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Hotch & JJ Hotch and JJ together ???

31 fans picked:
Just Awesome !!!
It's a cute idea, but it'll never happen.
No, they are just friends.
But what about Will ???
 Lesly1133 posted een jaar geleden
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-Juliet- picked It's a cute idea, but it'll never happen.:
I love them together : )
posted een jaar geleden.
last edited een jaar geleden
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JJHotchforever picked Just Awesome !!!:
they are ones forever.
posted een jaar geleden.
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bklynlove picked Just Awesome !!!:
I love Hotch and JJ. I feel they are meant for each other.
As long as they are on the show and they have this long going connection between them, anything can happen ( like JJ ends up separated from Will ).
posted een jaar geleden.
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UnSub1979 picked Just Awesome !!!:
I think it would put a new spin on things, make it a little more interesting to hint that there may be a deeper connection between the two of them in season 7. But it would make allot of Hotch/Prentiss shippers very upset.
posted een jaar geleden.
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nikki8green6 picked Just Awesome !!!:
It could definitely work..
posted een jaar geleden.