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After my last article, and the discussion going on over at the link, I've been thinking a lot about the rights of a child, of a fetus as the case may be.

The phrase in the UN Declaration of Human Rights is “All human beings are born free and equal,” a modern rephrasing of the US Declaration of Independence’s “All men are created equal.” But what does the phrase “everyone” of “all human beings” entail? Does it really mean everyone? Immanuel Wallerstein points out the problems with being so absolute:

“… It is almost universally agreed that an infant does not have these rights,...
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Many young women in South East Asia (and in many other parts of the world) are forced into sexual prostitution/slavery. This is the story of one of these girls -- and what one organization is doing to help make a difference.
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Source: Lift Off: kruis Borders Human Rights Education Initiative For Primary Schools
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Watch the cute animals play...but...what is...thier secret?
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