Jackass Wee-Man in new TV ad

GetCrackin posted on Oct 09, 2009 at 08:49PM
“Get Crackin,’” the first-ever TV campaign for pistachios, features eight celebrities demonstrating how they crack open a pistachio, each in their own humorous, unique way.

Featured celebrities include Jackass prankster Wee-Man; Miss South Carolina beauty pageant contestant and YouTube sensation Lauren Caitlin Upton; The Sopranos gangster Vincent Pastore; father of Sarah Palin’s grandchild, Levi Johnston; Olympic swimmer and record-setting medalist Dara Torres; the Denny quintuplets; a dominatrix; and, of course, Adrianne Curry and Christopher Knight.

The campaign supports a YouTube video contest challenging aspiring film makers to create a video showing how they “Get Crackin.’” The winner’s ad will air on national TV and also earn them $25K – a pretty wonderful deal.

Check out the new ads and contest online at www.getcrackin.com <link>!

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