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posted by jackwilsonlover
so I will tell u about my self so I am 11and have been
OBSESED whit her dont wanna spell her name cuz i will spell it wrong so yh and i love clay bead and i am not a fan of talor snel, swift i love to dance and i love to wach tommy the clown my roblox is jackwinwilson of maddy and i am in a
dance drama group love summers even tho my bithday is in the winter tring to do a deathdrop if u know how to di it then plz give me some tips im so scared i wont cach my self yh and i like to kight and my mum zei if i kight a jumper then i will get 100 pounds and my dad is gonna give me 60 pounds and my mum ows me 10 sowat should i buy tell me in the comments
posted by jackwilsonlover
so this is a story idea so theirs a girl called Mille her nickname is miles and she has no freinds cuz shes
the bully she tell evryone that she's rich and lives in a posh
estate but really a rejected child who has none until
a girl called alesha makes freinds whith her and wants to do a sleepover but miles lives in a dump and one night she goes home pagina to find that her mum is nowhere to be seen
all she knows she was last at the coner koop swill life end up well for her

I would love if u make book like this
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Hi guys as u may see door the titel I'm really interested as to how to create a club to make online vrienden and get to know meer about you. Also as I may have zei in one of my other messages I have been writing extracts. sos about the short message.Big shoutout to winterwillow, sunnyxmisty,coSmic and to all u lovely people.

PLEASE ADD ON commentaren THIS.
2.If u would want me to WRITE meer EXTRACTS.

PS also can u tell me what book u like the extracts to be from.
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posted by UnicornComet191
Ok so most of u who had looked at my last post knows i'm a bad singer. But hey! This is my music!!! And also please leave a commentaar on what u thought! 😊MEEEEEEEEMMMMEEEESSSSS!!!!😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
YAAAAAAYYYYY MEEEEEMMMMMEEEESSSS!!!! LOVE MEEEEEMMMMEEEESSSSS!!!!!!!! Memes are what keep me sane with corona around!!!!!!!!! Tell me if u agree.
Love u all (in a family way) and I am AMAZING!!!!!!!!!
My fave song is Mr bombbastic door shaggy.
I hate people who are mean commentaar if u agree.
I love most of your posts especially the cute doggy one.
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posted by winterwillow
Hi guys,

Soz I haven't been on in a while - couldn't get on to my account! But finally I worked it out!

I am gonna tell u about one of my faves, sleepovers! So there is this girl called madeliefje, daisy and she has an older sister called Lily, who can't talk properly of walk. One day, at her new school, Amy, who is part of the Alphabet Girls, invites everyone to her sleepover birthday.

And then Bella has a birthday party. But when it is Chloe's party, madeliefje, daisy doesn't have a good time because Chloe is really mean. She tried not to invite madeliefje, daisy in the first place!
And, When it was Emily's party, she actually pushed madeliefje, daisy out of the car...

I love this book and I hope JW writes a similar book!

I will post again soon!
winterwillow xxx
posted by winterwillow
Hetty Feather is one of the best boeken that Jacqueline has EVER MADE!!!!!!!

Hetty is only a baby when she is gegeven to the Foundling
Hospital. She cries and screams her head of, but her true mother never came back to collect her, because her father went away to sea and never came back, either.

After a few days of so, Hetty was gegeven to a foster family along with a baby boy called Gideon.

The foster mother was called Peg, and the father was called John.

They had about 8 children: Rosie, Nat, Eliza, Marcus, Jem,
Martha, Saul, and later on in the book, another Eliza.

On their 6th birthday, Hetty and Gideon...
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posted by hollybeees
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posted by Falcon1000
hallo besties. Falcon1000 here. Jackie is an amazing auteur but some of the boeken end with a vraag of 2 I love if u would do another book of the illastrated mum so we can find out if the mum comes out of hospital and if they live happily ever after and if dolfijn is still vrienden with oliver (Owly) I would also love if Jackie did a book but their is a competition and u get it to review cause u know on the front of boeken it says what people zei about the book i would love mine to be on their! Thx besties. Bye see u volgende time!

Falcon1000 x
I WOKE WITH A START, my head hurting aching all over. For a moment I didn't know where I was. Indeed, I felt so fuddled I didn't even know who I was. Hetty Feather, Sappire Battersea, smaragd, emerald ster [question mark]. I had three names now. Was I Hetty curled up in my soft feather bed in the cottage of shivering in the narrow iron bed in the Foundling Hospital [question mark]. was I sapphire tossing and turning on the servant's truckle bed in the attic of still as a statue in my mermaid's costume at the seaside [question mark]. Was I smaragd, emerald still reeking of vis in my nightgown of exhausted in my caravan bunk, with Elijah the olifant trumpeting in the distance [you know what]. I could hear shouting, thumping, scraping. I must be at Tanglefeilds Circus. Oh lord, was Diamond in trouble[.you know ]. I had to protect her. Had that evil Beppo beaten her cruely because of a tumble during her act........
IF u liked this please say so and I'll do meer ok.
hi sunny I love your channel and watch it nearly every day.id love to be your online friend it was hilarious when the two people in your trick of treat challenge thought u were scamming them ;] Also I personally think its stupid that just because I've got a Mac that the COMPANY MAKES IT SO THAT u CANT POST EMAILS of PICTURES ON THE SILLY COMPUTER. Also happy black history maand guys. From. BOOKDOG
hi my name is Mair here are my top, boven 5 facts about me.

1.My fave coulor [sos for spelling] is red.
2.I love the book dustbin baby.
3.I own a new foundland dog my white lab and my French stier have sadly passed away
4.My room is always way to messy write in commentaren if same for you.