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Kackahaluzova posted on Feb 24, 2012 at 04:55PM
It was good idea with those Twitter accounts so I thought that it would be cool to sub to each other or just be friends on YT too.
Just give there a link to your YT page and I'll add you to a list.


- Katie - link
- Sahar - link
- Nicole - link
- Basak - link
- Ivana - link
- Nishadi - link
- Eleni - link
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een jaar geleden sahour95 said…
Subbed you :D
my account: link
een jaar geleden klarolinelove said…
Hi I'm Nicole Love Klaroline <3 my account is link
een jaar geleden louvreangel said…
my account: link
een jaar geleden sahour95 said…
Subbed you both :D
een jaar geleden louvreangel said…
I subbed you both too! :))
een jaar geleden IvanaDyP said…
This is not just my youtube, this is my life. :D Subbed you girls.

een jaar geleden Stelenavamp said…
big smile

een jaar geleden louvreangel said…
Subbed you girls! :))
een jaar geleden MusicOfTheNigt said…
Just made this account on youtube so it is a bit empty but here it is anyways :) btw subbed you all <3
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