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If cussing bothers ya, don't listen.

We didn't want u to know - link

What Now - link

Running Game - link

Make it Loud - link

Just Another dag - link

This is how we Roll - link

Know the Rep - link

Keep Frontin' - link

Summer Flings - link

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If it all ended Tomorrow - link

Bad Bad Man - link

Right Now - link

Don't Wanna F*ck with Us - link

My Time is Now - link

The Untouchables - link

Basic Thuganomics - link

Beats, Rhymes & Life - link

Vocal Recess - link

MC Roast - link
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after john cena facing each member of nexus at wwe monday night raw john cena makes a challenge at hell in a cell john cena will face leader of the nexus wade barret no exiting the steel cage, what will it be like? we have to wait and see.
some people will be chearing for cena and some for the nexus.
it will be an extremly exiting match because if john cena looses he will kom bij the nexus, and if wade barret looses the nexus will fall appart and the NEXUS WILL BE GONE FOREVER.

all of us are waiting and are exited what will it be like nobody knows