Jerry Seinfeld Banner Needed!

JulieL44 posted on Sep 28, 2007 at 02:36PM
Hey guys!
I can't seem to find a banner to put on this spot. I have no talent whatsoever in making banners like I know many of you have... Can someone pleaseee make a banner for this spot! It would be greatly appreciated!
Please help!
Thanks a lot, Julie
last edited on Nov 05, 2007 at 10:31PM

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een jaar geleden JulieL44 said…
Whoever altered my (sorry excuse for) a banner and took off my name is really mature. I put everything in this spot and for you to do that really pissed me off especially since I deleted that banner from my computer. Thanks a lot for being so nice and appreciating the time and effort I put into finding all these videos for you
een jaar geleden PkmnTrainerJ said…
I never saw the previous banner, but you really shouldn't put your name on the banner. You shouldn't get credit for creating the spot, as you can create and then do nothing to it. However, as you have contributed a lot, the ratings that people give your videos will eventually earn you a medal for all your hard work, and that's always good.
een jaar geleden JulieL44 said…
Yeah I guess you're right but if that person would have told me so I would have taken it off. I just don't like it to be done without even talking to me about it. Whatever, it doesn't matter anymore