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Justin bieber got mobbed door loads of fans and he couldent get out of his hotel poor Justin :(
He was stuck in that hotel in his room on twitter xx
Some girls camped out to maybe see him In the morning
But they didnt xxxxx some police had to tell the girls/major fans to leave stree as they were blocking the road xxx no one got injured/ everyone wanted to book the hotel because he was there xxxx the manger zei he had got many many phone calls for Justin bieber making many exuses like : I am his manger of I am his laundret of he forgot to wash his sheets xxxxxx justin bieber is soo populair and thats why everyone was there GO JUSTIN BIEBER / HOPE U GOT OUT OK XXXXX
Only Thing I Ever Get For Christmas
The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire) feat. Usher
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
Fa La La feat. Boyz II Men
Christmas Love
All I Want For Christmas Is u Duet Mariah Carey
trommelaar, drummer Boy feat. Busta Rhymes
All I Want Is You
Fa La La (acapella) feat. Boyz II Men (Deluxe Edition)
Christmas Eve
home pagina This Christmas feat. The Band Perry
Silent Night (Deluxe Edition)
Pray (Deluxe Edition)
Someday At Christmas (Deluxe Edition)

Bieber revealed the album titel and cover. The album will be titled “Under The Mistletoe” that been scheduled for release on November 21, 2011. The lead single from the album called “Mistletoe” will be release on November 1, 2011.
You’re currently lying in bed, waiting for your boyfriend, Justin, to come home pagina when u suddenly hear a sound come from downstairs. Thinking nothing of it, u bury your head into the book again - figuratively speaking, of course. It was a book Justin had gotten u for your birthday and when u finally got to reading it - u just couldn’t stop. Your body tenses when another sound is heard. Normally, you’d blame it on the puppy u and Justin had bought about six months geleden but since he was ‘visiting’ Pattie, u couldn’t. Marking the page u had been reading, u place the...
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Justin Bieber and mom Pattie visit St. Andrew’s School in Boca Raton today, Friday (April 13) to congratulate three students who raised $51,738 for Pencils of Promise, one of Justin Bieber’s favoriete charities.

The winning students: Briana Finocchiaro, 12, and her twin siblings, Angelia and Nicolas, ages 9. The siblings raised the money door asking family, vrienden and neighbors for the organization. Donations ranged from $20 to $10,000.

Justin tweeted:

“met some amazing kids who are helping change the world with their work with @pencilsofpromis – #MAKEACHANGE
Katy Perry says she's finally got over her Justin Bieber crush now she's married to Russell Brand.

Songstress Katy Perry, who married Russell Brand in October, has revealed she's finally over her crush on Justin Bieber as she is so in love with her husband.

She said: “I’ve zei Justin Bieber was my celebrity crush quite a few times, but I think I’m over it now.

"I think it’s probably veilig to say I married my celebrity crush.”

The 26-year-old beauty, who is renowned for her raunchy outfits on-and-off stage, believes a fun-loving attitude is so important when trying to be sexy.
Justin diagnosed himself with Attention Deficit Disorder, confessing that he struggles to focus on anything for meer than five minuten at a time.
Justin Bieber thinks there’s something different about him. Sure, he’s an amazing singer, talented dancer and he’s super adorable — but Biebs is convinced he’s one of two million teenagers in America who suffer from ADD.
The 16-year-old, who has never been diagnosed with the condition, describes it as a “small case,” but admits the school tutor who accompanies him on tour has to structure classes specifically to cater to the condition,...
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fans and Teen Magazines had ask Justin Bieber the same question, "Would u datum Miley Cyrus of Selena Gomez?"

According to entertainment news, Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus were caught having and leaving a Sushi restaurant in West Hollywood. The news zei that they aren't dating, they had a side project going on.

Justin said: “Nooooooooo.. Not my type [Miley Cyrus].

When probed for an answer, Justin said:
“I think Selena Gomez is pretty, but I don’t like her.” Justin still had nice things to say about Selena, even though he claimed he didn’t like her: “I think she’s cute, I think she’s a cutie."

So, what exactly does Justin Bieber's type?
posted by vicki4000
hi im vicki and i love justinbieber. I would love to go see him in concert. He is my inspiration. He is cute and i love him........................ Ive always wanted to meet him. I love his song baby and one less lonley girl. I love those videos where he is singing to a fan onstage. I always dream of me being up there one day.... I love u justinbieber..!

Justinbiebr is who i mostly listen to... I love him so much. I have posters on my wall. I have read everything about him. If u needed vragen answered i would be the one to go to.
posted by jamschristina
Many people do not understand why Bibb will be so hot.Best-selling book "celebrity worship" Cooper Lawrence is the interpretation: "Bibb and today we see the young male ster temperament, he is very special, he maintained a law-abiding image of the boy volgende door. Most B Po Funny expression underage boys can not wait to become Male Rock,punk fan children,disheveled,smoking,alcohol consumption, these boys link is not easy to give the girls a good impression. Bibb in many respects, very clean, no bad habits, and those bad boy, he can give people a sense of security."and meer importantly, know how...
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STRATFORD, Ont — Teen singing sensation Justin Bieber put his hometown of Stratford, Ont., on the map. Now the town's tourism board says fans with Bieber fever are scooping up a map of the pop star's favourite local hangouts.
The Stratford Tourism Alliance says in-person demand is so high, it had to order a third printing. A spokesman also says fans as far as England and Argentina have downloaded the file online.
He says spring traffic on the website for the normally quiet town has jumped 558 per cent over last year. There's been such a response, the board is considering launching organized tours.
posted by lilangel123
justin i love u ur so hot if u ever change it wll only make u hotter i lov ur hair and eyes lol u knck me off my feet lol x i would love 2 meet u go 2 ur concert i must be ur biggest fan i have u on every thing i own even on my school boeken and folders. ur pictures on every computer all over my room i even got ur picure on T-shirts i have every thing with u on lol omg i love u so much i would realy love 2 meet u x :) i am now lookin 4 a bf with ur hair its hw much i like it lol, i am a really big fan i bring ur name up 2 eery 1 there like wat lolx
posted by mexican-chikk
I love u Justin!
My vrienden are crazy over you, my vrienden were telling me I should look u up. I did & the first time I saw a picture of u i screamed & wanted to meet u soo bad!

u are like an amazing singer, & really talented!
u are my achtergrond for my iPhone, itouch, computer, & your even on my walls! u are all me and my vrienden talk about.

The first time i saw your muziek video "One time" I loved it! I watched it over and over again! u are amazing. My mom was going to buy me a ring that had zei "I*Love*Justin" But she thought I would not like it. I went back to the store & bought it. I love you!

Te amo tanto Justin!
posted by Unknown3642
Justin tweeted NM is very beautiful who knows if he's talking about Norma Mortenson ou Nell Marsh? He has been linked to Nell Marsh I'm her accueil town and online He has a dit to vrienden he met her in Newcastle Hospital Justin has been busy with his musique but vrienden close par noticed a change in him towards his fans retweeting some of Nell's tweets and putting her Instagram name into his art Nell is an animal and environmental activist and I think Justin likes that she stands for alot of good things and a change towards equality and basic human rights for all. Nell has a dit she still...
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posted by iluuuuuvjustin
ahhhhhhhhhh helloooooooo justin is 15 not thirteen.
a 15 jaar old muziek genius. helloooooooo so obvious. i mean has anyone ever even looked it up. its soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo obvious. like duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh. stupid people these days its craaaaaaaaaaazy! i luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuv him too but come on really people this is not to be mean its just the truth. srrrrrrrrrrryz! just reaaaaaaaaaaaaally how can u not know that justin bieber is fifteen its sooooooooooo obvious like what thirteen jaar old asks out rhianna! idiots!
posted by Precious7732
Justin Bieber-*Walks up to me* Hi there.
Justin Bieber-Lol. ;)
Me-I just want to say that you're the best thing that's ever happened to me!!
Justin Bieber-Awww thanks!!So there's something I want to ask you.
Me-Ok what is it?
Justin Bieber-Do u want to hang out at my place?
Me-Yes please!! :)
*4 minuten later*
Justin Bieber-I hope u like it here
Me-I love it.Just like I love you. :)
Justin Bieber-*Holds my hand*
Me-*Holds Justin's hand too*
Justin Bieber-Would u like to see me again sometime?
Me-Of course I would!! :)
Justin Bieber-There's something I want to give you.
Me-What is it Justin? :)
Justin Bieber-*Gives me flowers*
Me-OMG Justin!!! *cries from happiness*
Justin Bieber-And here's something else......
Me-I also want to give u something as well.
Justin & me-*Kiss each other*
Me-I love u Justin. :)
Justin Bieber-I love u too.
The End.
i was with my mom and i was bored and my mom zei go to the compter and i went and typed j and it showed justin bieber and jonas brothers and i clicked justin bieber and watched one time and when i saw it he was ok but when i saw baby i fell in love with him and my brothers say he's gay but he is not at all and i started collecting posters and cd's and everything and when i saw pics of him i zei wow he is hot and cute and my family did not know him yet so i told them and they zei who is Justin Bieber but i did not have this club yet but i was trying to but i just could not and when i saw the movie i was so happy to see it when it was 3D it felt like he was touching your soul,and i was watching meer and meer videos of him.
posted by addi123456


You know u love me,
I know u care,
just shout when ever,
and i'll be there,
you want my love,
you want my heart,
and we will never ever ever be apart,
are we an item?
girl guit playin,
were just friends,
what are u sayin?
said theres another and look right in my eyes,
my first love broke my hart-, hart for the first time,
and i was like.......

baby, baby, babay, oooooooooo
im like
baby, baby, baby
i thought you'd always be mine, mine

ohuhhhh for you!
i would have done what ever
and i just cant beleive...
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Justin started cutting his own hair when he was younger! These days, he only does it once in a while. "If it's messed up, I touch it up a bit," he said.

The first thing Justin does in the morning and the last thing he does before going to bed is brush his teeth!

Justin says his first kiss was spectacular. "It happened at a school dance," he said. "I made the move"

Justin doesn't just use his arms for his awesome dance moves.When he meets fans, he loves to give them warm hugs to toon how much he appreciates their love and support.

Justin wrote his first song when he was...
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posted by keninv
Ahh ah oh,
Ahh ah oh,
Ahh ah oh,
Ahh ah oh,

I always knew u were the best
The coolest girl to know
So prettier than all the rest
The ster of my show
So many times I wished you'd be the one for me
But never knew you'd get like this, girl,
What'd u do to me?

You're who I'm thinking of
Girl u ain't my runner up
And no matter what you're always number one

My prized possession, one and only
Adore ya, girl I want ya
The one I can't live without
That's you, that's you
You're my special little lady
The one that makes me crazy
Of all the girls I've ever known
It's you, it's you

My favorite, my favorite, my...
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posted by LogieBearGirl
Oh whoa [x3]

You know u love me,I know u care
Just shout whenever,and I'll be there
You are my love,you are my heart
And we would never ever ever be apart

Are we an item ? Girl,quit playing
We're just friends,what are u saying ?
Say there's another and look right in my eyes
My first love broke my hart-, hart for the first time
And I was like...

Baby, baby, baby oooh
Like baby, baby, baby nooo
Like baby, baby, baby oooh
I thought you'd always be mine (mine)

Baby, baby, baby oooh
Like baby, baby, baby nooo
Like baby, baby, baby oooh
I thought you'd always be mine (mine)

Oh, for u I would have done whatever
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