's some tips from an older fan.

1. NEVER overrate a character.

First of all, overrated characters get annoying and u will likely ruin the characters for other fans. It's okay to like one character meer than others, and it's very wise to like them...
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