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It's over, it's over, it's over…

It seems u can't hear me
When I open my mouth u never listen
You say stay, but what does that mean
Do u think I honestly want to be reminded forever

Don't waste your time trying to fix
What I want to erase
What I need to forget
Don't waste your time on me my friend
Friend, what does that even mean
I don't want your hand
You'll only pull me down
So save your breath
Don't waste your song
On me, on me
Don't waste your time

It's not easy not answering
Every time I want to talk to you
But I can't
If u only knew the hell I put myself through
Replaying memories in my head of...
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Doo doo doo doo doo doo
Doo doo doo
Doo doo doo doo doo doo
Doo doo doo

That's the way, ah huh, I like it, ah huh,
That's the way, ah huh, I like it, ah huh, ah huh,
That's the way, ah huh, I like it, ah huh,
That's the way, ah huh, ah huh, I like it, ah huh, ah huh,

When u take me door the hand,
Tell me I'm your loving man,
When u give me all your love and do it,
Babe, the very best u can,

That's the way, ah huh, I like it, ah huh,
That's the way, ah huh, I like it, ah huh, ah huh,
That's the way, ah huh, I like it, ah huh,
That's the way, ah huh, ah huh, I like it, ah huh, ah huh,

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posted by LOLerz25
u look at me like u always do
You don't have a clue
You smile at me, u hug me
But, u don't know I want you
You play with me
You flirt with me
You tell me all your secrets
I'm always the one u run to
But to you, I'm just your friend

Don't say I love you
Don't say u need me
Don't say I trust you
My hart-, hart can't take it
Don't say u want me
Don't say u miss me
Don't hurt me
Don't say u love me

Oh, no no no no

I try my best to rid these thoughts
Of u and I, it's so hard
When u come to me, I fall back on my knees
I've learned to hate love
You kiss me on the cheek, u say
You'd never make it without...
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I will not make the same mistakes that u did
I will not let myself cause my hart-, hart so much misery
I will not break the way u did
You fell so hard
I've learned the hard way, to never let it get that far

Because of you
I will never stray too far from the sidewalk
Because of you
I learned to play on the veilig side
So I don't get hurt
Because of you
I find it hard to trust
Not only me, but everyone around me
Because of you
I am afraid

I lose my way
And it's not too long before u point it out
I cannot cry
Because I know that's weakness in your eyes
I'm forced to fake, a smile, a laugh
Every dag of my life
My heart...
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posted by edwestwick
Are u there?
Are u watching me?
As I lie here on this floor
They say u feel what I do
They say you're here every moment
Will u stay?
Stay 'till the darkness leaves
Stay here with me
I know you're busy, I know I'm just one
But u might be the only one who sees me
The only one to save me

Why is it so hard?
Why can't u just take me?
I don't have much to go
Before I fade completely

Can u feel how cold I am?
Do u cry as I do?
Are u lonely up there all door yourself?
Like I have felt all my life
The only one to save mine

How are u so strong?
What's it like to feel so free?
Your hart-, hart is really something
Your love, a complete mystery to me

Are u there watching me?
As I lie here on this floor
Do u cry, do u cry with me?
Cry with me tonight

Are u there?
Are u watching me?
posted by edwestwick
Of everything around me
I smile
But I don't feel a thing no

I'm so far from where I need to be
I've gegeven up on faith, on everything
All I want, all I need
Is some peace

There's a hole
Inside of me
It's so cold
Slowly killing me

Eating at the core of me
Shut off
Trusting all the lies I breathe

I'm so far from where I need to be
I've gegeven up on faith, on everything
All I wanted, all I needed
Was some peace

There's a hole
Inside of me
It's so damn cold
Slowly killing me

Sinking ever so slowly
So far from where I should be
No hands reaching out for me
Help me, help me

Something's gone
I can feel it
It's all wrong
I'm so sick of this

There's a hole
Inside of me
It's so cold
Slowly killing me
There's a hole
Inside of me
It's so damn cold
Slowly killing me
As she readies for the release of "My December," her third, very personal CD, Kelly Clarkson invites EW over for an advance listen and opens up about her struggle to be taken seriously as a songwriter.

The welcome mat at her front door should have been the tip-off. As u enter Kelly Clarkson's Spanish-style villa two miles into the hills above L.A.'s Hollywood Boulevard, the first thing u notice — after the hot roze Ford mustang converteerbaar, cabriolet in the driveway — is the dark brown, rough-fiber doormat that greets guests with one word: LEAVE.

Actually, Clarkson is a gracious...
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If someone asked u to guess how many Number Ones "American Idol" contestants have collected on the Billboard charts, what number would u guess? 18? 80? 180? All would be wrong, and all would be under the actual count.

Bear in mind, Billboard compiles around 150 charts every week. There are charts for every format of music, for singles and albums, for sales and airplay. Including every national, domestic chart, the "American Idol" singers have racked up an astounding 257 No. 1's to date, and the number increases all the time. Kelly Clarkson has earned the most Number Ones, with a total of...
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posted by edwestwick
Here's the thing we started out friends
It was cool but it was all pretend
Yeah yeah
Since U Been Gone

You dedicated u took the time
Wasn't long till I called u mine
Yeah Yeah
Since U Been Gone

And all you'd ever hear me say
Is how I pictured me with you
That's all you'd ever hear me say

But Since U Been Gone
I can breathe for the first time
I'm so moving on
Yeah, yeah
Thanks to you
Now I get
What I want
Since U Been Gone

How can I put it? u put me on
I even fell for that stupid love song
Yeah, yeah
Since U Been Gone

How come I'd never hear u say
I just wanna be with you
I guess u never felt that way

But Since...
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If u like Kelly Clarkson, u will definitely like new artist Lara Johnston! Lara is clearly on the rise with her powerful voice and fiery, captivating stage presence. Touring tirelessly, Lara Johnston has performed with artists like Willie Nelson, KISS, Heart, Journey and Cheap Trick. Not many 21 jaar olds can attract the attention of some of the most powerful names in muziek as Lara has.

What makes her so captivating, aside from her beauty, is her powerful voice and great songwriting. Lara writes her own songs (sometimes collaborating with her favoriete writers from Nashville to Los Angeles). Her muziek is an inspiring mix of Rock, Vocal Pop, R&B and Soul.

Lara’s debut album will be released later this year, but in the mean time and door populair demand from her fans,she’s giving away a free MP3 of one of the new tracks “The Party’s Over” on her website .
(As performed on American Idol: Las Vegas Special with Reba McEntire)

I've known about u for a while now
When he leaves me he wears a smile now
As soon as he's away from me
In your arms is where he wants to be

But you're the one he rushes home pagina to
You're the one he gave his name to
I'll never see his face in the early morning light
You have his mornings, his daytimes
And sometimes I have his nights

But does he love u (Does he love you)
Like he loves me (Like he loves me)
Does he think of u (Does he think of you)
When he's holding me
And does he whisper (Does he whisper)
All his fantasies...
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For the first time,
Just about Half Past 10.
For the first time in history,
It's gonna' start raining men.

It's raining men,
It's raining men,
Every specimen.

Tall, Blonde, Dark and Lean,
Best that u have every seen.
It's Raining Men.

Hear the thunder, boy.
Don't u lose your head.
Rip Off the roof and stay in bed.

It's Raining Men

She's a a single women, too.
She took all the angels,
And Rearranged Sky.
So that each and every woman could find the perfect guy.

It's raining men
Prayed for an angel
To come in the night
And shine some sweet light on me
Found only strangers
Then u came to me
Just when I'd gegeven up, u gave me love
My world was tumbling down
u turned it around baby

You, you're some kind of miracle
u are, you're a miracle to me

Sweet revelation
That look in your eyes
Your touch in the night
I find the sweetest salvation
In your arms baby
Warm as the morning sun, your tender love
Came and just lifted me up
Look what you've done baby


u brought joy to my heart
I found love in your arms
See what you've done to me
u set my soul so free
u came and u gave me the love that I need

You, you're some kind of miracle
u are, you're a miracle, a miracle to me
Baby u are, a miracle to me
posted by edwestwick
Seems like just yesterday
You were a part of me
I used to stand so tall
I used to be so strong
Your arms around me tight
Everything, it felt so right
Unbreakable, like nothin' could go wrong
Now I can't breathe
No, I can't sleep
I'm barely hanging on

Here I am, once again
I'm torn into pieces
Can't deny it, can't pretend
Just thought u were the one
Broken up, deep inside
But u won't get to see the tears I cry
Behind these hazel eyes

I told u everything
Opened up and let u in
You made me feel alright
For once in my life
Now all that's left of me
Is what I pretend to be
So together, but so broken up inside
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posted by NewMoonG
OMG! Kelly Clarkson, one of the best singers in the whole wide world! Kelly rocks! She's inspired me to write songs that one dag when I become famous I will publiceer them, and her muziek (the songs she wrote herself) really describe my life. Whenever I'm sad, angry, frustated, bored and other things, I just pop in one of her albums in my CD player and sing along with the lyrics, her muziek is just so amazing! It has really touched me, and I really hope some dag I'll become a singer/songwriter just like her.

I'm very greatful that she wrote muziek and inspired many other people out there around the...
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posted by LOLerz25
And I don't know
This could break my hart-, hart of save me
Nothing's real
Until u let go completely
So here I go with all my thoughts I've been saving
So here I go with all my fears weighing on me

Three months and I'm still sober
Picked all my weeds but kept the flowers
But I know it's never really over

And I don't know
I could crash and burn but maybe
At the end of this road I might catch a glimpse of me
So I won't worry about my timing, I want to get it right
No comparing, seconde guessing, no not this time

Three months and I'm still breathing
Been a long road since those hands I left my tears in but I know...
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The Department of Defense Warrior Games is pleased to announce an opening ceremony and concert taking place July 1 at 7 pm CT at Soldier Field in Chicago. The event will mark the beginning of the 2017 Warrior Games, a Paralympic-style competition for wounded, ill and injured service members and veterans.

The concert will feature Grammy Award-winning artists Blake Shelton and Kelly Clarkson.

“The men and women that serve and protect this country on a daily basis allow the rest of us the freedoms we enjoy,” zei Shelton. “I’m proud to be part of this event and root these heroes on to...
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Yeah-yeah, oooh

Well, back in 1876 an old boy named Bell
Invented a contraption that we know so well
By the 1950's, they're in everybody's home
It's a crazy little thing they call the telephone

Now there's one on every corner
In the back of every bar
You can get one in your briefcase
On a plane, of in your car

So tell me why (why)
Haven't I (haven't I)
Heard from u (why haven't I heard from you?)
Oh yeah, ohh
Tell me why (why)
Haven't I (haven't I)
Heard from you? (why haven't I heard from you?)

I zei now darling, honey
What is your excuse?
Why haven't I heard from you?


Well, there's no...
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posted by Faerie0975

guess this means you're sorry / you're standing at my door / guess this means u take back / all u zei before / like how much u wanted / anyone but me / zei you'd never come back / but here u are again / 'cause we belong together now (yeah) / forever united here somehow (yeah) / u got a piece of me / and honestly / my life (my life) would suck (would suck) without u / maybe i was stupid / for telling u goodbye / maybe i was wrong for / tryin' to pick a fight / i know that i've got issues / but you're pretty messed up too / either way i've found...
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[Verse 1]
Throughout my life I've seen love everywhere
Hugs and kisses Who gives a shit? Yeah nobody cares
But I wanna see the best of love
I want to have the right kind of guy
Who loves me Yeah maybe we might fight
But someday I might wanna fall in love
Who cares baby? Nobody wants me
I'm not beautiful baby Nobody wants me
Everyday of my life I'm gonna have to deal with it
Nobody wants [repeat 3]
[Verse 2]
My hart-, hart is very sensible
I want a man who is incredible
and I really want him to be tough
He thinks I cheat so then we break up
I love him I kiss him then we make up
so then he gives it to me rough
If u ever want to tell me that u love me
But somthing inside is pulling back your feelings
Let go of what u got but don't even think
about giving up baby
because I'm waiting for my diamond ring
but nobody wants me