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MrsOShea92825 posted on Jun 13, 2008 at 02:57PM
If they made The Host into a movie, what would be your perfect cast?

Ian O'Shea 7 antwoorden

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een jaar geleden peanutbutter111 said…
idk bout the full cast ,
but so far
Megan Fox = Melanie S
Christina Ricci= The Seeker
Kathy Bates=Magnolia

i cant remeber alot of the actors and actresses but those i can picture as their characters
een jaar geleden kirsti said…
Oh! Christina Ricci! Good one peanutbutter11!
een jaar geleden --ame-- said…
This is my idea for the cast:
*mel-camila bell
*wanda-amanda seyfried
*jared-jensen ackles
*ian-ian somerhalder
*jamie-logan lerman
*jeb-sam elliot
*the seeker-dania ramirez
*kyle-tom welling
*doc-paul brettany
*sharon-bryce howard
*maggie-maggie smith
*Lily-erica durance
*walter-hugh laurie
*trudy-minnie driver
*geoffrey-Paul Giamatti
*sunny-lacey chabert
*burns-simon woods
een jaar geleden kiani said…
een jaar geleden Arva said…
big smile
To me:
Ian : Matt Lanter
Jared: Taylor Kitsch
een jaar geleden kellieox said…
big smile
Like all your casts :) and i think that Ian does suit - Ian Somerhalder :) Love the book character of Ian x
een jaar geleden daria264 said…
I mostly agree with --ame-- except:
Melanie-Eliza Dushku
Sunny-Rachel Bilson
Seeker-Summer Glau
Sharon-Christina Hendricks
Maggie-Marcia Cross
Jeb-Harrison Ford(he actually rocks the white beard now)