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JD and Elliot Do u agree that JD and Elliot have become a cuter (in a sweet way, not in looks) couple as they've gotten older?

36 fans picked:
Yes! They're so cute together.
They were never a cute couple!
If door cuter u mean less passionate, then, yeah.
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They've kept their cute levels the same
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They've become less cute.
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 tushtush posted een jaar geleden
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TerriShue picked Yes! They're so cute together.:
I think that knowing that they're gunna work out this time helps the cute factor. But i'm mad that they don't have as many romantic-y scenes as they used to :( (not so sound like a perv but i miss the sex scenes Lmao!)
posted een jaar geleden.
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tushtush picked Yes! They're so cute together.:
Hehe, same. They were awesome. :D
posted een jaar geleden.