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posted by ICONiacTILLIDIE
okaii so ive been getting in2 boyz!!! and dont worrie they are celebs. so 1rst thing i told my self when in the heck am i gunna seek out a young cute kid THATS actualy my age? so up comez jb ooo lala but WHAT!!! 16 years old!! its okay still gotta love justin lol!! </3 still broken hearted door age!!! oh well. hallo a new season of abdc will b on yay!!! ooo lala ICONic boyz hello nick hello madison hello vinncent!!! yall like a bunch of dancing justin bieberz (said d-trix) aftr d-trix zei that i emmiedeatly fell in a love!!! MADISON BORN APRIL 14 1998 WAIT NO APRIL 16 WAIT NO APRIL 11??? ask...
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