Kuro Hyou Writing Practice (Dear Diary)

Kuro_Hyou666 posted on Sep 02, 2018 at 05:29AM
It's strange to be someone who spent oodles of time writing for RPs and trying to write books, to then suddenly just be completely unable to write anything at all. Besides, maybe writing about what I do every day could be fun. Let's try it out.

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een jaar geleden Kuro_Hyou666 said…

We moved out of the holiday park we were staying at today. I woke at 7.30 am and played DBZ Dokkan Battle on my phone, until I decided to get up, do my dishes and load all of my stuff into my car. Once we had moved everything out of the units we were staying in, Kade came with me in my car and we went for a drive.
I had a big breakfast at a cafe. It was tasty. I got a mocha, too. It was okay. We then drove to Lake Karapiro to wait for the backpackers to be ready for us to move into. It was okay at the lake, besides the fact that it was pouring down with rain and we had little to do. I watched Echo Fox vs TSM in the quarter finals to see who won, though I haven't finished the last match. TSM and Echo Fox were tied for two points each and actually made it to a game 5.
After that, we drove back to the Tron and went to the Chartwell mall to meet Kapa. We walked around the mall for a bit, then got some Japanese food and ate there. Then we went to go to the backpackers and move our stuff in. They made a stuff up and we got put in the wrong room. Then we had to move to a better room, with a TV and a small fridge. I am in a room with George and Kade. Once we settled in, I turned my laptop on and surfed the net for a bit, then logged in to LoL and let it download the new patch for 8.17. Afterwards, I logged back in and decided to play a match of ARAM, but got a call from Najinda and had to go pick her up from the bus station, then bring her back to the backpackers. I took her to the reception and helped her to sort out her room, then went back to mine and finally played ARAM. I got absolutely destroyed as Nocturne in the first match. Then my whole team got destroyed in the second, though I managed to pick up one kill with Kassadin.
een jaar geleden Kuro_Hyou666 said…
Wanta: Well that was boring.

Riku: *Yawns* Is this the first time you've ever written a diary?

Bp: Well, yeah. I never had time before.

Zeppie: Hamilton is pretty boring. Auckland is more fun.

Flame: Wait, why am I here? I haven't even talked to you in years.

Bp: Well, that's...


Bp: Dammit, Wanta, do you have-


Bp: *sighs*

Bandit: What's up guys?

Exorcist: Stop dragging me into your boring skits.

Bp: You guys are nasty. Remember the good, old days?

Flame: Which ones?

Bp: You know, like whe-


Bp: Wanta, seriously!

Wanta: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! So entertaining.

Raijin: You didn't invite me.

Bp: I was going to eventually. Everyone keeps interrupting me.

Keisuke: Bro, I'm so happy to be in your skit!

Bp: Finally, someone can appreciate my talent.
een jaar geleden Kuro_Hyou666 said…

I woke up at 5.30 am and didn't get out of bed until 6.10. To be honest, I couldn't really be bothered going to work today, but I did anyway, since I need to be there in order to keep things running and help my manager out. Najinda didn't get up until we were running late and txted saying 'can you wait five minutes?'. Of course, since it was her induction that we were leaving early for, I had no choice but to wait for her. Hopefully she doesn't last long and we won't have to keep waiting for her to stuff around.
Luckily, we made it to work only six minutes late and she managed to make the site induction on time, which was a bonus, considering how badly I was stressing out this morning. Once we dropped her off, we then drove to Orini to unload the plants off of the truck, though Leon gave us the wrong time and we got there while he was unloading it by himself, with Eric pulling the trolleys off the truck. Eric gave us lollies when we finished unloading! We planted until 10.00 am, which is time for smoko. I did 121 plants by then.
We drove to the compound/main office in Huntly, in order to go pick more fertiliser tablets up, check if there were pins for the coir matting and to check if Najinda was finished her induction. I txted her and tried calling her, but she didn't answer, so we went and got the fertiliser tablets, grabbed some boxes of the pins that had arrived and also grabbed some bamboo canes (which Ron asked me to grab, when he rung me while were getting food at one of the shops near the compound... I bought some samosas and some fruit drinks XD).
After smoko we finished the area we were planting, then we had lunch while waiting for Ron and Kapa to go talk to Leon about a potential problem. After they resolved it, we drove to Huntly, then went off to the Northern Interchange and finished off plants there. During the planting, it began to hail, but I decided to finish my plants before going to get my wet weather jacket.

Now I am sitting at home in bed, trying to get the motivation to get up and have a shower.
een jaar geleden Kuro_Hyou666 said…
Frost: I remember the good, old days, like when Jyvan demolished Shinjuku.

Bp: We made an agreement that Jyvan would win, remember?

Gaia: I remember that.

Frost: Whose side are you on?

Gaia: No-one's. I just remember you guys talking about it.

Flame: I didn't know you two were even still alive. Didn't you disappear?

Exorcist: They left before I even came to the RP.

Wanta: Yeah, I kind of remember reading some of the stuff they wrote.

Exorcist: We all read through the forum, anyway.

Crazie: Ahem. My RPs were always of a far higher quality than anything BP produced. Or Whiteflame.

Flame: As I recall, Crazieone was just overly controlling and didn't allow much freedom into what people wrote, or created.

Bp: I didn't invite everyone.

BLW: Hi guys. I thought I'd pop down to say hello.

BP: Hi, you. I miss you.

Sinna: What about me?

Cruz: And me.

Keisuke: Bro! Sis! Where have you been?

Bp: As I said, I didn't invite everyone. Where are you all showing up from?

Exorcist: Well, I came directly from the asylum, as you would well know, since you came from the same place. If you recall correctly, you were actually the last person to be put under the- blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah, verbal diarrhea, blah blah blah blah blah...

Flame: Exorcist hasn't changed much.

Bp: That's the point. It was much more fun when everyone was just the same.

Flame: But people always change. You can't stop that.

Bp: Look, buddy, whose skit is this?

Flame: Point taken.

Wanta: Do you have any cookies?

Bp: No.

Wanta: What about cake?

Bp: No.

Wanta: What about DBZ themed cookies with icing?

Bp: No- wait, what? Why would I even have those?

Wanta: What about Death Note cake?

Bp: *Sighs* For the love of god, Wan-


Raijin: Hah! Now that is the way to a proper entrance. I have achieved what no other has before.

Bp: Exorcist. Do you have any of those darts?

Cist: Ya. Why?

Bp: Can I borrow one?

Exorcist: Okay.

Bp: *Stabs himself with dart* Bye, suckers!!!
een jaar geleden Kuro_Hyou666 said…

I woke up late today, yet still managed to make it to work on time. Me and Kade stopped at the BP (British Petroleum, not to be confused with my FP nickname) and I took money from my savings to buy smokes. We arrived at Orini at 7.30 am and met Ron there, with Ngakete. Ngakete left his jacket on the ute and we beeped at them before they drove off, so he was able to rescue the jacket in time.We did some more coir mat today, precisely 13 rolls, then fixed up an area that didn't really need fixing, but did it anyway, since Leon told us to.
Work was reasonably boring and the only interesting thing was taking the van to get the door quoted for fixing, which they couldn't do anyway, but me and Kade went to go buy cigarettes and a roast meal. We also had McDonald's for lunch, as well.
After work we all went to the pub and had a few rounds. It was fun. Both TK and Josh absolutely wrecked me at pool. I really sucked big-time. I also had a meal of steak, mash and veges with cheese sauce. I also tried an English beer that George recommended. It was quite tasty.

All in all, it was quite a good night. Fun times.
een jaar geleden Kuro_Hyou666 said…
Welp, today was a boring day. I spent almost of it just moving plants around, which I'm getting sick of doing. After that, I planted some plants for a bit, until we finished the area we were doing and then we went to the top part of the project and walked down a steep batter to plant another mix of plants and trees. And, then, we finally finished work and I got KFC on the way home.
So far the rest of the night I have just been on here, posting videos and pictures to the Clannad club and the K-ON club. I also answered some of the polls and a question on the Clannad club. Now I'm on the Aria the Animation club, just waiting for a picture to upload. So yeah, pretty normal, boring day really. XD
een jaar geleden Kuro_Hyou666 said…
Flame: You know, Bp, I think everyone is getting sick of listening to your boring stories about work.

Bp: And? What else did you expect? This IS a diary, after all. I don't even know why I'm writing a random involving people I haven't talked to in years.

Exorcist: Because you're batshit crazy and escaped from the asylum again.

Bp: You're the one who keeps sending me back to the same one. It's your own fault.

Exorcist: There aren't any other ones in the area. Just stop escaping. That's YOUR fault for not taking us seriously.

Bp: Gah, keep quiet you fool.

Wanta: Yo! What are you guys doing?

Exorcist: Nothing, Batman. Just discussing Bp's insanity.

Wanta: Did you just call me "Batman" *Wanta instantly gets over-excited*

Flame: Dammit, Exorcist, you've done it now. You'll need two darts today.

Kogase: Allow me to intro-

Bp: Go away, you don't exist.

Kogase: Fool! I shall release my Zanpakuto and cut you down where-

Bp: Nope. Goodbye. *Kogase disappears*

Flame: How come only your characters just jump in to these skits?

Bp: Because they're insane like their creator.

Cadence: Remember me? I bet you got aroused that I put my hand down top and into my bra, didn't you? I bet you were thinking naughty thoughts. So-

Bp: You go away as well. *Cadence disappears*

Ryuu: Hey, long time no see, guys.

Bp, Flame, Exorcist, Wanta: Oh, hey, Ryuu, what's up?

Ryuu: Not much, just thinking about dipping into my Zanpakuto vault again.

Raijin: Aha, there you are, you fool. This time I will-

Bp: Jeez... stop plaguing me, you damn non-existent characters.

Exorcist: I've had enough. Lets get this over with *shoots two darts*

Flame: You know they'll just escape after they wake up, right? Why don't we just lock them up and handcuff them to their beds, or something?

Exorcist: Okay.
·6 maanden geleden Kuro_Hyou666 said…
The start of a new year marks the beginnings of new and greater things. What those things are, we do not always know yet, but we strive to make them happen, to move on to a more interesting life, where we take up new hobbies and spend less time doing the things we once did.

I have no idea why I'm writing this, though, considering some of the stuff written above, I hardly think it is any more strange to be writing this, even if it sounds a little angsty.

I don't use Fanpop much anymore. I come on once every few months, then vanish again, quicker than than light. Hyperbole intended. I spend less time watching anime now and more time watching pro League of Legends. I still haven't taken up any new hobbies, though I intend to as soon as I settle in one place for the year. I'd like to take up a sport, either cricket or tennis and I also really want to learn how to play the piano. I also thought about learning kendo, but I'll just see how it goes - if I try to committ to too many things at once, then I'd probably burn myself out, since I also have to adjust to being a supervisor and running a team of people.

I'm also saving money, so I can go back to Japan again and also one day buy a house. I'm glad I have made goals to work towards. It should make life more interesting and fulfilling.
·6 maanden geleden Kuro_Hyou666 said…
Exorcist: What the hell is wrong with you now? You've never sounded like this before.

Bp: What do you mean?

Exorcist: I thought you were a loser that spent too much time on the internet and watching anime. This makes you sound soo real.

Bp: Idiot. We all have lives, we just work things out as we go. I'm trying to become more fulfilled, you know.

Exorcist: You say that, as you type a sentence to a guy you've never met in real life, who you don't even talk to anymore... I think we should still be worried about you.

Bp: Nope. Never felt better in my life.

Flame: Bp is growing up, finally.

Exorcist: Well, I still feel the same.

Flame: And you still act the same. We know.

Exorcist: And the notion of having unannounced, fictional characters come and plague you every time you write other things, as well... let's just say that you're definitely not the picture of sanity. Probably why you spend so much time at that asylum.

Bp: Needless to say, but my ramblings are just that... my ramblings. You're tehnically a figment of my imagination, too, so you're essentially at my beck and call. I could turn you into a One Piece character right now if I wanted... XD

Exorcist: I hate you sometimes. Always have to remind me that I'm a fictional character as well... but at least I can break the 4th wall.

Bp: True. It's the least you could do, really.

Flame: So, then, how come I'm always the rational one?

Bp: Because that's just what you'd be like. You don't require any crazy additions to your personality. Whereas Exorcist, Wantaman and my other fictional characters have plenty of crazy already. Having someone sane is probably not an entirely silly idea.

Flame: True. You lot DO require plenty of looking after.

Bp: Exactly.

Wanta: So I'm crazy? I thought I was Batman.

Bp: Yeah, you being Batman is always an idea that is always potentially entertained, before becoming pointless, so we just leave it like that.

Raijin: And what about me? You better think hard before you speak. You know what I'll do if you irritate me like almost every other time.

Bp: Save it. We both know that you'll do whatever I want you to. How about you cease that charade? It's not working and hasn't worked for some time.

Raijin: Nah. If I can't beat up on you, then I'll just say whatever I feel like saying. You know it makes sense.

Bp: Yeah, because having such a foul mouth is such a good thing, right?

Raijin: Like you can talk. I know how you speak when you're out living your 'real' life, okay?

Bp: Sure, whatever. It's not like I'm sane,anyway. And, I only swear in the right places. You know, I don't walk around in public swearing my head off like some delinquent.

Raijin: What about when you're drunk?

Bp: Well... who knows?

Raijin: I do.

Bp: Okay, let's just forget about this now.

Kogase: You're a terrible person, you know that? You have no honor.

Bp: I'm not apologising. I am who I am.

Kogase: Yes, well, you're certainly a philistine. Obviously an unapologetic one, at that.

Bp: Okay. Have fun with that.

Wantadog: So, I'm Batman, right?

Bp: You know what? Yeah, you can be Batman if you want. Why not?

Wantadog: Yay! I'm Batman. Gonna do some Batman moves!!!

Bp *sigh* Guess I have to give him that one. Not like he's really had the opportunity to be Batman before.

Exorcist: I'm surprised at you. We might need three darts on this occasion.

Bp: Yeet.

Exorcist: Don't say things like 'yeet'. It's ridiculous.

Bp: Yeet. Yolo. Rofl. Lmao. XDDDDD

Exorcist: Excelsior! *stabs Bp with dart, then Wanta-man and finally stabs himself*
·2 maanden geleden Kuro_Hyou666 said…
Raijin: How come you just sat around doing nothing all weekend?

Bp: Because.

Raijin: Because, WHAT?!

Bp: Because... I felt like it. Not like there was anything else to do, anyway. I didn't hear you coming up with bright ideas...

Raijin: ...You're a miserable, deplorable human being.

Bp: While I'd be inclined to agree with you, I also never said I wasn't.

Raijin: You don't sound too unhappy about it.

Bp: Of course not. Why would I be?

Raijin: Because... there's no reason why a miserable person like you would be happy.

Bp: But I am happy, so there.

Raijin: There's just no talking to you.

*Wantadog, Flame and Exorcist enter the establishment*

Exorcist: What are you doing, mon ami?

Bp: I am nothing of the sort. I am also doing nothing.

Flame: Why are you so boring? Can't you take up a hobby, or something?

Bp: Nah. I'll just stick with playing around on Fanpop again.

Flame: Everyone else has moved on with their lives.

Bp: Hey, so had I. I'm just choosing to use this site to kill time again.

Exorcist: Why is Wanta twirling a pretend cape?

Bp Because I told him that he could be Batman, so now he's happy and content with pretending to be a superhero.

Exorcist: Dammit, Bp, why would you do that?!

Bp: Because... he's happy. And it's my skit, so I can do whatever I want.
één maand geleden 1 Kuro_Hyou666 said…
Bandit: Yo, check out the boobs on this girl!

Bp: Woooooo! Damn, that's pretty nice.

Exorcist: Are you lewding over fictional girls again?

Bp: So what if I am?

Exorcist: Can't you get a girlfriend, or something?

Bp: Damn, that hurts. Hit me right in the feels. This is the problem with fictional characters, based on people - you have to be realistic with how you portray them. And if you don't, well, then the personalised integrity comes into question.

Exorcist: What?

Flame: He means, you're being portrayed as you seemed to him the last time he talked to you.

Exorcist: Oh. I see. And, why should I care?

Bp: You shouldn't. You're a fictional character.

Bandit: Fictional characters have feelings too. At least they're nice enough to say something.

Bp: I dunno. All the fictional characters you like are hot, anyway.