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The fight between Sasuke and Itachi - I claim nothing! In the first, 383, the fight with the two only starts at the very end, u might want to skip this first one if u don't know about a certain character's death. Thanks to toniCHRYSA of YouTube.
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Itachi Uchiha, one of the many favorited Naruto character. He was an Akatsuki member before he was later killed door his younger brother, Sasuke Uchiha. Here our some reasons why we love Itachi, because if u love something, there has to be at least a few reasons.

First, Itachi looks... Attractive. Yes, many fangirla of Itachi say he is hot and they think he is attractive. I personally agree with them ovo

Second, his voice. Who can't love that voice that impersonates a sexy person? Man.

Third of all, Itachi was kind in his childhood. I mean, he was. He loved his little brother so much he'd do anything...
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