triplethreat posted on Sep 01, 2009 at 11:14PM
how hard is it to speak italin? i speak english but i know a littla french and spanish so if its close to either that would be terrific PLEASE HELP ciao hahahaha

Italy 4 antwoorden

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een jaar geleden Hilary_Bells said…
i know for english people speak italian is so hard because the grammar and the pronunciation are difficult. anyway, i don't know if this is true because i'm italian =P
so, do you speak a bit of french and spanish? some words are similar between these languages and italian, especially between spanish and italian.
if you think these languages aren't difficult, try to learn italian.

een jaar geleden EmoCupCake said…
im italian, and even for me speaking italian is hard! french and italian have some words or phrases that sound the same, but they are 2 relatively different languages. if you learned those languages, you should learn italian too! especially the colors in italian is almost the same as in spanish!

een jaar geleden mona_me said…
to me the italian is so easy !
because my first language is the arabic.
een jaar geleden Winxlove said…
Italia is really easy and nice to talk!!