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posted by harrypotterbest
JK Rowling, an amazing writer, and loving parent to her children. But is there something this genius writer has hidden from the public? Potter heads unearthed alarming new evidence about their favourite auteur - evidence that might change the world.
The award winning auteur might say she does not believe in magic, but the evidence is that she herself is a witch!
Yes, JK Rowling is a witch. The facts are all going to be laid out before you; just pay close attention. She would have attended Hogwarts through ages 11-17, which for her would be through the years 1976-1983. Through these years, she...
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I throw my wand up in the air sometimes
saying,"Ah-oh, my name is Draco!"

I wanna celebrate and kill Dumbledore
saying "Ah-oh,old man, just let go."

We gonna rock the school
We gonna go all night
We gonna light professors up
like they're dynamite!

Cause I dueled u once,
Now I dueled u twice

We gonna light them up
like they're dynamite.

greekgirlA,and boredcreativity have made this

become a fan of us and we will make meer spoof songs to your favorites! just tell us the song,
and only if u become a fan!
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