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JulieL44 posted on Oct 15, 2007 at 11:26PM
Hey guys,
If you want me to post any of the movies James has starred in just let me know and I will do my best to find them. All 3 Spider-man movies should be up soon.


James Franco 4 antwoorden

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een jaar geleden MovieMom said…
As an actor, he has experienced playing a gay man so I would like to see him move on to his next challenging role. James is so good looking and hot I wouldn't mind seeing another love story only with a woman. I haven't seen Milk and I don't know if I will. James playing a gay man just doesn't appeal to me. It seems like a total waste of his talent. I can't imagine him being as hot and sexy as he was in the love scenes in Tristan and Isolde. Also, I wouldn't mind seeing him in another period movie. He was awesome as Tristan and I loved the sword fighting. After watching the Tudors, I would have loved him as Henry VIII.
een jaar geleden irisclaymore said…
I loved him in Tristan and Isolde as well! I adore period romances too, but personally I'm a bit glad he wasn't cast to play (according to some historians) a gluttonous, serial wife murderer.


i would have cast him as batman. harry osborn's character is actually pretty close with bruce wayne's: brooding, consumed by the death of a parent, oozing with charm and filthy rich (heck, he already comes with a mansion, a butler AND his very own secret lair!).
een jaar geleden MiSaxFanGrl said…
I Love him as Blaine Rawlings in Flyboys.
amazing movie based on true story!
 I Love him as Blaine Rawlings in Flyboys. amazing movie based on true story!
een jaar geleden sethbaird said…
i love his movies
127 hours is my fave
this is my parody