Jensen Ackles Should Jensen Ackles Be With Dannel Harris?

castielfm22 posted on Dec 30, 2009 at 05:56AM
no i dont think that they are a good couple in every picture they have together they look very unhappy especially jensen and they just need to not be together they arent good together what so ever they should just break up

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een jaar geleden tazoulini said…
In my opinion,he should be with whoever he likes..She seems to make him happy,they look at each other with adoration,seem to enjoy themselves and as much as the fangirl inside me pains to admit it,they are a very beautiful couple!
 In my opinion,he should be with whoever he likes..She seems to make him happy,they look at each other
een jaar geleden Katarina2010 said…
i like them!they are going to have beautiful babies.
een jaar geleden sarahshiner said…
noo they have to do not make babies. Damn I'm gonna marrie him. No babies please. Hate that bitch. When they break up Jensen will find that I'm the girl.
No seriosly, I hope the guy is happy and the bitch to not break his heart. Happy hollywood marriage.
sparky_me commented…
I think every sensible girl on the face of the earth would LOVE 2 get married 2 him!! een jaar geleden
een jaar geleden Shellylvsdean said…
Ive got 2 say no cus it'l kill me 2 say yes! he will soon realise we wer made 4 each other lmao! seriously tho we wer made 2 b 2gether!!! xx :)
een jaar geleden deanjo4ever said…
i absolutely adore these 2 its so obvious their meant to be together i agree with katarina2010 they will have beautiful babies together and i sincerely hope they have a long and happy marriage and life together and also @sarahshiner danneel is NOT a bitch a friend of mine knows her on a pretty personal level so maybe you shouldnt judge people until you get to know them M'k
een jaar geleden terrydeb said…
jensen can be with who ever he wants and he loves dannel lol they got married and i wish jensen all the best i cant wait to see what their baby will look like awww a mini jensen
een jaar geleden BadCinderell said…
they are cute together!
i like danneel, she's awesome!
and i think, they're happy together. (:
better than, a tpical hollywood couple!
I want never read "Jensen and Danneel, its over"!

@terrydeb right!! i hope, next year, is she pregnent :'D
sparky_me commented…
u were right een jaar geleden
een jaar geleden CMxJ2xKA_L0Ve said…
Nahh, he should be with meeeee!
JK, I like them together! :)
een jaar geleden ladyshela said…
I personally don't like her myself. Something about her when she's in pictures with him looks sneaky and I just feel uneasy about her. It'll honestly surprise me if they end up lasting. No offense, that's my opinion.
een jaar geleden wolfgirl1994 said…
Yes, Jensen is a hot, talented, successful actor. But he's also a man, so he has the right to be with whoever he loves, and that's his business. It's true that a lot of Hollywood marriages don't last, but we don't actually KNOW Danneel, so I just wish him the best. That doesn't mean I wouldn't jump his bones if they got divorced, but let's be realistic. He's a celebrity and any given fan has about half a chance in hell with him.