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 Joe Jonas with Nick Jonas's dog Elvis
Joe Jonas with Nick Jonas's dog Elvis
Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas went separate ways a couple of months geleden but we are all curious as to why Jonas dumped Demi. Demi revealed that their break up was due to Joe’s desire for privacy and his difficulty with the entire media buzz their relationship was generating. He also needed dome free time according to her.

Sometimes, one party may desire to have some free space in a love relationship but if that truly was what Jonas needed then he wouldn’t have gone into another relationship right after their breakup with actress Ashley Greene who stars in the Twilight series. Jonas has also been...
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posted by Rodayna
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A Ghost stal our lives savings
Stand aside,My Bum's five foot wide
My mate boiled my willy
I'm so fat I broke the toilet
Six toilets actually
I fell for a sexy robot
I paint,with my boobies
A psychic dog,has healing powers
There's a time lord in my loo
Mosquitoes made me pregnant (um So pregnant)
I fart on men' faces for money (oh yeah...come on guys)
I'm so fat i broke the toilet
Six toilets actually
I fell for sexy robots
I paint with my boobies
With my boobies (yeah)
No breakup of a relationship is easy: Joe Jonas is still trying to repair the wounds of his hart-, hart after the end of his affair with the beautiful Twilight ster Ashley Greene.

Joe Jonas is still grieving the end of the relationship with Ashley Greene: Read!

Joe Jonas: "I suffer still for Ashley Greene." Read!

Joe Jonas has faced several years in the finished stories: Demi Lovato Taylor Swift, for example. But, as it opens, none has been as painful as the end with Ashley Greene. The couple was very reliable: it was between Joe and Ashley took a stroke of lightning! After months together, the two decided to end the relationship, and Joe still suffers. "My hart-, hart is broken. People like to think that only girls have to suffer, but it happened to me, "said Joe to Twist magazine. He continues: "Now I have a reputation as a wild" broken-hearts ": it is true, I have often left me .. but I was also left. I believe that in any case u can not avoid suffering when a story ends. "
posted by mrsjoejonas102
    Joseph Adam Jonas was born on August 15,1989. He was born at Casa Grande,Arizona. Joseph has three brothers, his first bother is named Paul Kevin Jonas Jr. he is 21 years old, his seconde brother is named Nicolas Jerry Jonas he is 16 years old, his last brother is named Franklin Nathaniel Jonas. His mom's name is Denice Jonas, and his dad's name is Paul Kevin Jonas Sr.. He does not have any sisters, but he does have some one that is like a sister to him and her name is Maya Kibbel Her dad died when she was a baby so the Jonas family helped and took care of her mother and her so she got to grow up with the Jonas Brothers and their family, would'nt that be so cool to grow up with them!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope u like this little artikel about Joseph Adam Jonas, thankyou for reading this!!!!!

posted by greatfanofdemi
datum of Birth
15 August 1989, Casa Grande, Arizona, USA

Birth Name
Joseph Adam Jonas

DJ Danger

5' 10" (1.78 m)

Mini Biography

Joseph's original plan, before becoming a singer, was slightly different than his brothers. He first dreamed of becoming a comedian and wanted to audition for sketch comedy shows,but he was always attached to muziek and loved listening to different kinds of music, especially rock. In his spare time he enjoys jogging and working out. His favoriete color is blue, and some of Joe's favoriete foods are Chicken cutlet sandwiches with mayo, and Chocolate marshmallow...
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Between their solo muziek careers and their guest spots on different TV shows, Nick and Joe are going in the same direction –- but separately!

The Jonas Brothers, once a united sibling front, is becoming a thing of the past. Although it hasn’t been announced that the group is disbanding, it appears to be going that way as both Nick and Joe launch rival muziek and televisie careers!

Nick, 18, will play a super demanding up-and-coming singer named Eli White on Matthew Perry’s ABC comedy Mr. Sunshine, which focuses on the happenings and misfortunes that take place at a populair sports arena....
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Great fear for the Jonas Brothers in the last 48 hours due to an illness of Joe Jonas. In fact, Joe was hospitalized Sunday, December 19 due to severe stomach pains, accused after a party with vrienden at a nightclub in Chicago.!

Sunday, December 19 Joe Jonas was hospitalized: why? Read!

What has happened to Joe? A spokesman zei that the ster has suffered from food poisoning, for which he was forced to spend, fortunately, only a few hours in hospital. "Hello everyone, I'm fine, I'm fine. :-) Thanks for the concern, "he wrote shortly after admission Joe on Twitter. Just hours after admission, Joe was spotted at avondeten, diner with his brother Nick Jonas and ... seemed to have recovered much!
Nick and Joe Jonas have ditched their purity rings. What does this mean for the Jonas Brothers? Well, it could be that the two middle "Jo Bros" are growing up and finding themselves.

According to Perez Hilton, Nick and Joe Jonas have been ring less for a few months now, but recently fans have been beginning to notice.

It's rumored that Nick Jonas actually wears his on a chain around his neck, but it's yet to be seen. Joe Jonas however, seemingly abandoned his purity ring right around the time he and "Twilight" hottie Ashley Greene began their relationship. The cute couple were recently spotted...
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 Joe with Ashley
Joe with Ashley
Can Joe Jonas migrate to shows outside Disney, permanently?

Joe Jonas’ image has definitely changed after he started dating Ashley Greene. From cute and amusing boyband member, Joe Jonas is now on the vortex of changing genes – adulthood.

After dumping two girls, and now dating a much older woman, Joe Jonas is the best example of a modern day, young guy trying to me macho. But, can he successfully change his image?

Of course he’s now a man, he’s already outside the teen age group. So he’s “required” to change his image soon, and that might happen outside Disney....
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posted by keninv
Joe Jonas has gone out with lots of girls: Taylor Swift, Camilla Belle...and we all thought he had found true love with Demi Lovato, but nope.

As u know, Joe broke up with all these girls. They say that Joe's friendship with Demi hasn't been ruined door the breakup but we are not so sure. Many magazines in the US are saying now that Joe has some issue and is unable to stay in a relationship.

Three beautiful women in a row, and Joe let all of them go...Do u think he may be a womanizer? Maybe, even though he has zei that he is looking for the love of his life, but he sure has broken a lot of hearts while on his search.

And how about Demi? She is taking it like a grown up. She has the support of her vrienden and fans and has taken it in stride. She is still going on tour with the Jonas Brothers this summer,and is going to make the best of it.
That high-pitched screaming sound u hear?

It's every teenage girl in Canada reacting to the news The Jonas Brothers are returning to Canada this summer and even making a stop in their city.

Young heartthrobs Kevin, Joe and Nick will stop in six Canadian cities,Vancouver,Ottawa,Winnipeg, Edmonton,Montreal, and Toronto. on their World Tour 2009, it was announced yesterday.

Tickets go on sale to the general public March 20 at and are sure to sell out in an instant — if there are even any left door then.

Team Jonas fan club members in select cities will be able to access pre-sale tickets beginning Monday, March 16. If u have a Jonas fan in your household, we strongly suggest u become a fan club member ASAP of prepare to live with the titel of Worst Parent in Canada.
The picture which will be featured on the first page of Joe Jonas' upcoming solo studio album "Fastlife" has been unwrapped. It depicts a close-up image of the Jonas Brothers ster looking sharp in a plaid overhemd, shirt and dark-colored jacket. Blurry lights and colors are featured on the background.

He's going to release the album in the U.S. on October 11. He has already started promo effort door having a round of live performances including the recent one in New Mexico. Next, he will kom bij Britney Spears in some of her European "Femme Fatale" concerts and team up with vlaamse gaai, jay Sean for a joint tour.

At least...
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Rumors are flying that Joe Jonas and girlfriend Ashley Greene are getting super serious – to the point where Joe may even be asking Ashley to marry him soon!

The rumors started after Ashley took her man home pagina with her this weekend to meet her parents, and it is being speculated that Joe may have asked Ashley’s parents for their permission to marry their daughter.

The two were spotted out and about over the weekend, making out at a local Ritz Bar, but left after getting a lot of unwanted attention from fans.

Do u think Joe and Ashley are getting engaged soon?
The horrible disaster in Haiti has brought out the best in many stars who have offered their support in the rescue efforts.

Joe Jonas wants to help out in Haiti with the zoek and rescue efforts and he talked about his plans to do so on the red carpet at the Critics´Choice Awards: "Really I want to be able to help in every way possible in Haiti. I have been to Haiti before and I did similar work there, but now everything is different and my hart-, hart goes out to the people and families there," zei Joe.

According to Joe, he wants tot go this week and help out in every way he can. Not just the middle Jonas wants to help, the other Jonas Bros are also involved. They have showed their concern and support via their personal blog.
Joe Jonas Will Flirt With Your Future Wife: The MTV News Quote Of The Day
Posted 12/29/09 4:24 pm ET
by Kyle Anderson in Music

“I’m the one responsible for getting them together since I hit on Danielle first. If u ever need relationship advice, u can always go to Nick.”

-Joe Jonas, delivering one of the toasts at brother Kevin’s wedding to Danielle Deleasa, where Joe served as Best Man (as did brother Nick). The couple shared the details of their nuptials with People magazine, where they disclosed everything from their famous vrienden on the guest lijst (Jordin Sparks, Demi Lovato, Joey...
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posted by gwenroxmysox
Joe Jonas is the hottest person in the world.I dont know bout u but he is my king lover cuz i allways go to there r 5 main reasons why he is our king lover.
one:he is soooooooooo sexii
two:when he is wearing no overhemd, shirt he is sexi
three:he has sexii arms
four:his smile is cute.
and five:the two people who r in this club like
this 19 jaar old.
joe is hot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and nick and keven are ugly exspechly nick if u see this izzzyroxmysox ha ha that jesse brock up with you
posted by sweet_sanaya
Not only are they musicians, actors and activists, we can now add designers to link resume.

The musical trio — link, link and link — just debuted their new line of watches online.

The site states, “The Jonas Brothers have created a cool, hip and trendy watch line that incorporates their love not only of music, but fashion. The line is made in an array of colors to suit all moods, seasons, occassions and lifestyle, priced at an affordable price starting at just $49.99 which offers great value. The watches are packed in a stackable custom designed and patented (exclusive to Jonas Brothers)...
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Once upon a time.


Joe:Hey Selena do u want to go out some time?

Selena:Ewww Joe jonas.Ewwww no.

*Demi comes over and stabs him 37 times in chest.*

Demi:Joe u bitch.

Selena:Hey Demi I heard that there are some pepole throwing a joe jonas is dead party.

Demi:Cool lets go.



Joe:Hey Taylor sorry for dumping u with a phone call.You wonna go out some time?

Taylor:No.There is no way in hell.I will ever go out with u again.When I did I must of drunk of something.



*Selena and Demi showed up with knifes in hand.*

Demi:Didn't I kill you?

Joe:You tryed.....

Selena:Let's get him!!!!

*Selena haned Taylor a mes and they all started stabing him.Then they all had a big joe jonas is dead party.Yay!!!*

And they all lived hapily ever after.Except joe jonas,who died.

The End.
posted by rusher29
I know you've been hurt before
But never say never, baby
Slow down, don't close the door
You've been waiting forever, baby
See I know your heart's been scarred
But you've come this far
So baby don't run away
I.. know you're close to giving up
I just want to give u love
And try to keep a smile on your face
So open your eyes & see that we belong together
You'll be surprised to find that things can be much better

I.. want to take u to a place
Where love is something meer than u imagined, yeah
I.. put it right in your face
Girl, it's yours
All u got to do is reach out and grab it
You waited all this...
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posted by maritina12345

Joe wants his dog Winston to get into muziek and play the piano!

"Hopefully, he'll be able to play the piano," the Jonas Brother told at KIIS FM's Wango Tango last week. "I've seen a couple of YouTubes of, so I hope that will happen."

Seeing as Winston does come from a musical family, it isn't an unlikely proposition. In the meantime, Winston is learning some other tricks with a trainer, but he's still ... learning.

Earlier this month, Jonas Tweeted that Winston (who has his own Twitter handle, @SirWinstonJDawg) had done something to a shoe. "There goes a good sandal," Jonas

meer recently, Winston had gotten in a little potty trouble. "He's in timeout right now," Jonas said. "He [went to] the bathroom on my carpet so I'm a little upset with him."

Sounds like Winston has a long way to go before he is playing the classics on the piano, but who knows!?...