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posted by twilight76
Against the love
Against the faith
Against the sun
Against the night

Against the rules
Against the force
Against the wall
Against it all

Oh no..
I'm Humanoid (Oh Whoa oh)
I'm Humanoid (Oh Whoa oh)

Give me life
Give me air
Or I'll be done
But I don't care

I hunt my shadow
But it's too fast

Give me more
Give me more
Can't get enough

I'm Humanoid (Oh Whoa oh)
I'm Humanoid (Oh Whoa oh)
I'm Humanoid (Make it better)
I'm Humanoid (Won't u come back?)
Take me away
Re-lieve the pain

I've thrown myself in too many worlds
Foolish and I know
Loneliness hurts

Hold me
I'm drowning
Hold me

I'm done with senses
I'm done with reasons
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posted by twilight76
The pain of love, won’t break us up,
We don’t need your salvation.

The pain of love, will never stop,
We are our own creation.

The pain of love, is in our hearts,
It’s deeper than the ocean.

The pain of love, waits in the dark,
We take it in slow motion.

And we go on, and we go on, and on, and on, and on,
We don’t belong, we don’t belong, belong, to anyone.

The pain of love will last forever,
Promise me, promise me,
We’ll celebrate the pain together.

The pain of love, love, love.

The pain of love, in all of us,
It hits u like a hammer.

The pain of love, we can’t turn off,
Lets celebrate the...
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posted by twilight76
I'm staring at a broken door
There's nothing left here anymore
My room is cold, it's making me insane

I've been waitin' here so long
Another moment seems to have come
I see the dark clouds comin' up again

Running through the monsoon
Beyond the world 'til the end of time
Where the rain won't hurt
Fighting the storm into the blue

And when I lose myself I think of you
Together we'll be running somewhere new
Through the monsoon just me and you

A half moon fading from my sight
I see your vision in it's light
But now it's gone and left me so alone

I'll know I have to find u now
Can hear u name and don't...
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