Katie Cassidy Katie Cassidy icoon Competition [Round 5 - OPEN]

xoheartinohioxo posted on Nov 01, 2010 at 01:09AM
The Rules:
1.) First a theme is chosen!
-It can be anything related to Katie Cassidy. [A show she was in, a movie, photoshoot, appearances etc.]
2.) Everyone will have 4 days to submit their icons here on this forum.
3.) Voting will last 4 days.

1st place - gets three points
2nd place - gets two points
3rd place - gets one point

xoheartinohioxo - 5 points
charmed_phoebe - 5 points
elina1996 - 4 points
123Naki46 - 3 points
rubberduck2 - 3 points
BlackDevil - 2 points

Round 1 theme: Saturday Night Magazine photoshoot. [Winner: charmed_phoebe]
Round 2 theme: Katie as 'Ella Simms' in Melrose Place. [Winner: BlackDevil]
Round 3 theme: Belvedere IX Launch Party [Winner: xoheartinohioxo]
Round 4 theme: Supernatural episode 3x01

Round 5 theme: Katie in 'When A Stranger Calls'

Images can be found link Or you can use another gallery of your choice!
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