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kwlski4ever posted on Apr 06, 2010 at 08:51PM
Something to keep things alive here :)
So , post anything kowalski - related. What do you like about him , moments , role-play and other stuff. :)

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een jaar geleden kwlski4ever said…
Am I the only freak here ? xD
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een jaar geleden kwlski4ever said…
I'm BORED to tears.
Bleh Bloh Bleh Blah Boh.
een jaar geleden gina34 said…
I love him forever, all about you is perfect and sooo hot!!!!!!!!
He would make a perfect couple with me that's for sure!

een jaar geleden Kowalski355 said…
[words cannot describe him, he is tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo­ooo­ooo­ooo­ooo­ooo­ooo­ooo­ooo­ooo­ooo­ooo­ooo­ooo­ooo­ooo­ooo­ooo­ooo­ooo­oo hot]
een jaar geleden mostar1219 said…
He is just, how can I put this, PERFECT!!! overexcited, science obsession, voice, moods, moves, everything. He is just PERFECT!!!
een jaar geleden Dragonweaver said…
He's not PERFECT... It's that fact that makes him so awesome. I mean, come on, if he were perfect, SO many things wouldn't have happened. Like when there were 3 Kowalskis(sp?), he had that smug look on his face when he got burnt up, when there were 3 Kowalskis...(sp?) You get my point.
Let's just say: Kowalski is cute when he's perfect, but Irresistable(sp?) when he screws up.
een jaar geleden pomfan2 said…
KOWALSKI. Oh, how, just how do I describe that epic creature of pure awesomeness ?!! X3 He is absotively amazing, he is super HOT from every angle, his brains and intellect are stupefying as heck, he is just so cute when he's sad, angry or frustrated, and he is hilarious, he's such a sexy dancer X3 and his voice, OMG, it's mind-blowing, his personality is really cute plus he's adorable when he's romantic......and egad, I could go on, the list is endless.....*dreamy sigh* I LOVE KOWALSKI !!! <3
 KOWALSKI. Oh, how, just how do I describe that epic creature of pure awesomeness ?!! X3 He is absotiv