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Khushi: arnavji aap aa gaye'hum bus khanna lagane jaa rahein the aap fresh ho kar aa jae ye
Arnav: Khushi mujhe bhukh nahein hai'.
Khushi: paar aap
Arnav: I had my dinner Khushi
Arnav walk up stairs 'he turned back
Arnav: Khushi khanna kha kar mere leye coffee lekar aana
Khushi: ji
After completing dinner and cleaning Khushi prepared coffee and went to thr room.
Aranv was standing near pool watching rather talking to his mother
Khushi walk beside him.
Khushi: aap bahut pareshan lag rahein hai,yeh aap ke coffee.
Arnav: "Khushi"in very low tone'.jo mein puhcho gaa tum kya sach saach jabaab do gee.
Khushi: ji
Arnav: tum shyam ko kaise jante ho'.
Khushi got shocked' he know abt shyam'..she fell down on floor'.tears rolling down her checks.'..arnav bend down and sat beside her'.she looked at him with tearful eyes'
Khushi: aap ke kaaran hum unsee mile thee'.naa aap uss fashion show wala tape channel mein bhejtein naa humein gundde tang karte naa shyamji jaise gande insaan humein milta'.
Khushi narrated each and every thing from lucknow meeting to delhi pgn babuji health n then engagement and sataya narayan puja when she got to know that he is di husband to anjali's mangalsutra breaking '.how in panic she called panjit for puja for shyam safety' shyam hug her on terrace whn she was waiting for him and she in anger asked him to leave di coz he didn't deserve such a kind women in his life'she told Arnav that he still misbehave with her but she never speak a word just due to him and anjali faith on him on shyam.
Khushi: mein aap ko batane ke kosis ke magar phir se batane aaaye thee magar aap naa jane kyon gussa thee'baad mein di ke pregnancy ke news se humein lagga shyamji badal jaein ge magar '.
Tears comes out of Arnav's eye '.he know this is not the end this is start of real fight'.real stoty of thr marriage'.how she ll take whn she got to know that he married her due to mu created by that cheap shyam'.how ll she react'.is she going to forgive him or she ll leave him'.will he be able to start his new life peacefully with his Khushi'..
Arnav: slowly turned Khushi so he can face her 'she was crying'.with tearful eyes Arnav kept his hand on her forehead near her sindoor
Arnav: khushi mein tumhe agar kehta mein tumse pyaar karta hoon aur shaadi karnaa chata hoon to kya karte
Khushi : ji hum samjhe nahein
Arnav: mujshe shaadi karte
Khushi: ji
Arnav: purra bolo khushi
Khushi: ji aap agar pyaar se bolte to bhi hum aap se shaadi karte
part 7
Arnav: Khushi humare shaadi itnne jaldi aur mere gusse ka kaaran tum janna chate thee naa..
Khushi: ji
Arnav: yeh sab shyam ke kaaran hua hai'.meine terrace pe tumhein aur usee dekha aur
He cleared everything how he landed on the terrace'shyam told him abt thr affair and to save his di life he took decision to marry her for only six month
Khushi: aap ko shyam ji pe viswash thaa hum pe nahein kyaa aap nein humare zindagi kaa fasla lenne se pehle ek baar bhi puchnaa zarori nahein samjha'.
Arnav: Khushi mujhe kuch samjh nahein aaya tum jante ho di ke leye mein kuch bhi kar sakta hoon'
Khushi: aap ek baar kehte to hum apne jaan de dete magar aap, aap too humeare aukkat ke sivaa kuch aur yaad nahein ayaa ho ga na
Arnav bend down and kept his head on her lap and cried hard'..tears rolling from Khushi's eyes'she was not getting what to do '.. hate this man, or love him or sympathise with him'.she love him but now he had broken all trust now she is not ready for other heartbreak '.i ll leave him as soon as di and shyam problem get solved I ll never ever forgive him.
Khushi: Arnav ji andar chaleye.
They went in the room'khushi lay down on bed'Arnav sat beside her he was still crying but khushi was showing no emotions'she was broken from inside'.she got up and sat '
Khushi: kuch chaheye aap ko
Arnav again put his head on her lap and started crying '.after some time he slept and khushi slowly moved his head on the pillow and put conforter over him'he was leaving her in his deep sleep also.
Khushi slowly settle herself beside him..
Next morning
Arnav got up found Khushi beside him sleeping peacefull like a small child who only came to this world to spread happiness.
He moved close to her was abt to kiss her cheeks but Khushi''
Khushi got up 'and walk to recliner
Khushi: aap ready ho jaye ye.
Arnav went near her'..bend on his knees
Arnav: khushi I am sorry for everything plz now forgive me'..i took that decision and marry u due to shyam before that I was abt to propose u for marriage but 'khushi I know itz difficult to forget those thing but cnt we start again '.khushi sab theek ho jaye gaa hum saath mil ke theek karenge
Khushi: hum theek karenge zaroor aur saath mile ke theek karein ge magar Arnav ji mein aap se uske baad divorce chatein hoon mein aap ke saath nahein reh sakte mere life mein aab kuch bhi theek nahein hogga aap nein sab kuch khatam kar deya hai aur aap mere zindagi abb apnne zid se nahein chala sakte..Kyonki hum aap se pyaar nahein kartein hai.
Thr was no emotions when she said these words'.no tears rolling down her eyes'she was lost khushi ki khushi lost due to Arnav singh raizada who think that woh sab ke takdeer likhta hai ''
She got up and went inside the washroom'
Coming up
Arnav was shattered with her words but he is strong man he known how to bring every thing into right place'
coz he know this girl his girl khushi loves him'.and proof is she was waiting for him on terrace and not for shyam,she would have marry him if thr ws no mu if he asked and proposed her '..he promised himself to bring smile back on her face'..
 Khushi: arnavji aap aa gaye'hum bus khanna lagane jaa rahein the aap fresh ho kar aa jae ye Arnav: Kh

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Yup i wish somethin like this to happen the serial . . Its really going slow. . Heard tat 28april is maha epis i dont know wat is happenin in tat!
een jaar geleden Renessme-Jacob said…
Yeah i heard that too.I think Shyam will get the file!!!
een jaar geleden misa7 said…
how do you no and please can you write some more!