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posted by wordbender
She warms my heart, and does inspire
Bending words as she bends water;
Yet no words carry, nor mean whatever;
In her embrace none else does matter….

She calms my storm and holds me near;
She does not run away in fear,
Despite this tornado in me,
Accepts, encloses me completely,
Until the rage at last subsides;
Within her hart-, hart my soul resides.

From Devil’s grip, she sets me free.
I meet her in my Inner Room; then,
Smiling gently, blushing sweetly,
She embraces me all over again.
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posted by wordbender
 Image toegevoegd door frikar94 3 years geleden
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She becomes the water
That she bends;
She becomes the power
That she sends;
She becomes the healing that mends;
She becomes the lover that tends;
She becomes the tenderness that she shields;
She becomes the weapon that she wields.
She becomes the blood that flows
Through me as our love grows;
She would not bend it
But would defend it,
As though her own depends on it….

She is the dancer who becomes the dance;
She is the spell who becomes the trance;
She is the sifu who becomes the way;
She is the daylight who becomes the day;
She is the shower
Who becomes the rain;
She is the flower
That soothes my pain;
She is the artist who becomes the art;
And of me she has become a part--
So inseparable;
So dependable
Is she who has blossomed in my heart.
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posted by wordbender
(Sung to the tune of the Rippingtons’ fusion-jazz hit with the same titel from their album, “Sahara”)

Born of the water tribe,
This girl’s divine;
Dig that vibe.
Who could ever ask for more,
Having searched from kust-, oever to shore?
Never imagined what was in store….

So let the brand inside
Reach out and shine,
To help us decide
What to do to end this war;
Never been there before.
Let this world remember this girl…

Leaving behind her
Home, reaching far out to find a
New way,
The start of a new day.
Never thought darkness fades away,
As she’s bending the water she gathers to rise,
This girl with the...
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posted by wordbender
 Ooooh-la-la: Katara!
Ooooh-la-la: Katara!
If we met not long ago
Why do I want u so?
If u are my friend,
Why do u make me dream no end?
If u are my teacher,
Why do I see u as my peach—err …
If u are my sifu,
Why does my hart-, hart race for you?
If u are a couple of years older,
Why does my passion smoulder
Inside me—
Drive me krazy?
Why, why, why, Katara?
What kind of Avatar
Am I, I, I, Katara?
If u are but a waterbender,
Why does my hart-, hart feel so tender,
As if u bent it with your eyes,
Your touch, your kiss?
When will u realize
That I feel such painful bliss
For you, the one I miss,
Even if u stepped away like this
Every second, every hour,
I wish u would shower
Me with your affection,
‘Cos yours is my undivided attention!
 Drop dead, Aang!
Drop dead, Aang!
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