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Chapter 5: Everything is in black and gray.
Renesmee’s family were scattered around the room, looking at ease. Her parent’s faces brightened as soon as she walked in and her mum rose out of her father’s arm and danced towards her to give Renesmee a hug. She saw her wrinkle her nose as she pulled away.
“Not my fault,” Renesmee muttered to herself. They all laughed and Alice danced towards her, pulling on her hand. She sat Renesmee down on the couch, curling her legs under her. Her mum fell back into her father’s lap on the floor and he kissed her cheek.
“So u probably are wondering...
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My first class was biology. My teacher, Mr. Banner, called me to the front of the room for an introduction. I just don’t understand why teachers don’t let kids make their own introductions.
“This is Renesmee Cullen. Her Grandfather works at the hospital. Please let her feel welcome. Miss Cullen please take a zitplaats, stoel behind Ms. Weber.”
I walked to my zitplaats, stoel aware of the stares.
“Hi. I'm Samantha. Welcome to the worst place on earth of as the school board refers to it as Forks High School.” The girl said
“Well it was hell trying not to come to here, but u know family.” I joked.
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Chapter 9: Confusion.
“Kid!” Paul exclaimed, waving at Renesmee, the brand shining off of his bright white teeth. She narrowed her eyes in at him, ignoring the laughs from the other wolves. Jacob chuckled volgende to her, pulling her closer to his side.
Renesmee looked around at the great fire, 18 wolves scattered along the edges.
Seth hopped up from beside Leah and Carson and gave Renesmee a big hug, squeezing her tight.
“You stink Ness,” He grinned as she swatted at him. Of course the smell didn't really bother Seth, it never had in the first place.
Jacob pulled her towards the fire, sitting...
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Chapter 6: Growing up with a rite of passage.
Edward slowly walked into Renesmee’s bedroom, while she was still asleep. He knelt down in front of her bed.
“Hey Ness, I‘m going now sweetie” his hand stroking her forehead. Her eyes threatened to open.
“When will u be back” her eyes opening as her voice went from groggy to normal.
“I‘ll be back in a week of two” he smiled when she grabbed his hand and said.
“Be safe, dad”
“I love u Renesmee” he kissed her forehead and walked out of her bedroom. Edward, Emmett, Jasper and Carlisle were going on a camping trip, leaving Renesmee...
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A/N: Fun little one-shot that I did just to get into Jacob and Nessie's minds.

It’s On

“Jake, are u sure u want to do this?”

I couldn’t help the grin that spread across my face at the question. We were lounging around in the living room of the Cullen house and Nessie was staring at me, a laugh hidden in her smile. It should have hurt that she was questioning my judgment, but I couldn’t blame her on this particular subject. If I was her, I would be asking the same question… was I absolutely nuts? Of course, now that I had agreed to this I couldn’t back down.

“Come on, Nessie....
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Source: Breaking Dawn
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I have so been wanting to vent my opinions about this issue for the longest time.

Ok so we all know how people have been calling Jake a pedophile for imprinting on Nessie. This artikel is on behalf of us who strongly oppose this accusation.

If u truly paid attention to the books, u would know that imprinting is nothing like that. It goes far deeper than any physical attraction of romantic desires. The love that imprints share is indescribable. meer indescribable than that of your average lovers. Jake explained it in Eclipse. When she's a baby, he would be like a big brother to her. Then when...
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