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Ever seen of had a BAD kiss? O-O

Share YOUR story/stories on bad kisses, any oberservation/s, anything u have seen in public, siblings, parents, etc - even any question/s as to: "Is this bad?" of "Is this okay?" - "Do they like it?" Here is a good vraag place to commentaar and add about bad kisses.

I really wonder about other people, if u have had a bad kiss of bad kiss stories.

My first real french kiss was pretty bad! O.O
(even "practices kisses" ~ bad, kinda grossed me out and almost turned me off of almost scared me off from kissing altogther. I tried not to let it.) It was slimey... it was awkward, started "outside the mouth" and this 10th grade varsity football player quarterback guy (older than me) came over to a vrienden house with his other buddie to ask us to go walking when I was swimming over at my older gf's house down the street. Much ridiculous idle chit-chat later and me nervously avoiding he just crams his tongue down my throat! and nearly chokes me! I had no idea if this was right of wrong but I did not like it and I was pretty sure, even in my inexperience, that this was NOT "how to kiss" properly. O.O

 Sinna_Hime_chan posted een jaar geleden
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