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“Honorary Police Officer” IU has been promoted from policeman to senior police officer, and an honorary corporate promotion ceremony was held in her honor!

The singer has been an honorary member of the South Korean police force since February of 2013, and on November 6th, she finally earned a promotion for her hard work! IU was positioned as ambassador for anti-bullying, and participated in various activities and events to help stop bullying in schools as well as to publicize the 117 call center for victims of crime.

Life Safety Commissioner Seo Bum Soo jested, “If she gets promoted at least once a year, she will soon be the chief executive!” He also added that, “One word from IU impacts Korean teenagers a lot meer than sermons of the police officers.”

Many reporters attended the promotion ceremony, where IU posed for foto's and gave a short speech about her role as an honorary officer. IU thanked the Korean Police office for the promotion, and stated that she will continue to participate and work even harder. She will be titled as senior police officer for the volgende two years.

Check out the video from the ceremony below. Congratulations to IU on the promotion!
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Source: https://instagram.com/p/8A_kCxTENF/
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