John Lennon Dezo Hoffman - John Lennon Original for sale

dezodezo posted on Jul 15, 2013 at 01:41AM
I am considering selling my favorite print of John Lennon to the right person for the right price. I love John, but he is collecting dust and really should go on someone's wall that will appreciate it more.

I will not ship out. It would have to be purchased in the City that I live in.

Details are:

23" x 27" 10/5000
print of John Lennon shown on page 37 of "With the Beatles the
historic photographs of Dezo Hoffmann". It was given to me about 20
years ago as a gift. It will be sold "As Is" - it is in very good condition, but it is dry mounted and would cost money to remove the mounting in order to see the stamp on the back. My local photography studio confirmed it is Dezo's work. My certificate was lost when I moved cross country.

Can send pictures once you inquire...

John Lennon No antwoorden